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true story: 14 year olds realize their true love for each other

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steamy sex story of when two boys found out their love for each other

aarin and aayush were two 14 years old at a camp. aayush was very energetic and funny and aarin more chill but also cool. aayush was more dark and skinny while aarin was more light skinned and still skinny but muscular. they were both around 5 foot 7.

they’re both from texas but they went to north carolina for a summer camp. people sort of had a feeling that they liked each other but nobody really knew for sure. aarin and aayush were both best friends but they didn’t confess their love.

one day, aayush was feeling horny and he decided to masturbate to aarin. he pulled up a video of aarin at the pool and then took off her shirt, shorts, and under wear. he then got on the dorm rooms sofa and fantasized himself going up to his hot boyfriend and passionately kissing him while reaching down under and holding aarins soft dick. he continued thinking about carrying his love to a pool chair and then pulling his shorts. then he put his soft dick in his mouth and loved it from top to bottom. ayush cummed into his hands as aarin cummed into his mouth in his dreams. both their dicks were about 4 inches long. aayush fell asleep as he dreamed of falling asleep naked with aarin

then, in real life, aarin walked in and stared in confusion. he was clearly shocked but he couldn’t help but look at how sexy aayush was just sleeping on the couch with his beautiful body and his legs spread out. his hands and dick were covered in cum and aarin just stared at this beautiful sight. then his heart skipped a beat as he saw that aayush was jacking off to him. he decided to use their opportunity to confess his love. he quietly took off his clothes. he lifted his baby aayush, sat on the couch and placed aayush on his lap to where aayush was on top facing aarin.

he ran his hand over aayush cheek as he woke from his sleep. as aayush woke up he didn’t realize that he was naked in aarins embrace so he said “what are you doing”. as he realized that he was naked aarin went forward and passionately kissed his lips and they both closed their eyes and enjoyed the moment. as they pulled back aayush looked down and realized that he was in aarins naked embrace. “am i dreaming”, he said. aayush then started crying and said he thought that this would never be possible. “it’s okay baby, this isn’t a dream. i love you”, said aarin. i love you too said aayush. they both hugged and embraced each other.

the night continued as they loved each other from top to bottom. to be continued…

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