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Dad went deer hunting

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Mom wants more than her husband can give her and the daughter is ready for some, too. Fiction, cheating, teen, oral.

When Dad’s away

It was the beginning of deer hunting season and as usual Tom and his buddies were headed to their favorite hunting spot in the mountains for a five-day hunting trip so they could all fill their tags.

Fran and her 14-year-old daughter, Denise had finished supper and Denise had finished her homework. They watched a couple hours of television and then it was Denise’s bedtime. She went to room, put on her bed shirt which was just a long T-shirt. Next it was off to the bathroom. She washed her face and combed her hair and brushed he teeth. The last thing she did before getting into bed was to give her bottom a good rubbing. About a year ago she had discovered how good it felt to touch herself between her legs.

About eleven or eleven thirty the second night Denise woke up and had to pee. As she groggily walked down the hall to the bathroom, she heard noises coming from her parent’s bedroom. The noises were voices, but her father was not home. The bedroom door was not latched so she pushed it open just a little bit. It was close to being a full moon night, so it was not hard to see what was happening. Her mother was naked, on top of the bed on her hands and knees. There was a strange man on the bed also. He was also on his knees and naked. His hands were on the back of her mom’s head and his cock was in her mouth. She watched him pull her mother’s head to him while he fucked his cock into her mouth. “Yes, suck my fucking cock you dirty slut. Take it all. Take it in your funkin’ throat.” Fran was moaning and you could hear her making sucking noises.

Denise knew about sex. They had sex-ed in school and her mom had “the talk” with her and she had a computer, so like most kids these days she had found fuck websites and watched plenty of fucking. But she had never thought of her mother having sex with anyone, but her father and she seldom thought of that.

“Oh fuck. I’m getting close. I’m almost there. I’m gonna come. Show me my cum before you swallow it, slut.”

He held still with just the head of his cock in her mouth. Denise saw his ball sack tighten and his cock twitch several times as it sent blast after blast into her mother’s mouth. His head tipped back and he groaned loudly. After his prick stopped jerking, he shoved it back in and out of Fran’s mouth and then pulled out. Denise watched it as it softened.

“That was wonderful. Your cum tastes so good I could eat it for breakfast on my cereal. I can’t wait to clean your cum out of my cunt and eat it too. I wish you could fuck me all night, but you had better go. We can’t take a chance of my daughter waking up and catching us. That wouldn’t be good.”

Denise ran back to her room. Soon she heard first her parent’s bedroom door close and then she heard the front house door close. Denise still had to pee, now more than before. She headed to the bathroom. Denise opened the bathroom door and stepped inside. She was greeted by the sight of her mother on the toilet with her legs spread wide and her eyes closed as she stabbed a dildo in and out of her cleanly shaved cunt. She had one hand cupped under her crotch catching gobs of cum that were dripping out of her recently fucked snatch. Her eyes remained close as she brought her hand to her mouth and started licking the cum from her palm.

Denise watched but involuntarily made a noise as she saw her mom taking the cum that had filled her cunt and slurping it into her mouth swallowing it and then licking her lips and making a contented moan while licking her lips. Fran’s eyes flew open with a start. She still had the fake cock stuffed deep inside of her pussy.

“Oh God, Denise, I, I.”

Denise put her finger to her lips in the shushing sign. “It’s OK mom. I’m sorry I walked in on you.” Denise went back to her room.

A few minutes later Fran entered Denise’s room. “Honey, we need to talk.”

“It’s OK Mom. You don’t need to say anything.”

Fran sat on the end of the bed. “Yes, I do. You know about sex. Well, I have a very strong sex drive and your dad doesn’t. We have sex but it is not enough for me so sometimes I get what I need from other men. Not just one steady boyfriend because I don’t want to take a chance on getting too close and endangering my life with your father. I should not have brought this guy home, but I thought it was late enough that you would be sound asleep. I’m so sorry. I hope you understand and can forgive me.”

“Does dad know?”

“Oh God no. I don’t know what he would do if he found out and I don’t want him to. You won’t say anything to him, will you? Please don’t. Please.”

