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Ashley was a girl I worked with and was madly in love with as well, but I couldn’t have her.

One night at work, I work the overnight shift, I noticed a cute girl across the way that I had never seen before. She had long light brown hair and was wearing a hoodie and some jeans. Just an average looking girl. However, something inside me said “I wanna meet this girl!”

I asked around with my coworkers if they knew anything about her and all I could get was her name. Ashley.

I was losing my mind from her. I would think about her all the time. I had dreams about her. I masturbated thinking about her. Yet, I hadn’t even heard her voice let alone meet her.

One night, after a couple months of fantasizing about her, she walked passed me and smiled. I awkwardly smiled back and forced out a “hey”. She didn’t respond.

Another month or so goes by and they have made her a supervisor and put her in the work area my good friend works in. He told me what he had learned about her thru their small conversations but it wasn’t a whole lot of information.

Finally I devised a plan to get myself transferred to her area. It worked! She was not only my new supervisor, but also had to spend the first few days training me, which meant not only was she forced to stand next to me, but also speak to me!!

I found out she was incredibly smart, funny and laid back. She was also mostly deaf. We spoke quite a bit while she trained me and then after our training was done, I found her still standing by me all the time talking to me!

Here’s where the story goes a bit south. Ashley had a boyfriend. Of course she had a boyfriend, why wouldn’t she? If she was as great as I had hyped her up in my head and then as awesome as she has been to me since transferring to her area, why should I be surprised that some other guy got ahold of her already?

The most tragic thing about all this was that I was also married. Incredibly unhappy in it but married nonetheless.

The fact that both of us had significant others in our lives didn’t stop us from pursuing friendship with one another. I tried so hard to ignore my unbelievable attraction to Ashley and just focus on getting to know her. I was even open and honest about meeting her and having conversations with her to my wife. I didn’t want to be dishonest and I had more or less come to terms with not getting what I want.

After about 6 months of us just talking and being friends, even going to a few concerts together and nothing happened, Ash invited me over to watch a movie on a Saturday night. I agreed with no hesitation or expectations. In fact, I assumed her boyfriend would be there in some capacity but he wasn’t. He was out of town for the weekend.

Ash and I sat on the couch and she had made a bowl of popcorn. We sat shoulder to shoulder and still nothing really went thru my head other than hanging out with my new friend. We watched some crap movie that she liked but I found a bit boring. We ate the popcorn. We talked. We laughed. It was quite nice.

By the end of the movie though, Ashley had more or less cuddled up next to me. She had her head on my shoulder and her arm wrapped around mine. It was at that point that everything in my head from before I met her came back. I had never felt more relaxed than sitting on that couch with her watching that shit movie but now my brain was racing a million miles an hour. I had no way of knowing her motives and was way too scared to ask.

I asked if I could use her bathroom and she told me it was upstairs. When I was done peeing, I noticed her bedroom door was open and there was a lamp on. Ash was still watching the movie and had the TV cranked way up because she didn’t hear well. For whatever reason I decided to look in her room. The very first thing I saw was her top drawer in her dresser was open about an inch. Boldly, I tiptoed towards it and made the decision to look inside but only for 10 seconds, I was expected back downstairs.

I opened the drawer just another inch or two and sure enough it was socks and panties. Ashley was a girl next door kind of girl. She didn’t wear makeup, or fancy clothes or perfume. In fact, she barely brushed her hair sometimes. She didn’t mind getting dirty and didn’t mind looking sloppy. Why should she? She pulled it off like no one else ever could! What I saw inside the drawer was rather surprising though. She had a few pairs of sexy thongs. Some silk and some lace. I never would’ve imagined her having panties like that, and as I walked back downstairs and sat next to her again, it was all I could imagine her in now.

By the time the movie was completely over I had adjusted myself a few times as casually as I could. I’m sure she knew what I was doing but in my head I couldn’t let her know I was getting turned on.

I abruptly left after the movie and went home. The next week of work we went thru our usual routine of talking and making fun of others we worked with. When I left work in the morning it was pouring rain and I knew she had rode her bike to work so I waited for her. I put her bike in the back of my truck and as we drove to her place, she suggested breakfast. We got food and went back to her place.

