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Daddies 1

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Just single dads raising girls. But they started to bud and wondered why daddy did not bath them anymore or even let them sit on their laps.

By [email protected]

Just single dads raising girls. But they started to bud and wondered why daddy did not bath them anymore or even let them sit on their laps. They all loved their daddies and like to sit on their laps all warm and snuggled as big daddy hands held their tiny bodies. Sometimes in places that were feeling different.

Daddies were going crazy as their little girls grew up wanting to be little girls but started to change so quickly as they got some hips and their little night shirts had bumps or pokes or something making their daddies get hard as they squirmed on daddy laps. But daddies did hold them the same anymore so maybe daddies did not love them anymore if the daddies would only hold them in the same spots it would have not happened. They hurt where daddies use to rub their slim chest and they got wet where daddies would get them all clean before.

It was a single dad support group as one asked if others were having problems as their girls grew up and budded so fast.

The responses over whelming as mine is getting titties and mine keeps rubbing back and forth making my cock hard then complaining when I make her sit beside me. Maybe daddy does not love me anymore. He used to hold me everywhere and I liked sitting and feeling his all warm under me if sometimes something poked a bit.

Hell, it was not their fault as all girls grew up quickly and changed and felt different about the person that took care of them keeping them safe and most had daddy issues. They could no longer see daddy cocks now that they were interested. They could no longer feel them as they made daddies hard under them just being the same little girls as their tiny bodies grew. No, it was not their fault at all!

The support group for single dads with girls all had the same issues as their daughters started budding in places wondering what could help. Mine has titties now already like overnight and will not wear panties and leaves wet marks on my shorts now. We hear you brother!
Mine wants to get in the shower with me for bath time and it would be just too much to even see her now and her see me. Amen brother!

One poor bastard had three daughters at 16, 13 and 11 as his wife ran off with her personal trainer. All lamented his predicament as they all went around in just panties and t-shirts like they had no idea what they had poking out! You poor thing.

Mine are 11 and 9 and both are the same just panties and t-shirts like nothing is different! Hell my 11 id already poking out! You poor man they all agreed.

Well last weekend when mine had a sleep over with some of yours it was late, and they were all down in the playroom and I just went to check but they were all naked. 10 naked and kissing and touching each other. It must have been horrible to see 10 naked horny young girls kissing and touching each other. A few were holding each other with their tiny faces not kissing the right ends. I heard some whimpering and just got away not knowing what to do. Several single daddies let their young daughters stay over that night. Their girls were getting out of hand.

Hell, mine wants a pool party and my 16 will help out if she would get bigger bikini, I swear it must be at least two years old now. She just pokes out everywhere when she bends over like she used to her top hangs out and her back-end puffs out in lips with barely a string as if that covered anything. Mine is the same as she says it’s the style now and I am acting old. They all heard the same excuse that all the girls dressed like this now.

Well I do have a pool and we could maybe get them all together and maybe reason with them. We can all bring some food, so you are not put out anymore. How many do you think? I counted 16 as some of you poor bastards have more than one and with us it would be 26.

How about Saturday, would that do for everyone and maybe we can make them realize they are not just kids anymore and should wear more now. All agreed and the girls were eager.

it was pure hell as they did not wear bathing suits or any kind of bikinis as all had just patches and strings. Soft material as they took off whatever cover it was young slits and tiny titties with two a bit older and very puffy cones. Barley covered puffy cones of teen hard titties. The daddies got beers as the girls got in the pool helpless as their cocks responded to the to the visual effects but what else could a man do under such circumstances?

Most barely needed training bras but insisted on being big girls like their friends. The bikini strings got loose, and the patches drifted off the young titties to be pulled back, but all the men saw their daughters and the other daughters new tittiies. It was a horribly bad decision.

As one after another got out to get a soda the patches supposed to cover their pussies was wet and showed the slits vividly. Don’t our girls know what they look like? Their tiny asses almost naked as the material sank up slender thighs and tried to hold onto just beginning hips. Some would get out having to shift a small patch back over their pussy meat muffins, but they all got a quick peek of young pussy and vertical slits some their daughters and some others little girls all wet. It was maddening as maybe they should have stayed home and suffer just their own in panties and t-shirts that now poked.
The daddies shifted around trying to rearrange their hardening cocks the smallest at 8 thick daddy meat and the poor bastard with three girls was a thick 10-inch log of daddy cock. Not that they compared or ever saw each other. The damn thing at 16 got out and her tubes stuck out so hard and her puffy nipples hard from the water and air and her pussy muffin to die for.

