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Vacation Time With My Three Stepsons (part 2 of 3)

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After my husband died, I decided that Me and my three stepson’s needed a vacation.I never imagined it would turn out the way it did.

My three stepsons had been out all day,which suited me fine, it took me until after lunch to feel human again. I kept looking at my phone ,looking at the pictures of me, drunk and naked, pictures of me having sex with my stepsons ,twins Christopher and Kenny who were a week away from being 17, and worst of all with my youngest step son Sammy who was still 15 not quiet 16, what the fuck had I done ?

Late in the afternoon I got a text from Chris ,it said, ” Were on our way home “, and there was a picture of them outside a sex shop in Knoxville . I didn’t really know if I should text anything back but after a couple of minutes I texted a simple reply that I thought was appropriate, it read ” Good, I miss you guys , now take what ever it is you bought back and get a refund ”

I didn’t get a reply for a couple of minuets, but when I did it shocked and scared me , the first time it didn’t register what I read ,the second time I read it I did. It read, ” Mommy it’s play time, plucking and fucking time for Mommy “. My head was spinning,I thought about going to the bathroom and locking myself in, then I thought maybe I should go into the woods and try and reason with the boys by text, but none of this mattered because there was no where for me to run to ,I had to deal with this like the adult I was.

I heard the car pull into the drive and stop the boys came in laughing and pushing each other around as they came in the open back door. I was still sitting at the kitchen table contemplating or trying to contemplate what the hell was going on in my life, but I stood up and said ” hi guys, did you have a good time today “. “Yes” said Sammy, ” the only thing that could make it better is for us to have a fun night “, and they all laughed. I said ” listen ,last night was last night, I was stupid drunk, but now I am not so this has to stop now ,OK guys ” ?

I turned to face Sammy his hands went straight to my tits and he grabbed them tight, I screamed but before I could say anything else I felt hands grabbing my arms and as Sammy let go of my tits I felt him grab the top of my shorts and he pulled both my panties and shorts down to my ankles. ” Step out” he said and I felt all the resistance in my body drain away as I stepped out of my clothes, and as I did that I felt Chris and Kenny let go of my wrists as they pulled my tee shirt over my head, undid my bra and I meekly put my arms out in front of me and let it slide to the floor. Already all my bravado was gone I was totally deflated and defeated.

I didn’t even get tears in my eyes, was I enjoying all this attention I was getting, was this the first time in my life I felt like this, scared and confused and yet excited at the same time ? My hand went to my pussy, I touched myself down there , I don’t know why ,I just did, and Chris said look at her she is playing with herself and they were all laughing as I took my hand away feeling my face go re

I was a gorgeous evening, the sun was slowly setting, the heat of the day had cooled off those few degrees and the humidity had dropped. The boys walked me outside to the swimming pool and we sat at the table where the boys lit a bunch of mosquito repellent candles and placed them all around the area where we were sitting. I drank a glass of Margarita, and sat relaxing in the growing darkness , I felt the twins grab me and they threw me in the pool , by the time I got out they were standing on the pool side laughing and they grabbed me and threw me back in the pool again.This time I pulled Kenny in with me and we were all laughing like idiots I stood there naked dripping wet, come on said Chris throwing me a towel lets go indoors.

I felt almost dressed going inside with my towel wrapped around me, I had kind of jumped the gun, once inside Chris and Kenny literally lifted me up with there hands under my armpits and unceremoniously sat me on the kitchen table before pulling me backwards so I was laying on my back with my butt at the end of the table and my legs hanging down with my feet just off the floor. ” Stop ,stop” I said rather pitifully, don’t start doing this again, but I didn’t even convince myself and the boys just laughed . I could see Kenny was looking at me ,he smiled and I kind of smiled back at him ,he was my favorite of the twins, in fact he was my favorite out of the three of them.

I could feel Sammy grabbing my left ankle and wrapping something around it , he yanked my leg wide open and tied my ankle to the table leg. I felt him do the same to my right leg and I could not move my feet at all. I saw Kenny let go of my wrist and Sammy warped a leather strap around my ankle and did it up,he pulled my arm up over my head tying my wrist to the leg of the table, he did the same to my other wrist , then stepped back. I watched as Chris took a pair of scissors out of the kitchen draw he went to my handbag and took my hairbrush from the bag , he laid the scissors on my belly he slowly started brushing my pussy hair.

After a while he took the scissors off my belly and taking hold of my fur he began to cut it off. before dropping it on the floor. I watched Kenny get a bowl of warm water ,Chris took a bar of soap out of the water and started rubbing it all over what was left of my pubic hair before he took a razor from Kenny and I closed my eyes and prayed he would not nick my skin while he removed all the remaining hair and stubble he had not cut off.

He seemed to take for ever to shave me, I laid there as still as I could be until I felt someone undoing the ropes that held my ankles wide to the table legs.. My back ached ,my legs ached, even my butt ached where I had been balancing on the edge of the table. I opened my eyes to see Sammy and Kenny grabbing hold of my ankles, and they pulled my feet back over my head, exposing my butt and bald pussy. Chris was laughing as he pulled my butt cheeks apart, ” don’t move Mommy dearest ” he said laughing , ” you have got a bit of peach fuss around your ass “, and I squealed as his hands started to rub the now cold water and soap over my butt cheeks.

