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14 year old niece Paula

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After another company 2-day meeting, my sister-in-law is still oblivious to being fucked at night. As I drop Donna home, Paula asks for shared time.

After dropping Donna back home from our two-day trip, she was still dopey from last night’s drugs. She quickly disappeared to her bedroom and was soon out. Megan was out with friends, so it was just Paula and me. My little niece worked her charms on me to give her an answer to when she could have special alone time with her naughty uncle. I told her it was hard now that school was going on, all the activities that she, her sister, and mom were tied up with. Paula hugged me and I found her hand rubbing my front causing a hard erection to start. I backed away getting her to stop, her mom was only down the hall in her room. Before leaving Paula made me promise to make some time for her soon.
Weeks later I got a call from my little niece telling me that she would be all alone next weekend. She begged me to come see her. Her mom was on a business trip and her sister Megan was on a trip with friends. So, she would be all alone in her big house the whole weekend. Please uncle Paula begged, I well make it all worth your while, she purred. How can a guy say no to that. So, I arranged my schedule for that to happen.
I got to my sister-in-law’s house by supper. Paula greeted me at the door in a short skirt and sweater. She dragged me in and to the kitchen to wear she had a nice meal set for us. Paula was so excited to see me, she jumped up wrapping her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, and began kissing me. I could feel the heat of her crotch against mine. Then Paula backed off and the two of us sat and ate. Paula was happy that I liked her supper, it made her feel really grown up. After supper she made me a drink and also herself then dragged me off to the living room for a movie.
It was not long after that the doorbell rang, and Paula got up to answer it. She came dragging a girl in and then she interduce her to me. Sally was a good friend of hers from school, she was about the same size as Paula. Very cute blond with ponytail and glasses, she was wearing a short skirt and short sweater that exposed her flat little tummy. Uncle you don’t mind that Sally stopped over to watch movies with us do you. I looked at my sweet niece and said it was fine. Sally sat next to Paula as the three of us started to watch the show. Paula shared her drink with Sally as I slowly drank mine. It was not long to when I noticed that I started to feel really horny. Paula was sitting tight against me resting a hand on my thigh. I cock quickly became erected and throbbed painfully. Paula noticed and moved her hand to my crotch, then had me unzipped and my large cock in her hand. Sally looked over seeing what Paula had done. She watches my niece lower her head and swallow my cock. Gluck, Gluck, Gluck, Paula mouth is drooling saliva down her chin to my balls. Me, I am to excited to care as Paula motions for Sally to go to the other side of me. Paula stops then convinces her friend Sally to try. I could feel Sally’s inexperienced mouth grinding her teeth on my cock, then Sally shows her again and shoves her head down choking her on my cock., The girls switched back and forth, then Paula gets up, drags us all to her mom’s bedroom and big bed.
Paula drops her skirt and pulls off her sweater, she had no underwear on and was now naked. I quickly stripped and through Paula up on the bed joining her there. Sally stood there watching as I hungerly sucked and ate Paula’s pussy out. My tongue and fingers went in and out of her wet cunt, soon Paula started to raise her ass and fluids sprayed out of her shaking body. My mouth moved to Paula’s mouth; I scooped up her legs placing over my shoulders. Then I caught a look at Sally’s face as my huge cock began to open Paula’s tight vagina. Shock and fear were on her face as she watched this thick sausage start to disappear into her friend cunt. Oh, Fuck, Fuck, Paula cries as I begin to fuck her As I am fucking Paula hard, Sally has her hand under her skirt rubbing her pussy. Paula sees what Sally is doing, she gets me to get off of her and tries to get Sally up on the bed. Sally is afraid now and refuses to do that. Paula starts to drag her to the bed and gets me to help. While I am holding Sally, Paula pulls off her skirt, sweater, and bikinis. Then the two of us wrestle her into the bed. Paula is now rubbing Sally’s wet clit as I am sucking her small breasts and nipples. Sally is trying to get both of us off her and not having any luck. Paula grabs Sallys arms holding them down while I push her thighs apart with my legs. I scooped up under her knees and got them resting on my shoulders. Then I took over holding Sallys arms down, while Paula slid in back grabbing my cock, she began rubbing it up and down little Sally’s vagina. Sally is crying for us to stop, Paulas aims the head of my cock between Sally’s lips and pushes hard. I feel how tight she is, the restriction of her hymen stops penetration a moment. Sally’s body is shaking against