When we got to her house, she lured me into the garage by asking me if I’d look at her new drums she had bought. I agreed of course. I followed her in and shut the door behind me. As I turned back to her, she took a hard step towards me and kissed me! I couldn’t believe it!

“What was that for?!” I asked

“You’re sweet to wait for me and give me a ride home.” She answered with her beautiful smile.

Then she leaned in and kissed me a second time. This time there was more to it. Our arms wrapped around each other and there was just a small bit of tongue. It felt like it lasted 20 minutes but in reality it was only about 10 seconds.

“Wow!” I said stunned

“Yeah.” Ashley said back wiping a bit of saliva from the corner of her mouth.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you and how badly I’ve wanted to kiss you!” I blurted out

As I was saying it to her, in my head I was screaming “what are you doing?!! You’re so stupid!! She doesn’t love you!!!”

“Wow!” Ashley said stunned

“Yeah.” I responded with my head down.

I immediately turned around and left without saying another word. She made no attempt to stop me. That night at work, I stayed a bit late allowing us to have a few minutes alone together. Ashley sat next to me and smiled. It was the first interaction we had since I left her garage. She placed her hand on top of mine.

“I could say it too you know. I’m not going to, but I could.” She explained with a half smile and then got up and walked away.

By the end of the week, everything had seemingly gone back to normal between us. All was well and dealt with for the most part.

The following week was the hottest week we had in years and doing a manual labor job in the heat and humidity isn’t fun. By the end of the week everyone was exhausted and grumpy. That Friday, Ash and I had came up with a plan to go jump in a lake after work to cool off.

When I exited the building it was almost 4am and once again it was pouring rain. The humidity had caused it to rain harder than I had ever seen. I was already waiting for her anyways, I just assumed we’d cancel the lake and I’d drive her home. A few minutes after I got to my car, Ash jumped in equally soaked from the rain.

“Let’s go jump in a lake!” She yelled as she buckled up

“You still want to?!” I replied

There was a lake not far from where we worked that was halfway between hers and my house. It had a decent swimming area so it was relatively clean I suppose. When we got there, it was still raining but it had died down significantly to a heavy sprinkle. The sun was still an hour or so from coming up so it was still quite dark. I parked my truck and Ash got out and ran to the beach. I locked up my truck and walked after her. I got to the shore and she was already waist deep in the lake. She had taken off her clothes and left them in a pile in the sand.

“C’mon! Get in! It feels great!” Ashley yelled

I saw her jeans and shirt on the ground but nothing else. She had gotten in the lake in just her bra and panties. I joined her by taking off my jeans and shirt as well. I slowly stepped my way thru some rocks and made my way out to where she was.

If we stood up the water would’ve been up to our upper stomach but as I got there Ash had crouched down a bit to where the water was up to her neck. There was a streetlight not far from the shore that gave us just enough light to see each other’s faces.

“What?” I asked her as she got a bit quiet as I approached

“Nothing.. I just didn’t think you’d take off your clothes.” She nervously responded

“Well I didn’t think you would either.” I said back as I lowered myself down to where the water was now at my neck as well.

Ash had positioned herself in between me and the streetlight so I couldn’t see her facial expressions anymore.

“Stand up.” She said

Ashley placed her hand on my chest and gently rubbed it a bit.

“Hmmph.” She said “I didn’t think you to be a chest hair guy, and your pecs are quite impressive. You should show off you muscle definition more.” She explained

“Ok?” I said back unsure of what was happening

Before I go on and finish this, it’s important to know that I’m extremely socially awkward. I do not pick up on human cues at all! Nothing! I have no clue what people are trying to tell me without them actually saying it. I tell you this because otherwise the next part would make me look ridiculously stupid.

Ashley stood up so we were now eye to eye, although my eyes went south as she stood up and revealed she wasn’t wearing her bra. Her head blocked the light so I couldn’t see them but I she wasn’t wearing it anymore. She leaned in and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. This time with a lot of tongue. I don’t remember how long it was or if it was good or not. All I could think about was “ we have confirmed that she is not, I repeat NOT wearing a bra!”