So puffy and bulging young girl meat everywhere.16 girls from 10 to 16 all budding as the puberty installment department was doing around the clock work on their slim bodies.

Aren’t you getting in with us? Still early they had no excuses for having to cook or anything for god sakes to please not have to get in the pool! Maybe they should have worn some jock or something to contain their cocks. Yes, that would have been the better decision, but it was too late now.

Come play daddy! Oh, what had they gotten themselves into? Their intent was truly to reason with their young girls if that was possible with girls as none had succeeded before individually and maybe together, they would be stronger. But blood had left one head and expanded another with minds of their own.

The tiny things liked to be thrown in the air to crash back in the water. But doing such made the daddies have to hold tiny asses as the patches got looser soft young meat had to be held to push them up. The crashing back making the loose tops move as more and more young new titty was exposed if briefly as the girls did not care which daddy threw them up. Each daddy suffering through holding some other daddies baby pussy and ass hoping that dad would not complain but he had probably helped his child too.

This was not going well at all! One tiny 10-year-old crashed down on the 16-year-old pulling her tiny bikini top or excuse for a top down and her white tittiies so vividly contrasted her tan lines and not really big but very solid cones of young titties with coral nipples cones topping each.

That poor daddy had to live with her and two more every damn day! And she wanted to date too! Being a single dad raising girls alone was easy when they were just babies. But they grew up and bugled now still wanting bath time and sitting on daddy laps. Many asking why they could not just shower with their daddies as that would be quicker for movie night.

The 16-year-old had baby sat for most of them and held the tiny girl as she covered up her cones then kissed the child on her lips holding her firm on her hip as the child rubbed her muffin on her teen hard body.

The daddies were suffering having to feel the young puffy pussy meat as the barely there bikinis just seemed to disappear up tiny ass meat and pussy lips maybe small but soft and puffy spread out and around what little of the bottoms they had let the young lips just there. It was not their fault that it was the style!

Their daddy plan quickly dissolving but the girls were loving it. If they could tell their daddies how wonderful it felt being washed by big daddy hands all warm and soapy even when they were just babies as they already knew they liked to be felt and held in maybe different places and it was not their fault their tiny chest had bumps and stuff. Daddies could have helped as they were sometime painful as the pushed and stretched their skin. And it certainly was not their fault they got wet differently now not for new diapers. No none of this was their fault at all! And they like sitting on daddies more as daddies had something to rub on helping their young tight pussy meat as it grew as well.

Wonder of youth in their eyes and bodies wanting to see why daddies had such nice things to sit and rub on as their friends pretended to know what they were for or had actually seen one. They did not believe the school yard talk, but it did make them curious.

Remembering when mommy made such loud noises asking for more or saying “GOD” what did mommies want more of? It was a true mystery. The baby sitter at 16 had nice tittiies to play with and showed them just the right place to feel sometimes helping them with her fingers or soft hand held their muffins tight as the wonderful shivers dissipated. Baby sitter did not mind them sitting on her lap all naked and warm as she was too after their bath time.

You will get some baby, but you can play with mine until yours come. The 16-year-old was probably bisexual with some pedophile ideas liking to hold the tiny girls and help them. Feel their warm bodies on her naked skin holding their bumps and young pussy meat showing them what to do in bed alone when they needed to. They needed to a lot now. But what if daddies held them and helped them? They could learn to help their daddies too if they only knew how.

Sometimes when they got baths, she would lick their slender bodies and down to their different parts as she dried them. Of course, you can hold them baby you will get some soon as she rubbed where they would come out, but daddy could still rub there too! She would not mind.

The 16-year-old practically trained them as she had thoughts of little girls rubbing on naked hard daddy meat or maybe holding the meat as daddies helped them too. Just wear panties and a t-shirt and bend over a lot to see if your daddy will help you some. She had been unsuccessful and had kept wearing tighter and smaller panties and tighter t-shirts, but her daddy never helped her at all. Sometimes life was unfair. But if her daddy saw other daddies helping their girls he just might.

