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My sister catches husband cheating

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Me and my fraternal twin sister have a night that I’ll never forget

So this happened literally like 2 weeks ago and theres more to come of this so one day I was just at the house on my day off chilling on Sunday watching the football game Eagles winning when I get a text from my phone from my twin sister saying does she really needed to speak to me it was very important ASAP so normally she would just show up but I said yeah come by you know where I live LOL not even 5 minutes later she was there she must have been right around the block waiting when she came in she was crying her eyes and I instantly was there a comfort her asking her nina what’s going on thinking probably her dog died or one of her friends something in that nature and then she started telling me that she came home early to surprise her husband and Jake and when she came in the house she could hear noise is coming from the bedroom so she went up there thinking maybe maybe he was watching some p*** and she said as soon as I open the door they didn’t see me but I seen them he said my best friend Amanda and Jake were having sex on my bed in my house well I was working and he’s going to sit there unemployed it’s bullshit she says that she’s sitting there supporting his ass while he does is get drunk hang out with his friends and now he’s just f****** my friends I don’t know what to do I told her we can just talk about it so for a couple hours that’s what we did try to figure out if she should divorce him I asked her if she had proof and and she showed me the picture that she took while Amanda was riding on top of him he could tell it with her because of her tattoo on her shoulder but stupid ass fuckin butterfly and man I couldn’t believe that Jake of all people got her man I wanted her so bad I’m thinking in my head while my sister sitting there crying and Jake kind of BS I mean I tried so hard at the wedding and she wouldn’t even budge so finally I tell my sister and she might as well just stay over the house and forget about him for now and we’ll go out and have ourselves a good time so I let her choose what she wanted to go and mind you we’re in our 30s now so I thought she was going to choose just a bar and she wanted to go out to a club and we haven’t been to a club in at least 5 years so we go out and we start having a good time and I’m joking with her telling her yeah this is where you should pick up a guy as Revenge come on come on you should do it and then text him a picture it’d be hilarious and you know an eye for an eye and then she replied you know we’ll make the whole world blind and I told her I was like that’s the kind of thinking that got you cheated on and she walked out of the club crying and I know I put my foot in my mouth but what are you going to do when you’re drinking fucking Jack all night long so finally she’s walking down the side like I said come on let’s go back in the club and she says no I’m going home bring me home right now I said okay so we get in the car and I tell her I’m like are you going to your house home or my home and my house and I said no we’re going to go back to my house you still have to let him sweat he hasn’t even texted you yet and it f****** 11:00 at night it seems like he doesn’t care or he still thinks you’re at the office side note my sister works for an insurance firm that sues companies for people that are getting accidents so sometimes she stays late anyway she wants to go back to her house and I’ll keep insisting no so I just drive straight to my house forget it she’s not going to be able to walk 45 miles back home but knowing my sister being a stubborn as I am that b**** sat in the car for an hour and I knew I wasn’t going to budge hell I’ve already started drinking even more inside so finally she came in and sat on the couch cuz I only lived in a little f****** one bedroom apartment and she said well you going to get me something so I can sleep on this couch tonight and I told her I was like you might as well just sleep in the bed with me like we did with your kids and teenagers now what’s the worst is going to happen come on we spent nine months together remember lol I made her laugh a little bit so I finally got her open up a little bit more and I said Nina you know what why don’t we go to the bar down the street I just have a couple drinks between me and you and we’ll take an Uber she didn’t know the bar but I’ve been there frequently so we went down hung out for a while and she started having herself a couple shots of tequila she just wanted to really forget about everything that was going on she said to me and I could already tell I could read her mind LOL well she had one too many shots of tequila she’s out there dancing in the bar put some old man making herself feel good and I say old man I mean 40 and I go over and when he leaves to go to the bathroom and say there you go there’s your man sis and she punched me and that’s when she said come on we got to go home I’m too drunk I feel like I’m going to be sick whole time I’m waiting for this Uber I’m telling you better not get sick in this car I’m not paying for this damn cleaning fee anyway everything was fine we get back to the house and she ends up coming in the room I give her some nightgown she goes to the bathroom takes a shower real quick she’s all you know get the bar smell off her as she says and I laid down and passed out right away in bed well this is when things get real good

