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Stand up and be proud of who you are

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A short story of how I became addicted to sex when I was 11, and how I love paedophiles so much. You are beautiful.

My name is Fantasia, not my real name, they call me Fantasia because I make men’s fantasies come true.

I’m currently 14 years old, and I’ve been doing this since I was 11.

My best friend’s dad took my virginity a week after my 11th birthday, I was sleeping over at her house and I got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to get a drink of water and her dad was in the kitchen.

We sat down and talked for ages, and we sort of hit it off, I found myself very attracted to him, one thing led to another and we he took my virginity right there on the kitchen counter, and since that night I have been addicted to sex, I’m a nymphomaniac, I love having my pussy tenderised by a big hard cock.

I tried having sex with loads of boys around my own age, lots and lots of boys, but something was missing, they just didn’t have any passion, I was bored while they were fucking me, and then I realised, it was men that I craved, I needed real men.

I attempted to seduce another of my friends dads, but he wasn’t having it, he brushed me off like I was some stupid little kid with a childish crush, then I tried with a teacher at school, but even he wasn’t having it.

I was at a loss and didn’t understand why they didn’t want me, I was throwing myself at them and they rejected me, why?!, so after letting my first friends dad fuck my brains out again, in my friends bed while she was at school, I asked him about it and he told me the reason why, only certain men like little girls, paedophiles.

What a wonderful word, paedophile, every time I hear that word my panties get soaking wet.

So, I set out looking for paedophiles, but it wasn’t easy, it’s not like men walk around with an “I’m a pedo” badge on, I wish they did, I’d be all over them, but when I couldn’t find one I searched online and eventually found a site full of them.

I registered an account and started posting messages and talking to members, but I struggled to get any of them to open up to me, I think because I was new and unknown to them they probably thought I was police or something, so I had to convince them and I set up a late night live video feed with my laptop.

As soon as I started streaming myself on camera, and they could see that I was telling the truth about being an 11 year old girl, I instantly had 30-40 men sending me private messages, and a lot of them were very x-rated requests, which I was more than happy to comply with to be fair.

I ended up being completed naked and performing sex acts on myself, and it got me the attention I needed.

A few days later I had arranged to meet up with one of them, his website name was MarkoPolo, I’m not going to use anyone’s real name on here, he lived a bus ride away, we met up in town, he was very shy, very nervous when I walked up to him.

Long story short, we walked around town for a while until he was comfortable being with me and talking to me, then we got on the bus and went back to his place, he lived in a high rise block of flats.
He gave me some chocolate and cola, and we were sitting on his couch, but he wasn’t making a move and I was getting very impatient, so I straddled him and kissed him, he finally touched me, grabbing my butt, then once I felt his cock get hard in his jeans, I jumped off him, took his hand and dragged him in to his bedroom.

I climbed on to his bed and stripped naked, he undressed himself and then rushed on to the bed, it was only at that moment he knew I wasn’t bullshitting him, and that I did in fact want him to fuck my brains out, which he did, oh boy did he fuck my brains out on that squeaky old bed of his.

He fucked me with so much passion, so much heat, so much love, and that is why I love paedophiles, because they are without a doubt the best lovers in the world.

We had sex in all manner of ways, numerous times over the next 4 hours, and I had so many orgasms, what a lover he was.

Since then I’ve met up with a new man off that website every 2 to 3 days, and let them live out their paedophilic fantasies with me, I’ve had several gangbang, I have even had wives of men message me who had found out their husbands had hidden desires to fuck a little girl and they’d arrange for me to go to their homes so their husbands can fuck me.

I’ve dressed up in hundreds of different outfits and costumes for men, the innocent school girl look has always been the most popular, although a few men made me wear a diaper and suck on a pacifier, and talk like a baby to them, that was kind of fun.

And let me tell you, paedophiles can be anyone, I’ve been fucked by bus drivers, shop workers, teachers, police men, even a judge in front of his wife, they are everywhere, but are often too afraid to be who they are, and I say fuck that shit.

Being a paedophile isn’t a bad thing, it is not an illness, you are not sick in the head, and you are not disgusting, you are following your natural sexual urges, some men are attracted to women with big breasts, or long legs, certain hair colour, skin tones, thin or fat, and others are attracted to young girls, and that’s fine.

Don’t let society tell you who you are meant to be, how you should be thinking, what you shouldn’t be doing, if you are attracted to little girls then go and get those girls, be true to yourself, be YOU, because YOU are beautiful, you should be proud to be a paedophile, stand up and shout it out.

I love paedophiles, because to me you are real men, you are so loving, so caring, tender and amazing in bed.

I wish I could fuck every single one of you, but there’s not enough time in the world, and sadly my time is running out.

I’m nearly 15, and I don’t get as many messages as I used too, I’m getting older and sadly that means paedophiles are no longer attracted me as they once were, I wish I could stay little forever, so that I could continue to make mens fantasies come true.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for boring sex with a boring man.

But don’t be ashamed of yourself, if you are a paedophile then that is fine, it really is, you are beautiful and I love you all so – so much.

Now, go and get that little girls pussy that you crave, you amazing men!

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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      Everything stated here is absolutely wrong. Pedos deserve to be in jail because they are sick human beings going after undeveloped children. The sad and pathetic people who go girls:guys that age are horrible human beings

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      Regular Person – you’re a sanctimonious FART!

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      I’m a nudist and have 3 , boys 1 and 13 and girl 6 , beaches are great places to go , my daughter gets A LOT of attention , particularly from older men . I get so wet seeing them practically drooling over her naked body . I too think back to my childhood and imagine her being a sex toy like I was .I was raised in a nudist family and had sex from a young age with both my brother and my dad , my oldest son is my brother’s child and my son in turn is the father of my youngest boy ,(lockdowns meant we had plenty of “family time”) .I love any kind of sex and I’m grateful my parents had such open minds .

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      Amy…loved to see ur daughter and u

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      The closest I’ve come to really doing anything was a day at the mall when a perv followed us into the movie theater there. I had seen him staring at Madison as we walked around the mall. She was wearing her tiniest pink skirt, a tight white top that showed nipples, and pink platform sandals. He followed us into the movie theater and sat 3 seats to her right. A few minutes after sitting down he had his cock out and was jacking it. I kept looking at him but his eyes were on Madison. I was rubbing my clit and picturing him coming over and sitting right next to her, but he just kept jacking until he shot a huge load. Then unfortunately, he got up and just left. I’ve gotten myself off so many times remembering that day and been back to the mall several times since, but I haven’t seen him again, though I’ve seen many pervs staring at Madison…. and some rubbing themselves under the table.
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