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I love pedos

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why i realized that being attracted to pedos is normal

Most people dont discover sex until they are older but I started masterbating at a really young age. When i was 5 i started to do it because it felt good but it turned sexual after a while. I would masterbate everyday a few times and watch porn on my kindle. I would go on online chat sites a few years later. When i was 10 i went onto a stranger chat site for the first time and i sent whatever he wanted. Even though i was so young i still felt wrong about doing it. Eventually i found guys between 17-20 who i would send to everyday and who would send back and even though i didnt really want to see i would compliment them. I loved sending snaps moving my ass and teasing them. Sometimes in would send them pics at school because they wanted them so bad. I would always get asked your really 12? or whatever age i was because I looked so much older. When i would wear booty shorts around outside I would never get looks from guys my age, only older dudes. Through these experiences i realized its normal go like older guys. Why should i have to date people my own age if i dont want to? Older guys are so much better, and know how to rape girls correctly. They know how to impregnate and fuck them.

I definitely think younger girls should be taught sex and sexual things when they are young because it would make them realize its not that bad to do. I like reading peoples comments on here because i realize more people think like this, and if u try to justify not being like that your lying. Pedophilia in nature is natural and i think that it should be allowed in real life too. If girls can get knocked up they should. In my opinion legal age should be lowered to 10 because that’s when most girls get their periods and they should be impregnated. I dont think its bad to be a pedophile and i dont see anything wrong with it like most people. I like older men so why wouldnt some like me back? its a preference like sexuality. Some people like getting fucked by animals, and some like people half their age 🤷‍♀️. I also really enjoy incest, which some people find wrong too. Dads should be allowed to fuck their daughters or sons if they want to. Its human nature to be sexual and its easy and fun to do things with family members

Pedophiles are one of the best things ive come across since getting a phone. Theres so many and they love preteens especially since they look like kids but are hitting puberty and getting boobs

text me if u wanna talk
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    i must say im with u on this one… im 16 tho so i may be to old

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    I forgot to say in my last comment to pass that along to women that might suspect their men are sexually attracted to Little Girls and have maybe found Child Porn on their computers. Be Loving when you help them adjust to their new reality.

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