I remember waking up the feeling you know someone grinding on me and sure enough it was my sister and at first I’m thinking that she’s just having a dream I didn’t want to move because one kind of felt good and I’m still drunk and I didn’t want to wake her up make her feel weird and then that’s when her hand came around and started rubbing my dick and I knew that she was awake so I had to act like I was sleeping I don’t know if she rolls over and she keeps playing with it she’s reaching for my balls and she’s right by my balls and that’s when I kind of do a little Shuffle and move on to my back and act like I’m kind of waking up so I said Nina is that that you are you awake and with her soft voice I could hear her say yes yes Cody I really need to ask you something yeah sure what’s that said so I was sleeping and I can feel something on my back and I realized that it was your dick so I started running on it which was stupid and I’m sorry but I don’t know what came over me I had to reach back just to move it out of the way and I couldn’t believe how big it was it’s got to be at least three inches bigger than Jake’s if so will you please shove it deep inside my p**** tonight at that moment I thought I was actually dreaming so instantly I said yes I would be glad to do that because you know how wet dreams can be hell I still get them at 30 I’m not married live on my own but when she got out of bed and went to turn the lights on that’s when I realized actually this s*** was real and I was still drunk like I said so was she I looked at the clock we’ve only been home for maybe an hour and a half or I should say sleep for an hour and a half she slowly made herself over to the bed now at this point I’ve never felt attracted to my sister but hell with it I’m about to f*** her brains out first you can’t decide next to the bed and she’s like I don’t think I could do this actually the changing my mind I’m so sorry that we got this far and what I said was you know you’re right you can we can’t do this from the back of my mind I just wanted to f***** and grab her and throw her on the f****** bed and break the s*** out of her f****** ass let me tell you a little bit about what she looks like she’s a hot thing she’s about 5’3 with d maybe Double D the tits and I with her older age she’s been they’ve been getting bigger and her ass is nice and firm she has had no kids she works out all the time cuz her stomach’s nice and tone and she’s literally sitting there on the edge of my bed and her thong and bra and I can see over her shoulder that her bra is at least one size too small is the edges of her nipples are kind of poking out the top Pink as hell too my God I just wanted to suck on them little baby so bad and she sat there feeling uncomfortable I remember she grabs the blanket throws it around her and that’s when I say real quick come on sis it’s not fair you were playing with my dick got me all hard you wanted me to f*** you and then changed your mind I mean I guarantee that Amanda is still your f****** house tonight at that moment when I said that she turned around and said no she’s not cuz I called Jake when I was in the shower and I told him that I went to the club with you and I was spending the night here just cuz I needed to get some time to myself you’re such an a****** to me sometimes and thinking in my mind great this is it so I said f*** it well if I’m such an a****** to you why don’t you just get the f*** out and go home and go f*** Jake maybe you can still taste the your best friend p**** on his dick she isn’t turned around and she slapped me while doing so I actually wanted her nipples pops through the top which was worth it and she gets up and she tells me well f*** you I’m leaving and I’m getting Uber to don’t worry about anything so I jump out of bed as quick as I can run over grab her clothes throw them out the f****** window that’s open and tell her listen nina you ain’t going nowhere instantly put her in a rage she starts hitting me slapping me calling me all kinds of names I know she ain’t going out there I live on the third floor because every time she went to go get one of my shirts I’ll take it from her no this is mine just like when your kids I could never have any of your stuff so you’re not going to have any mind now and by the way I’m actually completely naked at this point cuz I pulled my boxes I was thinking we were going to have sex and she got out of bed and she keeps glancing down every so often but I say to her listen you’re not leaving