I was totally humiliated ,I could feel the razor running up and down my butt cheeks and they were laughing. Chris pushed his finger into my butt and I squealed out loud. ” That’s a nice tight butt ” he said pushing his finger further in me causing me to scream again . ” How many times have you been fucked in the butt “asked Chris laughing. ” What ” I said angrily, feeling stupid laying there on my back with my legs over my shoulders. Chris said as he smacked my butt, ” how many times have you been fucked in the butt “. ” Never” I said almost shouting ,” don’t be so disgusting “.

I felt my legs being lowered and I let out a cry as my feet were let go, oh God my back hurt. I felt them undoing my wrists and slowly the boys began to lift me off the table. My legs felt like jelly and they had to hold me as they led me to the back door and out onto the porch. I watched as Sammy undid the hose that was used to water the hanging baskets around the patio, but instead of watering the plants he started aiming the water at me. The first few second the water that had been in the hose pipe all day was hot ,but it soon became freezing cold making me squeal and danced around trying to get out of the way of freezing cold stream .

Dropping to my knees and covering up my head , I felt the icy water turn off and Christopher said ” hey get up ,don’t crawl until I tell you to crawl “. Even though the evening was still warm I shivered from the cold water,it took me a while to stand up . ” Now I am going to hose you down, we can do it the easy way or the hard way you choose ” said Chris. I looked at Kenny for help, he was the younger of the twins by like thirty minuets and unlike Christopher who I had always felt was the bullying type,Kenny was sweet, he had always been nice to me , but now all I could see was him enjoying my predicament as much as his brothers . I watched as Christopher turned the hose on again, open your legs he said and I did as I was told ,he sprayed my fanny and pubic area making me squeal, before telling me to ” turn around and bend over ” .I could here him laughing as he said ” pull your cheeks apart “, and I felt the tears fill my eyes as he shot the cold water against my butt .

That night turned out to be the same as the night before, all three of the boys mounted me,spurting their cum either down my throat or in my pussy, I didn’t have many boyfriends when I was a teenager, I didn’t realize how often teen boys got “the urge” to fuck, by the time we left on the Saturday morning I had been fucked more times in six days than I had in the past 12 months. If I told the truth I had enjoyed myself, I felt wanted, I felt needed, the fact it was just for sex didn’t really matter to me,deep down inside I felt good, then I would think of what the hell I had really done then I felt terribly ashamed of my stupidity.

Once we were home everything seemed to be back to normal,I went back to work Monday through Friday, the boys were still on summer vacation , Sammy played with his damn video games every waking minute, Kenny spent most of his days at his friend Davids a couple of streets away,they both wanted to go to University and they spent a lot of time preparing for the final year of high school. Christopher seemed to spend all his time out with friends throwing a football or a baseball , he was a pretty good player in both sports , he thought good enough to get into a D2 school, his sports teacher said to me at the last Parents Day that he should concentrate more on school work ,he thought if he could impress in the up coming season on the football field he might, but it was a big might ,get into a D3 school.

Sure, all three of them looked at me from time to time in what I called ” the wrong way” , but nothing was mentioned of the vacation, then on Friday evening, I came home from work, did the boys dinner relaxed for an hour ,had a shower and then walked the four or five blocks up to the Woodman’s Bar , which is where I met the boys Father for the first time. It was a fun bar, not a young peoples place, sport on the TV, I guess most of the guys were in their fifty’s and sixty’s, some of them bought their wives and girlfriends ,but there was always a group of single guys there,and the two or three single women like myself always had drinks bought for us. We got cuddled and there was a lot of joking around,every guy after a few drinks thought they were Studly Dudley, and they would offer us a night never to be forgotten, but it was all just in jest.

I always went home with a guy called Ronny, he always had his car there, I would give him a kiss and a cuddle when we got to my house, a couple of times when I had a tee shirt on he would slip a hand up the front of my top, and play with my boobs outside of my bra , but there was,nothing more serious than that. We sat outside talking for a couple of minutes then I said ” I have to go” . He kissed me and held me a bit longer than usual, and told me ” he had missed me “, but I just laughed told him ” I missed him as well “, gave him another kiss said “goodbye” and got out of the car.

The house was in darkness ,I assumed the boys had gone to bed, the TV was on in the front room so I went to turn it off, turning the light on so I could find the remote I jumped when I saw Sammy and Kenny sitting on the couch. ” Hi guys” I said , ” you scared me I thought you were all in bed “. “Have you got a guilty conscience ” said Kenny staring at me . I was about to say “of course not ” ,but before I could say a word I was screaming I jumped out of my skin as the door behind me bang closed, so loud it echoed through the entire house. I turned and there was Christopher, he had been hiding behind the open door.
” You idiot I shouted ” ,my voice breaking, ” you scared me half to death ” , I was almost crying, I could feel myself shaking, he had scared me that much with the real loud bang of the door. ” The whores home ” said Christopher walking towards me, ” did you fuck your boyfriend tonight or just blow him ” he said standing in front of me. ” Don’t be silly ” I said quietly of course I didn’t. ” Whore” he said , ” you seem to have forgotten who fucking owns you “. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up so I was looking straight at him.” I guess were going to have to teach you a lesson, remind you who owns your fucking ass aren’t we ? ” “Whore your ours, no one else’s, now get on your knees whore and beg for mercy ” he said pulling my hair hard and pushing my head towards the floor, making me get onto my knees.
I always thought that Christopher could be abusive,I never realized how abusive he could be.

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