Daddy holding her in her panties or holding her cones and maybe actually feeling what daddy had. She had peeked sometimes as it hung down. She had never seen one so maybe they were all so big and that is why mommy made so much noise. Mommy would come out almost catching her peeking with a wet face to go wash it. Mommy was naked and she looked interesting back then too.

They heard the whimpering at the deep in of the pool as the 16 held her 13 sister both wishing their daddy would just finger fuck them instead of having to rely on their fingers or the babysitter or friends.
Her big sis was always kind enough to help them and her sister had been pushed up by her meat too many times to not get something in her so, her big sis took her smaller body to the deep end for some finger fucking just to settle her tiny pussy down for a while. Her tiny bikini bottom intended for daddy easily giving access to her pink and coral hole for her big sis to give her some relief.

Nothing escaped their eyes as the daddies shifted to hide daddy meat as they had contrived to change things once and for all. It was their time to finally get the daddies to wake the fuck up and just play with them. Hell, any daddy would do now! Daddies had bigger things than fingers, so they had heard. Pussy slime off fingers may taste better off daddy cock. Just saying “cock” in their minds made them giggle and feel all warm.

They had only one move left now as their daddies would not get the damn message, so the tiny strings were not retied, and the bikinis started coming apart as they were thrown as tops and bottoms appeared on the pool water and the daddies just looked at each other as they had lost control. Naked little things all poky and puffy still wanting to play and could easily be Broadway actors as they went about their innocent attack of daddies.

Now all 16 girls were nothing but young exposed pussy muffin and titties in various stages but all cones with caps of puffy nipple. There was nowhere to grab them now without hold young meat of tiny girl. No matter how hard they tried their wet bodies were slippery as daddies looked at each other in apology for where their hands had to grip the tiny things. Pure hell but thankful their daddy cocks were under water. The smallest at 8 but the thickest and the other nine from 9 to 10 and almost as thick were all rock hard now. They had lost the battle.

One thing cried out as she was lifted up to be thrown and some daddy just trying to get a grip pushed his thumb up her slit and in her tiny hole. He had no idea who’s child he had lifted and thumb fucked accidently but saw his child in the air naked for a moment before crashing back to the water. What had happened so quickly to make his baby look like that? she had a real girl body now, not just a tiny featureless thing but with sex parts now. Interesting sex parts like all of the naked things. Yes this plan was out of control and perhaps their worst idea. But men and daddies were so dumb sometimes as little princesses always got their way. Their clothes or just wearing panties and the fucking bikinis in style, little daddy girls always found a way to get their way. DADDY all the girls dress like this and have them!
But these are not panties baby! Daddy do you want me to be the only one? I will be made fun of as I have the only daddy, it was a cruel onslaught by tiny darlings. Very growing tiny darlings and demons. 16 slits and paired with two young titties on each as they got out with their bikini strings and tiny patches so useless already drifting in the pool as their baby’s were hungry and the men tired to hide and cook and do daddy things with 16 naked budding girls, some already budded out and some just beginning. But all had puffy slits all daddies knew hid their treasure. Pure hell of puffy slits and preteen and teen girl’s meat all acting like it was perfectly natural to let daddy see them naked but there were other daddies, and this was not in the bath.

The 16-year-old came to her hung daddy naked with her white cones asking if she could help him at the hot grill as hot dogs and hamburgers sizzled and her fucking cones were right there. His child he had raised next to him naked as her cones might get burned.

The daddies just gave up hiding their hard cocks bringing food to the table and opening packages of hot dog and hamburger buns now not so concerned about this all just go away. This stupid bad idea of controlling little girls was a miserable mess and failure as the naked things kept rubbing against them asking if the food was ready. Many other of the daddy’s children rubbing up close. Naked and tiny and slender it seemed any daddy would do as long as the princesses got their way. If their daddy did not want them maybe another would play.

Maybe if daddy saw them play with other daddies they could play at home with their daddies. Half eaten hot dogs or hamburgers as the little very naked children really went about their mission like assassins. Cocks were in there somewhere if they could only find what held them hidden. Was it zippers or something as hands of naked girls sought out the final glory? Real cock. Not fingers or sucking pussy but cock meat!

One after another found their prize if it was not their daddy as one was tugging and struggling. The 16- year-old came over to the whimpering thing to help lug her daddies 10 inches out as it was in her face, but daddy would not let her she gave to the child to suck. Well at least daddy had a mouth on his cock as if my ass, pussy and mouth has been waiting for years daddy. I was fuck for you for so long, but it takes this! I have holes as just because I got all bumpy, we could have showered together.