me and then I thrust. Sally lets out a scream as my cock pops through entering a few inches. Paula is rubbing her clit as I slowly start to fuck her. Sally starts to come her legs shaking against me, I could feel her vagina pulsing and fluids building up inside her. The crying turned to moans as more and more of my cock went in and out of her body. Paula was sucking Sally’s nipples and her free hand worked her hard clit back and forth under me. Paula then grabbed my balls working them in her hand as I continued fucking her friend. I soon banged against Sally’s cervix, the pressure of that tight hard knob against my head soon causes an explosion. I start spraying sperm deep inside Sally’s vagina, she moans as she feels its hotness soaking her insides. I roll off of Sally, she lays there unable to move as my seed slowly drains out of her.
Paula is there ready for me to fuck her next, she mounts herself over me and guides my cock into her already wet cunt. Sally watches as her friend fucks up and down on her uncle’s huge cock. I suck and squeeze Paula’s breasts and nipples while driving my dick forcefully into her cunt. Paula screams for my cock to fuck her harder, I grip her hips thrusting all of my over 8 inches deep hitting her cervix as it pushes. I could feel her vagina squeezing my cock, it began to spasm as her fluids spilled out. I exploded deep inside her filling her up into her womb with my thick sperm. Again, again, I plunged in shooting white seed into her. Soon it began to ooze out and my niece collapsed down against me. I was panting to catch my breath, my cock throbbed as it was not done. I rolled Paula off and reached for Sally. She rolled away from me and got out of the bed. No, she said I’m too sore now. I got up and she took of out of the room, I chased her into one of the other bedrooms catching her I tossed her up on the bed. No, she begged as I pinned her down. I was so fucking hard and Horney that I thrusted deep into Sallys red swollen cunt. Her cries soon stopped and loud moans came from her mouth. I kissed and sucked her small breast all the while I fucked her. My cock was hitting her hard cervix with each stroke, when I finally exploded sally could feel it spray way up deep into her tummy. I kept fucking her, she was like a limp worn out body under me. My sperm was squirting out as I thrusted into her, then I replace it with more fresh seed.
I carried her back to Donna’s bed and laid her next to Paula. Then still hard I fucked my niece again. This time I rolled her over on to her tummy and alternated between her cunt and ass. Paula was soon begging me stop fucking her she was too sore now. I came in her two more time then exhausted finally laid down between them. We all slept together in my sister-in-law’s bed until late morning. Nothing like the smell of all those sex fluids on the three of us and bed. We all took turns showering, in fact both girls took long soaks in the tub to sooth the soreness from their little bodies. Sally was scared that I made her pregnant, so Paula explained the morning after pill that I would have them take. Sally could not believe that she did what she did. But was in no hurry to leave and in fact she wanted to stay overnight tonight again. After I got cleaned up, I went to the kitchen to make us all a late breakfast. I and both girls were dressed in our long robes. In fact, right after eating we all became naked again and continued our love making all afternoon.
It was quite the three some, as I was fucking Paula like a dog, she was eating out Sally’s cunt. Once everyone came, we reversed position. Sally was becoming quite the slut as she ate Paula’s sperm filled cunt out, she really liked the taste. Paula showed Sally how to suck my huge cock emptying all my sperm out in their mouths and down throats. Gluck, Gluck, Gluck, both girls drooling and spitting saliva down their chins and my balls. Both girls began to love it and sucked me off a couple of times before supper. I made hamburgers and fries for us, we never got dressed at all, the girls loved that they could look and touch my Cock any time they wanted too. They made bets as to who could make it erect the fastest. We shared her mom’s bed the rest of the night. I fucked both girls at least 3 more times each before morning. I had no more sperm to give, and my balls really hurt from overuse. I woke with both girls worn out, sperm covered, and sprawled all over me. It would be a busy morning to clean up so that no traces of out fun were found. Late that morning I had pack up and leave before Megan or Donna arrived back home. Paula and now Sally made me promise that we could do this again. This does but not till months and in the warm spring.

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    I can come numerous times since I have been taking a lot of vitamins and Semenax. But my sly little niece Paula added viagra to my drinks those two nights, that kept me so fucking hard that I was able to go that much and long. Besides how often does one get an opportunity like this.

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed them

  • Reply zandy ID:4qq1zdmrq

    That was some fucking. 1 maybe 2 cums wears me out