until I get to at least cum on your face and instantly she said it no I don’t even let Jake do that I said come on you have to at least let me come on your lips or in your mouth so when you go and kiss him later all my c*** in there and she kind of kind of smirk a little bit which I realized I’m getting something going here so I told her we’ll listen let’s go out let’s have a couple more drinks I got a couple bottles of wine and a let’s just let the wine do talking now let me tell you this about 3:30 in the morning I open up a bottle of Chardonnay and we just got two big ass cups and I fill them up to the top I handed and she just chugs the whole thing and I realize let me fill it up again for you cuz I think she doesn’t want to remember if we f****** so I end up giving you the rest of my glass she almost drinks the whole bottle about an hour later she’s just so drunk she’s lost and all over the place and I hear a run to the bathroom and start throwing up and I’m like great this night can’t get any f****** better so go in the bathroom to help her out hold her hair and then that’s when it hits me this is what’s going to happen I accidentally let go over here while she’s throwing up and she throws up all over her hair sorry Nina I didn’t mean that and she says all drunk it’s okay don’t worry I can know he’s just getting in the shower again I see yeah you’re right I’m going to let you do that so I turn around walk out of the bathroom shut the door minute later I hear the shower running and by the way at this point while we’re drinking I did put some pants on and she got a f****** night shirt from me cuz she was saying she was cold which I can tell by her nipple she was so anyway I just creep back in the door real quietly and I look on the floor and I see all her clothes are on the floor so I take off mine and I’m already hard thinking about this and I slowly go over to the edge of the car and I kind of peek in to see where she is and she’s facing the other way and there’s nothing for me to sneak in so I slept on in the shower and she’s also got the radio kind of playing a little bit and she’s looking at her stuff in the mirror and that’s when I do the Old Gentleman thing and just wait for her to turn around and soon enough she did scared the s*** out of her she first started yelling at me to get out of the shower but all I can do is stare at the f****** tits I couldn’t believe how nice they were and she had a nice Landing Strip and a tight looking little p**** the whole time she keeps yelling me to get out get out get out you can’t be in there with me right now and I said I was being a smart-ass well if I rape you at least they won’t know because I’m in the shower already and you already be washed up and that’s when she went from serious to scared in the back of her mind she’s probably thinking oh my God what if my brother rapes me right now I was going to but I gave her the option I said sis either I can force my dick deep inside you in your a****** or you just let me come on you and f*** you maybe if you want to so she stood there covering her just the whole time which kind of was a bummer she’s got her back against the wall because I’m standing in front of the shower curtain so she can’t get out and I have my arms around her so she kind of trapped there as it says listen I’ll give you two more minutes to figure out what the f*** you want to do or your a****** is mine seem to look on her face I can tell she never been f****** the ass so I know she didn’t want that and she said you win a****** she’s like I’ll let you come on my face only on my face not in my mouth nothing that’s okay okay but what about having sex I want to f*** you though but I want you to f****** though I don’t want to have to rape you and by the way she’s very reserved at this point this is the first time I’ve seen her look down at my dick and it was hard as a rock let me tell you I pop the Viagra before I even went in the f****** shower so starting to kick in listen I know how to f****** play the game my sister has only slept with two guys Jake and the guy she lost her virginity to that she was with five years before she married you me I got to baby mamas and countless other hoes and s*** so getting p**** isn’t nothing to me but let me tell you something my sister’s p**** is Prime real estate and all my friends talk about it and I can’t wait to f*** it I’m thinking in the back of my mind so back to her she’s looking down on a day she looks back at me and she says listen Cody you’re going to have to be very easy that’s the biggest dick I’m ever going to have to take I mean it’s got to be at least 2 in bigger than Jake’s I said that’s got at least three maybe maybe 4 in cuz the whole Viagra thing she didn’t know about and I asked I was like what was the biggest thing ever taken and she said yes which is only 6 in and I know my dick on a good day is at least eight and a half nine then I asked her as like when was the last time you had sex and this is what blew my mind she told me it’s been over 6 months maybe long she lost count and I looked at her and I didn’t say it out loud but I knew right away now I know why Jake f***** Amanda when you have something like this walking around the f****** house God you got to have blue balls all day I kind of don’t feel bad for his ass and just for that s*** I’m going to f*** her tight little p**** so God damn hard I’m going to make her want to f*** Jake from now on you know there’s a wife should f*** her husband once in awhile I mean that’s b******* that’s what I mean my first baby mama didn’t really get along too well anyway I turn the shower off I told her to dry off we’re not going to do it in here I don’t want too it’s too tight in the shower so let’s go back in the bed and let’s make it right