For years she tried to show her bumpy but pulsing out teen body now and this kid got to lick her daddies’ cock first. It was her daddy, and this was so unfair! No, her daddy cock was hers as she ripped the child away and sank her mouth and let her cones rub her daddies’ legs. The nipples on her tit cones rubbing on daddy thighs as she finally had daddy in her mouth. Pulsing hard daddy at least in one of her holes.

She would show her daddy what he could have had for years even if her mouth and throat would be the first hole of his three daughters.

Loving him so much she manages it all gagging some on her journey. Her teen mouth journey down her daddies’ cock meat. All ten inches as she had no idea daddy was so big but waited to fuck her daddy so long to stop now. Then heaven as her daddy finally held one. Her daddy reaches down and held one of her titties. She might die but she would get all of daddy in some hole she had as her own daddy finally held her titties. Her cones that just happened and her daddy would not even look at before he held as her mouth and throat did the best to take all of her daddy like he should have been doing for years.
Her head, mind and body were gone as he held her cones then her head as her daddies’ cock finally fucked one of her holes. She would never date if daddy would let her and maybe daddy would help her. he pulsed in his oldest teen child throat as her tits were so solid and her mouth and throat took every pulse of daddy sperm shoving as hard as she could to keep her daddy in her mouth so just maybe he would use her other holes.

Her body lifted up and whipped around as his log plopped out to sit her daughter pussy on his daddy mouth as her fuck was used unexpectedly by daddy mouth. He could have at least fingered fuck her years ago but daddy eating her was good and she gave her all of her meat to suck on or lick as his tongue went to places up her ass. “DADDY” she whimpered as she wanted to turn to suck his cock even limp it was tube and like this all of her spread out for daddy to eat.

But her daddy was so big her meat was pulled back in his mouth as his limp log plop out loud.
Some got mad as some other had their daddies in their mouths and not theirs. He was her daddy and that girl had it. Get your own daddy! Hi daddy. Hi baby. Why her and not me daddy as she licked daddy cock. It was not right for daddies to do such things. But daddy you use to wash me hard and you never let me shower with you! I know baby. Is this ok daddy as her tiny daughter tongues sent shivers going silky up under the most sensitive spot of her daddy’s cock meat? Don’t you love me anymore daddy?
Holy hell her daddy was strong just whipping her around as her tiny daughter hands tried to hold her daddy’s meat. Oh, his daddy mouth as she thought he was making her stop but her child muffin of pussy was just engulfed. All she had was in her daddies’ mouth as she gasped and tried to hold her daddies cock meat.

Her daddy did love her a lot sucking her meat all at once and she could possibly suck all of her daddy.
Just hold her daddies’ cock as daddy sucked her and loved her. Daddy loved all of her quite wet and maybe it was her or her daddy mouth she sure was wet.
Her daddy so big she could only hold daddy cock unable to get her mouth back. Daddy held her and loved all of her until she whimpered and did something she had never done with her body before just loosing control of her barely their hips pulsed and pumped on her daddies’ mouth. Her tiny pelvis never did such things before as she rode her daddies’ mouth as her daddy suck out her very first orgasm. Oh yes, she loved her daddy!

She crawled mostly as he saw every part of her child meat just sucked into her first orgasm all of his baby was pink and puffy and had a pink ass as she just went back to do her best on her daddy. She knew she could never, but she could hold it and do her best. Her daddy may never fit anywhere but daddy made her so happy she would darn sure make her daddy as she used both tiny hands on his daddy log and fit her tiny mouth just barely over the had to find daddy tasted.

Doing her best as what ass cheeks she had were spread open and a daddy finger found out other things had already been in that hole. That was her secret until now that she had tried somethings, but nothing felt like daddy finger up and deep as she sucked hard on what she could get. Bigger than any lollypop but delicious and silky as it just kept coming out. Her tiny ass almost shoved by a daddy finger up her pussy tube she had her second orgasm of her life. And went crazy mad on what she could of her daddy until daddy let his baby know she was a good baby, but it was too much love as her daddy pulsed bulging her tiny cheeks with daddy sperm as she did try to swallow it.

This fucking party was a total disaster. Possibly the worst idea. Absolutely nothing was going as they had planned. Not their plans to get their girls under some control. But their babies, their little girls had once again out foxed them. The damn things always got their way with daddies.

