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I’m not gay 2

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I had met my new big cock friend Jay. he gave his number and said next time I’m looking for porn or anything else send a message .

Few weeks pass by and I’m starting to get an itch my biggest dildo can’t satisfy I need that big cock again ! I hit up Jay and he says stop by Friday evening.
Friday took forever to get here I’m so horny and need that big cock in my ass again ! I knocked on the door and I hear come on in so I proceeded on in . I hear a voice say come to the back down the hall . I walk in the room and was surprised to see a all out sex room ! He had a sex swing , bed and a table with upright post with leather Restraints on each post. I’m like why didn’t we do this last time! Jay wearing a little nothing with a leather jockstrap almost looking deal with his cock and balls hanging out of the front of it ! He was about half hard standing there and probably 8 1/2 or 9 inches! He tells me to get him dressed I’m already doing it!

He tells me to get on my knees and suck his big cock I open my mouth And take the big head in my mouth! I pull back and squeeze his cock he’s excited he’s got pre-cum dripping out! I take my tongue and push it in to his cum hole ! I’m so excited The only cum I’ve ever had in my mouth as my own! I start working on the big cock sucking it as far in my mouth as I can rubbing his big balls. I pulled out of my mouth tell him I want his cum! He shoves his big cock back in my throat and starts fucking my head ! I can feel him picking up the pace and his cock head is getting bigger in my throat and mouth! He pulls back opens my mouth And start shooting this cum in my mouth and face ! I’m so excited I take the first big gulp down of the thick juicy cum And start sucking on it again getting more of his good hot thick cum in my mouth And I swallow again! My dick is so hard right now and leaking cum I squeeze my own dick and get three fingers full of cum and stick it in my mouth with his cum and suck his cock more ! I’m about to blow the load myself I can’t control it and I start cuming !
I take was running down my knuckles and stick it in my mouth and swallow it to! He tells me to get up on the table we ain’t done yet!

I climb up on the table and he asked me if I have a fear of restraints? I say I don’t think so and he starts locking me in! he knows how much I like dildos and toys after locking me in he slides my ass to the very edge. He opens up a plastic tub of lube and start rubbing all over my ass and cock it feels cold but it’s very slippery! He pulls out a decent size dildo that is soft and rubbery. He lubed the dildo also and started sliding it up and now my ass crack! It wasn’t long and it was all the way in my ass is pretty loose! And lots of dildos in my ass! She starts fucking me with a dildo and jack me off squeezing my cock! It’s feeling pretty good . my ass is accepting the dildo nicely he stops pulls out a bigger dildo and moves up and shoves it up my ass this one is big! It took me a few seconds to adjust to the new size strokes in an out of my ass for a few seconds that I felt something familiar ! His big dick was at full hard attention again! I feel that big hard cock head start sliding in my ass feels so good! He takes a step forward and goes all the way in and grab my be by the hips and starts deep fucking me! My cock is hard as a rock I can feel his big dick pushing on my prostate! I know I’m gonna cum soon ! He’s got a hold of me fucking me as hard and deep as he possibly can I can feel his big nut slapping on my ass and he’s moaning pleasure! The moment I feel his big dick swelling in my ass I start shooting my cum hands free he sees my cum and start filling my ass up with this cum at the same time !

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply matt ID:1efymlcphz6r

    always looking for a giant cum filled dick o a dildo to play with in front of a bunch of guys

  • Reply matt ID:sekrmp55le6

    great story-reminds me of my own experiences. a men’s club where i take my toys,get a room and leave the door open so guys can watch me stuff my ass with some HUGE dildos or use the toys on me 5 guys in the room-stroking off 2-sucking on the 3rd-while the4th guy strokes watching. the 5th guy pushes my biggest dildo-17 inches and VERY thick all the way inside me then starts fucking me with that monster 4 of the guys start shooting their cum all over me and in my mouth then #5 has me get on my hands and knees and climbs behind me and slides his dick al the way in my insides just clamped down on that cock and while he slow fucked me i squeezed and let go of his dick over and over until he bloated my insides with shot after shot of nice warm cum. across from my room is a sex room with a swing hanging from the ceiling. i climbed into the swing. i wrapped my legs around the chains that hold up the swing with my legs spread. there is also bondage straps wrapped around the chains. next thing i know 2 guys come in and tie my hands and feet to the chains so i’m spread open and helpless and they just started taking turns fucking me each 1 dumping 2 loads inside me by then more guys had come in and for probably more than an hour , i was fucked over and over by who knows how many dicks. i’m sure some came twice. at 1 point i was so sore i pretty much begged to be untied but some guy just laughed and stuck a cum stained washcloth in my mouth. basically no mercy bordering on rape some guy finally took pity and untied me i was filled with so much cum, when i got out of the swing and walked to my room, cum was running down my legs and dried cum was all over me from other guys watching me get fucked . my stomach, chest, face, hair were all covered from guys jacking off on me. several also used my mouth-i know i swallowed a lot of cum. i had been totally dominated and loved it all didn’t shower for 2 days so not to wash away the memory-i reeked of cum i guess i am gay