At this point I could tell she’s still drunk as s*** just from how she’s walking in my room and I’m like man it’s going to be f****** great she got to f****** like she never f***** anything like this before and I could just watching her ass the whole time I think man I really want to f*** that tight little a****** cuz I know I know nobody’s f*** that if she was just going to give up her p**** for me instead of me just f****** her in the ass hell most girls have been like yeah sure f****** in the ass don’t take my p**** from me especially being your own blood sister she got back in the room and I told her I got to go have a drink and put you want anything she said yes grab me some water and I went out the kitchen I came back she’s just laying there on top of the covers waiting for me and I could just see it in her eyes that she actually really wanted this that she was just playing hard to get cuz she was already rubbing her p**** and that’s when I seen it for the first time and it was so cute and clean there’s nothing flapping around down there that s*** look like a 19 year old first thing I did was I went right down and started eating that s*** I could hear her moaning some down there for about 5 minutes let me tell you she tastes pretty good too and I got a little hip shaking so I’m starting to finger f*** her to loosen her up a little bit and this p**** is tight she’s moaning when I only have two fingers in and I got at least my s*** bigger than two fingers it’s like f****** almost three fingers what so trying to get three and she said come on that hurts I said I’m sorry hold on let me get a little lube because it’s thick Nina did she just shakes her head I get up at this point I go over to my little nightstand open the door I got a little KY bottle and also a condom a magnum and I go over and sit next to it as well let me get this thing on and she looked at me and she goes I never use the condom once in my life I’ve only been with two guys and you’re my brother I don’t want you to wear that I want you to f****** raw I said I don’t want you to get pregnant it’s okay I have the NuvaRing it’s fine so I realized everything in there that I wasn’t coming on her face I was going to come deep inside that little p**** of yours but she didn’t know that so I started moving her up a little bit I go to stick my fingers and she tells me to stop that she just wants me to start f****** her I can’t take it anymore that she’s been wanting to f****** ever since you touch my dick earlier that night but she’s just been playing with me so I grabbed my big old cock I start rubbing it up and down on a little p**** and I slowly put the tip in and I just watch your eyes roll back and she starts biting your lip my news is going to be a good night if this is a reaction just from the tip of my dick so I start slowly easing it in a little inch by inch I get about 6 in and I stay as a joke say well here’s Jake and she didn’t really like that too much just tell me to shut up that’s not funny cuz she’s not cheating on her husband with her brother which is worse than her husband just cheating on them with her with just her friend I say but that’s the best part at this point I’m just sitting there with my dick 6 in in there talking saying it’s okay we’re twins we’ll keep this a secret for the rest of our lives that’s what I say to her you know what you should be able to take my big dick no problem because we are twins and I say I was like man you should have a big fat huge p**** and she just starts laughing her ass off and let me tell you that is one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my life was that tight little p**** clenching back and pull it back and forth and that’s when I slowly went in two more inches and she just let out a good old gasp cuz I’ve been somewhere with no one’s ever been before and I look at her she opens her eyes to see I got one more inch so I’m only done maybe a little bit more and I remember she looks at me baby f*** my p**** stop being so gentle just f****** hard please man I wanted to come right there that’s when I pick up the pace and started going harder harder about 5 minutes goes bye and she says me listen I want you to get on your back and I want to ride you and shouldn’t have to tell me twice I remember she was sitting with my dick between