Some had daddy sperm dripping off the lips and faces walking a bit wobbly as their own daddies had sucked their little puffy preteen pussies. The gravity department had not caught up with the puberty installment department on the 16-year-old as her cones stood out like solid young vividly white with dark coral caps of puffy nipple.

Well the girls had at least one of their holes filled with their daddy’s cock, but they had two more. The 16-year-old had coached them well and sometimes let them play with her but they would lick tit and pussy just so far as she said that their daddy should give them their first orgasm.

She was right! But now sleep overs would mean they give each other orgasms and help each other with new tittiies their daddies had stayed away from. Stopped holding them when the bumps started.
Stopped bath time. Hell, it was not their fault what was happening, and their daddies could have helped as the bumps on their slim chest sometimes hurt. Daddies could have at least rubbed them all better and maybe hold their little pussy muffins that had issues.

The daddies had lost all control and knew it no longer trying to hide as now limp daddy meat hung.
Discussing things naked wondering if there was anyway to gain control. Stupid dumb daddies did not understand that they really never had any control, but they did love their daddies.

Ven at 10 the girls, their babies had hips and just beginning titties so hard they poked like spikes. Puffy young meat pussy that was so wet and delicious barely slits with puffs on either side of their holes. So pink on the out side but deep red centers that loved daddy tongue.

They sure liked daddy cock and what came out even if they could not quite swallow it all it was creamy and warm. Like sucking down silk of salt and sweetness as the tiny chest tried to rub and themselves where daddies would not. But at least it was a start.

Maybe now their daddies would let them shower with them and let them sit on their laps like they used to. Little night shirts that daddy could put his hands under to rub her again, hold her tight like daddies should hold their babies.

The 13 year-old had been left out so her big sister had her tiny legs over her shoulders all spread out showing she had just a dust of hair just above the hole that her big sister sucked and soothed, she had titties slightly bigger than the 10 year-olds but not like sis yet but at least her big sis ate her pussy and let her feel her real titties until she grabbed her head an pumped out. Everyone could see them ass he moaned then screamed. At least her big sis would help her when she needed.

What could the daddy cocks do as the sister incest lesbian show played out on the pool deck. That poor, poor bastard had three girls! Cock sucking and cunt sucking girls he may not live very long. You best have a big shower bother. You poor thing.

One spoke up. Next weekend? I have a basement play room but no pool. They all agreed but wondered if they would survive for the week now. Maybe we do not have to meet anymore. Yeah probably a waste of time now. Who’s fucking idea was this?

Daddy come play with me. Oh, fuck why not! The lesbian incest displays already had him hardening any way and his baby girl did taste sweet. One after another the daddies were pulled some where to play.
Dumb fucking daddies.

Thinking they had and control. well they thought they did until their babies found their daddy meat and wanted their daddies to play with what they had.

The 13-year-old had not had a daddy orgasm yet like the rest holding his log of daddy in her tiny hands looking up with bright blue eyes as her daddy grew in her small hands. 10 inches of her daddy poked her as hard as her young titties poked back on his legs. Hell, any harder they would make holes in him.
She barely had to bend her head to lick it. So warm and hard but soft in parts she finally held her daddy as much as she could licking it and rubbing it on her between what titties she had until it leaked for her to lick. Oh her daddy tasted good. She just had to try. Her hair brush handles were not warm like this.
This would feel good if it fit.

No daddy sis did that already as he stared up at his middle baby sitting on him with her new titties that would be as bad as his oldest or worse. Then rubbing his up, hers as she maneuvered her pelvis just right. Her big sis had more than prepared with saliva and some of her young pussy slime her hole wet and ready to at least try for her daddy cock. So much bigger she just nuzzled her pussy meat as her tiny pussy lips spread.

Now or never she pushed back, and something popped. Her daddies big cock head was in and it was a start but felt so big. Very warm but very big. Her big sis came to help licking her tiny ass and as much of her spread young pussy lips so stretched, they almost disappeared. But big sis did her best to lube her daddy and her sister grunting and pushing back and down. It was going in as she shivered in her first daddy orgasm as she had nine more inches, she was the middle sister but maybe the worst when she had orgasms now. She would not stop when they started. Gifted or demonized she had continuous orgasms when they started. Her pump would just shut off.