“It’s OK Mom. I won’t tell him. I understand and it is OK if you can’t go to his place, a hotel room costs too much, and you don’t want to do it in a car. It’s OK to bring him home. Just tell me and I will go to my room. I love you.” Then Denise gave her mother a hug and Fran went back to her room.

Denise was not able to go back to sleep. She lay in bed and rubbed her pussy till she brought herself to her first complete hard orgasm. The next morning, they shared a tight hug and told each other that the loved each other.

Two days went by with nothing happening. The fourth evening Tom called and said that it had been a slow hunting trip and that everyone was going to stay two more nights. Fran told him that it was fine and to have fun and get a nice deer, but Denise could see on her face that she was sad.

“Denise, do you mind if I invite someone over later tonight? I won’t if you say you don’t want me to.”

That night Denise went to her room about 10 and about 11 she heard someone at the door. About a half hour later Denise went outside her parent’s bedroom door. She heard a lot of grunting and moaning but no one was talking. Finally, she heard the man say, “Oh fuck. Yes, I’m coming.” Then she heard her mother say, “PLEASE, go down and eat my cunt. I need to come one more time.”

Denise had a plan. She went down to the living room and waited. She waited for about a half hour before the man came down. He was still zipping his pants. It was a different man than had been with her mother the last time. She was standing with just her nightshirt on in the middle of the room when he walked in. Denise was hoping that like last time her mother would not see him to the door. He was alone.

He saw Denise and stopped in his tracks. “Well, hello little lady. Your mom said we had to be careful not to bother you.”

Denise did not say a word. She took two steps till she was right in front of him. She pulled her nightshirt over her head and off. She dropped to her knees and reached for his pants. In seconds his pants were around his ankles. Denise knew exactly what she wanted to do. She had seen her mom and earlier in the day she had gone to a porn website and watched a forty-minute-long blowjob compilation video.

Denise took his half hard penis in her hand and stroked it several times. Next, she licked up and down along the outside of it. It was starting to harden. She put her lips around the head and sucked while jacking his shaft rapidly with her hand. Her other hand was cupping his balls. She liked how it was hot and was hard on the inside but had a soft outer skin that slid up and down on the inner shaft. He reached down and took her breasts in his hands and firmly but not painfully squeezed them. “Those are really nice little titties you’ve got there little girl.” That made Denise feel good.

This stranger’s cock was fully now hard. Her mouth was stretched wide to take it in and she saw that she could have put both hands around the shaft and still had his cock head in her mouth.

“Take your hands away, little slut. I wonder if your mother knows what a good cock sucker you are.” He put his hands behind her head and pushed and pulled her as he established a nice rhythm of face fucking this delightful little teen. “Suck harder.”

He lasted several minutes because he had already filled Denise’s mother with two big loads of his sperm. Her jaw was starting to ache, but she was not going to give up. She remembered hearing her mother say how wonderful cum tasted and she was going to find out. Denise tried to take him deeper but gagged.

Finally, the man started groaning. “I’m gonna come. Where do you want it?” He pulled her off of his cock so she could answer.

“In my mouth.”

Then she pushed her mouth back over his cock. She tool about half of his big cock in her mouth and keeping her lips tight and rubbing her tongue over the underside of his cock she achieved her goal. She made him come.

He groaned and held her head while his cock jerked and blew wad after wad of cum in her mouth. Denise tried to catch every bit of it, but some dripped out around his cock and hung from her chin like icicles. His cum was hot and thick and slimy and tasted salty but Denise liked it. She knew why her mother liked it and knew that this would be far from the only time she would suck off a guy and drink his man sauce.

She stood up and used her finger to push what was on her chin into her mouth. She licked her lips and said, “It’s nice to meet you Sir.”

He pulled his pants back up and left with a smile on his face.

Denice went back upstairs. She peeked in at her sleeping mouther before going to her room and quickly falling into a sound and happy sleep.

The next morning Denise was happy about what she had done. She smiled at her mom and asked, “Did you have fun last night, Mom?”

Fran gave Denise a big smile and answered her. “Yes Honey, I did. Did you?”


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