When Ash stopped kissing me she backed up a step, dropped down to where the water was neck deep again for a second or two and then popped up. As she popped up, her B cup breast bounced and I got a bit of a look at them for the first time. What I didn’t know at that moment is that when she dropped down for a second, she had taken her panties off.

Now comes the part where I look stupid..

Ashley approached me again and put her arms around my neck again. I felt her leg rub up against mine.

“I’m so wet right now.” She said quietly as we were nose to nose.

“We’re in a lake and it’s raining.” I responded also winning the dumbest guy in the lake contest.

“Really?!” She asked


“I tell you I’m so wet right now and that’s how you respond?!” She said mildly annoyed

“Oh shit! That kind of wet!” I said feeling dumber than I ever have before

Ash pulled me close to her and we started making out heavily. My hands began to explore her entire body. Starting with her hips and then reaching around to squeeze her ass. Then up her back and pull her as tightly to me as I could. My cock was as hard as it could possibly be right then!

Ashley reached down and pulled my boxers down a bit, then reached up with her foot and pulled them all the way down. At that exact moment I reached down and felt her wet pussy. She let out an “mmmm” as my fingers hit her clit. She had a nice thick patch of hair above her snatch and I grabbed ahold of it and kissed her.

“Ignore that! I haven’t gotten around to trimming that in a while.” She explained

“Fuck that! It’s hot!” I said with a grin and slid my middle finger knuckle deep inside her

“Oh shit!” She began to moan “oh shit that feels so good!”

Ashley reached down and grabbed ahold of my dick. Her thumb instantly began rubbing the underside of my tip. My toes curled and a chill went down my spine as her hand began to play with my cock.

“Holy shit this is big!” She whispered still breathing heavily from my finger inside her

She quickly pulled away from me. Still grasping my cock she started pulling me towards shallower water. As soon as my cock was exposed, Ashley got on her knees and started sucking my dick. Here I stood waist deep in a lake with the girl of my dreams blowing me. If there were any cameras in that parking lot they would surely have seen us.

After sucking on my dick for a couple minutes she stood up and looked at me.

“I told myself I was only going to blow you tonight but I can’t take it anymore. We have to fuck!” Ash exclaimed

“We do?” I asked stupidly as she now pulled me by the dick back to where we were in deeper waters.

“Yep. This shit is just going to keep happening if we don’t. And if we don’t, we’ll regret it for ever.” She explained

When we got back to deeper water, she put her arms around my neck again and I lifted her up. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I feel her hand grab my cock once again and press it against her pussy. She slid down a bit and my dick went all the way inside her.

“Oh my god that’s deep! Oh fuck! Mmmm” she cried out as she began to slowly grind on me.

It was just 30 seconds or so before she started moaning and breathing harder. She had her first orgasm. A minute later a second, and a few minutes later a third.

“Goddamn aren’t you gonna cum?” She asked while trying for a fourth.

“I’m getting there.” I said with a giggle

“Well do it already!” She moaned back

I lifted her off of me and put her down. I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around. I bent her over just a bit, crouched down a bit and stuck my cock back inside her pussy. My left hand grabbed a handful of her wet hair and she let out a yelp. My right hand reached around and began groping her breasts. I began to thrust in and out of her.

“That’s it, fuck me! Harder! Fuck me!!!” She cried out

I was so close to cumming! I grabbed both of her hips and fucked her as hard and as fast as I could. She had to use her hand to cover her own mouth because she was screaming so loud. With on last thrust, I shoved my cock as deep as I could inside her and let out an animalistic grunt.


Her one free hand reached around and held my ass cheek as if to hold me in place as I released spurt after spurt after spurt deep inside her pussy.

When I finally finished cumming, Ashley stood up and turned to face me. She once again put her arms around my neck and we kissed a few times. We held each other silently as we both tried to catch our breath.

“Wow!” She said quietly

“Yeah.” I answered

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