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Story 8

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Johnston smiled at me.. His handsome face split into a wide grin..
Kevin.. I’m sorry I may have ruined this bitches ass for you… Give it a few days to heal up before you try fucking the her.. It may be a bit tighter by then
Bev held my cock possessivly I’m not sure if I’m gonna let him fuck the old slag… His cock tastes so good…wouldn’t want it contaminated.. With her dirty ass..
I turned and looked at Bev her eye’s where shining and a broad grin.. Made her luscious lips split as her tongue touched them… I might just keep this one to myself…
Dam Kevin you are honoured and must a natural fucker.. Bev has never ever gone for just one cock before..
Steve looked at me……what about it Kev do you want to fuck that slut of a mother… You can take any hole your heart desires..
I wound my arm around Bev pulling her closer.. Why do I want that old cunt… When I have this beautiful girl beside me??
Bev whispered in my ear do not worry Kevin we will share other pussy together.. I have lots of fun planned for us..
And I want to see you suck cock.. I raised my eye brows at this.. But seeing Johnson meat hanging down my mouth actually watered with the thought.. Bev giggled… Think we better start on something smaller lover that may kill you..
Steve cleared his throat.. Right you two… This is how its going to happen if you agree that is..
I’ve missed you.. And I want you back in my life.. Obviously there will be changes.. With this he slid two fingers into my sisters cunt.. Lots of changes..
Your mum not only fucked her life but throwing her slutty cunt about.. She also stole from me.. And I have lots of proof..so its either prison for many years or what I’ve offered her.. Obviously she didn’t realise 100% what she was letting herself in for.. But she will.. Believe me she will.
So she will be living with us but as our house slave and cleaner.. I have a lovely place now all ready in the basement for her..
Now this is my old school I came up with nothing and this school knocked the ideas in me to build myself into something..so you will carry on coming and Cumming here..
Your room is waiting for you Kevin… And my bed is waiting for this little slut.. Steve’s cock had gotten hard again.. And he slid in between my sisters pussy lips… Slowly fucking her… I could here the squelching of her cunt as Steve’s cock.. Was shifting Inside her…
He brought his hands smartly across my sisters naked ass.. A red hand mark.. Appeared quickly.. Are you daddys slut my girl…
My sister let out a low moan from her throat..
Yes daddy I will always be yours and who ever you want me to be.. Daddy please just carry on fucking me with your big cock..
I think that’s settled then.. Your slut of a mother is willing to let me adopt you….
Are you both in agreement..
Yes daddy we both said in unison…
Ohh yes..

More or shall I leave it there?

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  • Reply Al ID:fx7itf8ri

    Please right more

  • Reply Twickers ID:2kyer0sd9d

    Sorry you need to read the school series

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Ok story, could use a little more background detail