her legs just sitting on top of it I can feel her little p**** throbbing I said are you ready for this I don’t want you to get hurt she leaned in kissed me whispered in my ear you’re the first man to ever make me come I want ride your big thick cock until I can’t walk straight and it breaks me in half at that moment I grab my dick and I start rubbing on her p**** and she slowly slides down onto it I’ll tell her to take your time hell the sun’s already came up with this time might as well f*** for the rest of the day and she looked right into my eyes and said rest of the day you got me for the rest of your life I’ll stay married to that stupid a****** but this big dick I’m going to f*** anytime I want and that’s what I said Nina I’m all yours always and forever she’s bringing just the chest with me I can just whispering things in my ear that I’m making me almost c** but I’m holding it in as much as I possibly can I mean I’m letting little precum slip here and there but the one thing she stopped f****** me and she bottomed out she’s all the way down on me slowly comes in and she’s kind of slowly twerking with my dick all the way inside her and she says into my ear you know next month’s my 10 year wedding anniversary right you know what the f*** Jake I say we get a hotel room I tell him I have to work that night and I let you f****** in the ass I want you to take my little virginity that’s why I just squeeze that big old ass to her I just thought a finger right in it she started moaning like a mother f***** and twerk and I should look at you coming already thinking about it that’s when she started twerking Me Harder and harder and hard and I can feel like getting close I can feel it coming I’m right before I got to come she does say to me don’t forget I want to eat your c** so when I kiss him when I go home it’s all over my lips I want to be dirty but I have different plans I’d rather as quick as I could have flipped her over onto her back through it legs behind grab their arms hold trapping I looked it right now and said sorry Nina but I ain’t wasting this big load and she’s just looking right at me I said get ready cuz I’m about to come deep in your little f****** p**** and that’s when she starts saying no no please no please no don’t do don’t do it please please please don’t do it sorry Nina sorry too late I’m already been coming deep in you I said I was going to stay in this one position so your body takes all of it and that’s what she says to me that she lied about being on birth control and that she could get pregnant you know you just wasted one of the best comes you would ever have in your life you just went with it I was coming hello time I was telling you stuff she’s like you just weren’t looking at me I’m still having dick deep in her she don’t even tell me to get off the right now what’s done is done so I pull out and just as I tell her wait a second I want to see that come put out of your p**** this is your gross I’m going to the bathroom gets up and that was it it was over

She comes out of the bathroom already on the phone talking with Jake saying that she’s about ready to head over to the house and the next thing threw me off what she said she goes hey babe I’m horny as s*** I can’t wait to f*** you I know it’s been so long but get ready and I’m just sitting there shaking my f****** head not understanding why but whatever so I drive her home drop her off I talked to Jake for about 2-3 hours act like nothing happened asking for Amanda’s number if he ever had it or not he said he didn’t have it so okay just wondering got my car left went home having one of the greatest f****** nights in my life and I cannot wait for that anniversary

So I forgot to tell you one of the craziest things that my sister did say to me to do but she sent me the picture of Amanda riding Jake and said that I should go and use this as blackmail on Amanda because she’s married to her husband for the past year and a half and they come from a very strict Christian family and oh my God she would be disowned if that family or anybody knew that she was cheating on her husband and then she said to me which I’ll never forget and I can’t wait to do I only want you to do one thing Cody f*** her in the ass is hard as you can make it so she can’t s*** right for the rest of her life I literally was getting hard just thinking about it and then I asked her why did you tell Jake that you’re going to have sex with him and she looked right at me and said just in case you knock me up last night I don’t get caught out for cheating so you know I got to go have sex with him right now I just laughed thinking man love you f***** up if you get pregnant I shouldn’t I don’t think I’m ovulating then I look back over here instead you want me to knock f****** that Amanda up without even looking back over at me all I hear is my sister Nina say yes f*** that b****’s life up and Cody I want you to go there as soon as you drop me off I said okay Nia anything for my sister

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