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Girlfriend discovers my kink

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Girlfriend discovers her boyfriends lingerie stash

I’ve always as far as I can remember dressed in ladies clothes in private.. I’m fairly passable in real life.. Being 25, 5,7 slim with little body hair and I keep my curly red hair long.. I have green eyes.. (Irish/Scottish) and ancestry..
Only boy with five elder sisters they often used to dress me up when I was young and it stuck with me.. I was always comfortable in there cast of clothes..
Luckily I met a wonderful lady who supported my sexuality . She is very dom and can quite butch in bed..
She found out my kink when I was in college….After I left her in my room.. She had gone looking for a t-shirt to wear and found my stash of lingerie.. When I returned to my room I was mortified to find it laid out on the bed..
So who else are you fucking because these are not mine!
I broke down and confessed they where mine..
Really you like to dress in womens lingerie..? She asked in a disbelief.. Show me..
You won’t tell any one I asked pleading with her..
Not if I believe you.. Now strip and show me..
I stripped in front of her like I said luckily I’m not very hairy at all….my body hair is almost non existant..
She watched reclining on my bed as I started to don my collection.. A garter belt..seamed Stockings, white lace panties that held my ass nicely.. And a bra filled with the falsies.. I let my hair down from my pony tail.. And shook my curls free… She had undone her shorts and I could see her fingers where busy.. In her pants..
Wow… You look really good.. Do you have shoes as well.. I pulled a box from under my bed and showed her my 4 inch stilettos.. As I undid the top she spotted the dildo..
So you take up it up the ass as well do you my sweet..
Hmmm something is missing sit down… And look at me.. Close your eyes…
I did as I was told and I felt her hands fussing over my face.. The smell and feel of powder and makeup.. Being applied..
Yes I think that will do… Can’t have my girlfriend looking bad now can I
Open your eyes and look..she had lightly made my eyes and face up.. My lips though where a deep red.. The colour she wore.. The change was stunning.. I could feel my cock starting to tent my panties..
My girlfriend Beth noticed.. Lol do you fancy yourself now she asked.. As she reached and stroked my weeping cock through the fabric… Now come here my little slut she grabbed me by the arm..
Her panties and shorts where on the floor as she pulled me over to the bed… Laying back with her legs wide open… Come here my lezzi slut eat my cunt… I started to l lick her very wet cunt.. Grabbing her ass buring my face and tongue deep in her red hot hole… She was grabbing my hair as I tried to hold on.. Her legs were trembling as she approached orgasm.. I could hardly breathe as her legs held me tight against her.. Then I felt her squirt for the first time over my face.. Bucking against me.. Riding my tongue..
What a good cunt licking slut you are my sweet..
She started to drag me onto her.. Her legs open wide.. My tongue grazed her hard nipples before I arrived at her mouth.. The feeling of my body wrapped in lingerie against her soft body.. Was over whelming.. And I came in my panties before I even got time to get my cock out..
Beth felt me cum.. Hmm first time baby girl she asked.. Did I get you ask turned on…
I gasped for breath…yes..yes… Am I your girlfriend.. Now miss??
She kissed me deeply her tongue parting my lip stick covered mouth…
Your better than that your my cum slut… But your going to need lots of training…

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I love this . I hope there is going to be more . I love dressing in sexy lingerie . My cock always gets nice and hard when my girlfriend joins me and puts make up on me . She has a strapon and uses it on me . The feeling of her pushing into my tight ass is awesome . I have cum a few times without her even touching my cock .