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Me and my best friend’s curiosity

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Playing at my friend’s house “escalated” when he showed me a side of him I didn’t know and shared some… let’s say dark thoughts

In short, my name’s Lucas and I’ve got a bunch of stories to share. But thought best to start from the very beginning…

This happened a few months after I turned 10. Had always been friends with Alex, a 12yo boy from school. Both of our dads were single and that’s what made them close aside from the booze. But my dad was usually unbearable, so whenever I could go somewhere else, there I went.

Alex’s father was a big, brute, tall, and bearded man, but usually nice and very loving to his son and to me as well. And Alex looked small for a 12yo, with boy tits, tanned skin, dark eyes and long brown hair.

He invited me to sleep over that night, but I went to his house early on the day. His dad was working, so we had the house for ourselves, and that meant porn… Alex showed me porn a couple years before, and whenever we were alone he’d play some and we’d jerk off, but that afternoon was a bit different.

I sat on the couch, then he played some gay porn on the TV and at first I was confused. He said he’d been trying some new things and I asked why. Suddenly he came closer and whispered “Have you ever get a boner for you dad?” That was so impossible to me that I didn’t even know what to say.

“Alright, let me tell you the whole thing.”, he said, pausing the video and looking at me. “The day before yesterday my dad came home from work and was a little drunk. I was wanking here on the couch when he walked in and saw me. I know he saw me, but he pretended not and left in a rush. I hoped the alcohol made him forget, but…”

He moved his cock in his shorts before continuing:

“Later that night, I fell asleep on the couch and suddenly woke up on my father’s bed. He was lying there too and with a drunk voice said it was really cold so he took me to his bed which had a heating pad. It was fine till then so I tried to fall asleep again, but…”

“But what?”, I asked and saw him move his cock again.

“But a few minutes later, when I started breathing heavy to pretend I was sleeping, he touched me.” Alex’s shorts pulsated when he said that. “He ran his hands over my thighs and belly, then pulled my body closer and spooned with me. It should’ve been weird, right? But when I felt his cock against my ass…”

Although I found it a bit weird in my innocent mind, I got hard hearing him saying those things, and even imagined myself in that position, but with his dad, not mine. Like I said, my father was not nice, so I just couldn’t feel something like that towards him.

Alex played the video again and the two guys started blowing each other. But I grabbed the remote and paused it once more.

“Hold up. You’re saying you liked it?”


“Does your dad even remember what happened? You said he was drunk, so…”

“Never said anything, but he thought I was sleeping when it happened, so he probably thinks I don’t know.”

A silence eccoed for the next few minutes. He took the remote and hit play. I began to really enjoy the video and jerk off, but couldn’t help but imagine myself being touched by Alex’s father now, and with that I got even hornier. At the end of the video, one of the guys came on the other’s mouth and Alex blurted out “What if I do that to my dad?”

Then he murmured some stuff like: but I don’t know what dicks taste like, and looked at me. I had just discovered that I enjoyed the gay porn even more then the straight, and was so focused that I didn’t even hear what Alex said, and jumped up in surprise when I felt him grab my small cock.

We never jerked each other before, let alone suck each other, but Alex locked his fists on my arms and pressed his knees on my legs, and since he was bigger and stronger I couldn’t just push him away. I was uncut and when he went all the way down I completely lost it. Though I felt a bit scared for being immobilized and forced into something I didn’t exactly want, I was taken over by the feels.

His mouth was so warm and his tongue felt so good on my cock. That was the most intense sensation of my life, and I got so horny that I just closed my eyes and forgot what was happening. It was like a drug, and when he saw I stopped resisting, he let go of my arms and legs. Moments later, I involuntarily pulled his hair as he sucked me faster and faster. My body started shaking and sweat till I finally bursted my first load of cum, and directly into my best friend’s mouth.

I was panting and my vision was a little blurry when I saw Alex looking weird for a sec, but he forced himself to swallow it, then smiled and said:

“It’s not bad…”

He caressed my hair and face, which made me feel… something weird, and then he wiped the sweat from my forehead and face. I was really shocked, but all he did was smile and say:

“You liked it so much that it made you cum for the first time? Wow. You’re welcome, and you owe me a blowjob now, but we’ll talk about that later.”

And that’s part 1. Tell me if I should continue…

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  • Reply Bob ID:v6hsr62dzvx

    I can relate to your experience!! I lose my virginity to a teacher friend when I was 12. Thanks for sharing. I have to read your next part.
    Love, sucks and fucks,

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  • Reply TeenSucker ID:3lcik1z

    Amazing start really hot

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      Keep writing my cock is nice and reading ur storied

  • Reply Lucas' Memoir ID:3lcik1z

    Already sent part 2, so it’ll be out in less than 24h now

    X, Lucas

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    Definitely keep continuing

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    Keep writing Lucas,a hot sexy beginning to your experiences.
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    Part 2 now please