Two inches as she grunted and came on her daddy. Creaming her daddy with her young pussy. Hers was white and silky not a squitter. Her daddies cock meat already slimes with white young pussy cream.
Three. Then four as she opened for her daddy. Mother nature took care of little girls and women to stretch for cocks or babies. Her daddy was covered in whipped pussy cream getting foamy as she pulled up and sat down as hard as she could. She was the middle child often over looked but she would be the first to fuck her daddy. Show him she was a good girl too!

Six as her daddy finally held her new titties. For three years her titties needed him. She needed her daddy too. Now eight as her body stretched and daddy held her by her titties and waist. Her daddy holding her all over like a daddy should.

How does it feel? Her big sister that ate her and helped she could find words but smiled serenely. Nine she was almost there. Her big sis held her hair matting on her face as she was sweating from the excursion.

Only the first part was painful just like her big sis said but now deep and warm but making a mess of white foam of pussy on her daddy.

Her tiny ass meat so hard but so warm met his daddy balls as she had all of her daddy. All 10 of daddy.
Her big sis holds her new titties and her daddy holding her barely their hips as her pump was making an absolute mess. Leaning back with a serene look on her face for her sister to kiss her. wet sloppy deep sister kiss as she had all of her daddy cock somehow in her tight young hole that thankfully stretched.
Maybe it should have to spread so young, but it did. Mother nature took care of her children. But she was basically impaled unable to move. Her tiny body out of gas from just getting it in.

Daddy did not seem to mind just holding her slim body to let her sit and packed with his cock meat.
Watching his two oldest daughters suck each other’s tongues as his oldest had hanging cones with nipples seemingly pulsing out more when they hung for more of her youthful blood as she held his middle child by here tit darts as she started to squirm some.

Her hole was loving his pole. It should not have fit at all, and he certainly should not have it in his own daughter. All of his friends and single dads that came up with this stupid idea could see him holding his own child on his cock. He was fucking his daughter, and everyone could see it. His oldest kissing her as her tiny frame started to move. Her legs had given out, but her pelvis worked.

She wanted her daddy to cum in her first. Her daddy was helpless as she was like a snake with her tiny pelvis as she kissed his oldest holding her titty tubes. Poor fucking man with three girls raised up going deeper if possible, to fill one of his own babies. What else could he do? The entire thing so bazar he filled his middle baby adding to her own cream as her silk sheath had no room it had to go somewhere.
She just crashed down on her wonderful daddy completely spent as his daddy log softened inside her tube. Her baby fuck tube and the first of many other preteen fuck tubes. She softened too as her poking titties melted into her daddy.

The other girls not as stingy with their daddies now as took turns to taste or lick each daddy cock comparing the taste. Assassins, tiny fucking assassins destroying daddies. Taking turns on every daddy cock.

Great fucking idea to have a pool party! Yeah, we can explain things to them and get them to wear more and tell them about bad people that might try to take advantage of them. Who the fuck is in charge anymore?

Pure holy hell for the daddies!

Not all of the daddies as straight as they acted. But they had grown up and family men now. Back in high school and college they had sucked off a few cocks. It was not bad but now they were men and had to act like men. But all of the hanging some still dripping man meat stirred old thoughts of sucking out warm sperm. Letting them soften in their mouths as the pulses of thick sperm went away and some cock plopped out. But no, they were family men now. It had been years since they sucked or felt a cock pulse and throb out sperm. Tasty fucking sperm but it had been years.

But with all the cocks the old memories came back. Throbbing cock meat and sperm so fucking wrong.
So, fucking nasty and un manly but it was hot and filthy and all wrong to kneel in some bathroom to suck another male, suck his cock and swallow sperm no matter how good they just did not do that anymore.
But their minds could not resist all the man meat. The sperm and fuck that came out of that tiny pussy was mix of delicious fuck. Young pussy and sperm all mixed up.

If his sperm was in his baby, he would suck out every drop. Lick and clean his cock sucking child. The girls had won the day as they usually did. Maybe showering together was not such a bad concept. Strangely the titless ones looked good even though every daddy liked titties, these were daughter titties just starting. Just pokes but they needed daddies to help them out. Young so precious daughters needed their daddies. Needed and wanted daddy help.

Yes, this was a splendid plan! But none complained anymore. No more gathering and grumbling like dumb daddies that thought they had any control. great fucking plan!

So your house next week?

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