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My uncle makes my dreams come true part four

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My uncle walks in after him and they start caressing my body kissing on me. My uncle and his friend decided on which hole their gonna me from and get in there positions. My uncle’s friend opens my legs and my uncle slaps his wet dick on my cheek. His friend rubs lube on his dick and my uncle puts his tip on my lips. His friend pushes his 8 inch cock into my hole while my uncle gets in my mouth. They both thrust into me from both holes and it feels amazing. But something feels different. His friend’s cock feels bigger and thicker. My uncle has a nice cut 6 inch that feels nice and a perfect amount I can take. But his friend’s cock was something else. The feeling of his cock sliding on my prostate, made my dick fill up and explode with pre-cum. My uncle’s dick is starting to twitch and leak pre-cum. My uncle’s friend grabs my thighs in between my legs and forces himself rougher into me. Each thrust turning into wet claps of his balls colliding with mine. My uncle grabs my head and thrusts into my mouth rapidly until his dick twitches again and pulses and shoots a stream of cum in my mouth. He pulls out my mouth and sits down. He tells his friend to do what he wants to me. My uncle’s friend (MuF) pulls out and flips me over. I swallow my uncles cum and muf tells me to turn around and let him have his way. I turn around on my knees and he puts his dick in my ass and grabs my arms and puts me in a full nelson. Muf starts off slow with hard and rough thrusts, so hard my ass cheeks clap. My insides feel warm and tight around his cock, the feel to orgasm every time he fuck me makes my mouth water and moan. “Your nephew has a nice ass and tight little pussy” “he’s my cum slut alright.” “Can you fuck m-me faster?” I ask. He pushes inside of me and we fall on the bed with him on top of me. He lets go of the full nelson and lays on me caressing my hair and fucking me harder. The bed creaks and he begins to thrust faster “you like when my slippery cock slides in your tight wet pussy don’t you whore?” “Yes daddy breed me! Fuck my pussy just like that!” He kissed my neck and rammed inside and stayed inside me. His balls tighten and his cock pulses in me. His cum rushes and pours into my hole and overflows. “Auugh your ass is so good!… But i’m not over yet” “what?” He pulls out and flips me again. He sits up and tells me to sit on his dick with my back towards him. I hover above him, turn around and sit on his cock. I moan as i sit on his meat inch by inch. He grabs me by my stomach and pulls me into him. Im now in a lap dance position while he thrusts at fast movements grabbing my penis and nipple. He kisses my neck. Cum is flowing out of his dick with each thrust and my ass hole leaks the cum from round 1.

Part five!?

Imgur isn’t working to see my 4 inch so message me on discord nekuo!#0853

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    That cute boy getting used and abused is so hot