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Winning a NASA trip by selling most cookies

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Being a Girl’s scout, and sell cookies is not a easy job. There is so much competition. I had to do what I had to do.

I was 14 when our Girl scout got an amazing opportunity to win a trip to NASA. Yes, I know it was unbelievable. I always wanted to be an astronaut. So I knew I had to be in the first place, as only they will get to go. I packed my bags, put on the scout uniform with badges, and rolled out.

The weather was awesome and I was walking on the walkway of the suburban posh area I live in. I was knocking on the doors and trying to sell as many cookie boxes as I could. It was going well. Or that’s what I thought. The next day I found out that Stella had sold triple the number of boxes I sold. Apparently, she was doing anything to sell the cookies. I was like ok… The game is on. So the next day I pulled up my skirt higher and unbuttoned an extra button of my shirt before I started to knock on doors.
I had good puberty so I was gifted with 36D breast. Slim waist and thick thighs. Yeah, I had dorky specs, but I was hoping it should be turned on for the rich grandpas. 😉

It was 4 pm and I didn’t get any boost in sales. I was losing hope. I knocked at this house’s door and was received by a shirtless, middle-aged man. Grey chest hair, partially bold, but still a fit body, He had a drink in his hand.
“Hey there, little birdie. What are you selling today?” He said playfully looking at me and my cookies. (The boxes too)
I did the routine sales pitch which he seemed less interested and more in the milk for the cookies. So I kept talking slowly and started to unbutton another button on the shirt. I had a naughty smile and my knees were swaying. I looked at him with puppy eyes and bite my upper lips.
Yes, It worked. Finally, he pulled me in with my arms.
“Let’s see, what can I buy from you.”

He had a huge house. He pushed me onto the couch. And He sat on the coffee table very close to my face. He was still drinking.
“So you are selling only the cookies or you have something else to offer…… I mean how many boxes can I buy after all? There are not many people to eat cookies here.” He said gently stoking my thighs.
“You tell me, what else I can offer to make sure you buy all these cookie boxes?” I said sheepishly. I was feeling nice and tingly down there.
“For starters, maybe if can make the sales pitch without your clothes on,” he said leaning back, adjusting the bulge in his pants.
“I can do that” I kept the boxes on the side and stood up. I Removed the slash of the badges and placed them on top of the boxes. Then I undid all the buttons on the shirt. I was loving the attention I was getting so by now I was swaying in a sexy way in front of this 40-45yr old man. I was wearing a full cover, white color bra. I unhooked them slowly and with great shyness I removed them. I immediately covered my boobs with one hand and my face with another. I was feeling shy. I giggle and crossed my legs.
“Hey, now. Don’t worry. You are doing good. It’s just us. ”
“Actually….. I’m a virgin… so…”
“You are in good hands for your first experience.”
He removed my hands very gently.
By bare bosom were in front of him. My pink nipples were getting hard. They were very small but very perky.
Then I started to remove my panties. I bent forward to remove my granny panties. (Mom still buys my underwear) When I leaned, He just came forward and started to suck on my boobs. It felt so good. I was now completely naked.
He pulled my arms down and made me sit on the couch. He lifted me and shifted my body back with my ass to the edge of the couch. He spread my legs in the air and inserted his whole face into my crotch.
“Beautiful,” he said, smelling my clean shaved, young, pink pussy.
He looked me in the eye from between my boob valley and then just dug into my pussy. He was licking my clit so well, He was making me moan in like 2 secs. Then he used his thumb and his lips paying with my clit and my pussy. He inserted one finger inside it. He removed it slowly to show how wet my pussy was. I covered my face in shyness with both my hands.

Then he pulled my legs down and made me kneel down. He dropped his pants. He was not wearing any underwear. I could see for the first time a full-grown dick in front of my face. It was marvelous.
He took my hands and placed them on his throbbing dick. It was like 8 inches. Full of veins. I looked him in the eyes as I stroked his cock. I had seen porn so I knew what was next. So after a couple of jerks, I slipped his dick into my mouth. He was not expecting it. But by his face I could tell, he was loving it.
He held my blonde hair and started to push his dick deep down my throat. It was tough, but I was still loving it. The smell, the speed, everything was just amazing.

“Come here, baby…” He lifted me up and placed me again on the couch. Again my legs were spread in the air while he was groping my boobs. He placed his dick near my pussy and started to rub it on my clit. It was so nice.
“It will hurt in the beginning, but then you will love it.. Ok?… Be strong… You want to sell all the boxes right?” He said applying spit on his dick. I just nodded at him.
He then started to push his dick inside me. I held my breath and was trying not to scream. It was hurting me. He tried harder as his huge dick was not able to enter my little slut hole.
“Aaaaghhh” I screamed holding my legs in the air. It was touchdown. He stayed there for a while.
“We good?”
“Yes, go on”
Then he started to move his pelvic back and forth fucking my pussy. I was so wet I could hear the sloppy noises it was making.
He held my right boob with one hand while holding my left leg with another. This gave him a better position to rampage my pussy. The whole time he kept constant eye contact.
I was also loving it now. He held me down by my neck while my boobs jiggled with every thrust. I was in heaven.

“What is going on here?”
I heard a voice and covered my boobs and started to pull my legs down. The daddy guy didn’t stop. Just turned his head and laughed.
“Relax, it’s just my dad.”
A 60-65 yr old man was coming close to us with a smile on his face massaging his dick in his shorts. He too was not wearing any shirt.
“Join us, dad, she needs to sell a lot of cookies. It won’t be fair only for me to enjoy them.”
Grandy just dropped himself next to me and started to suck on my boobs.
“mmm.. those are some delicious boobs, my child… Let me guess… 15-16?”
I giggled- “14”
“My my, girls are really developing really fast these days”
He placed my hands on his dick while he continues to suck and grope my boobs. I was too enticed to object to any of this. So I was now jerking a 65 yr old dick.

It went on for a while. Then daddy guy lifted me and placed me on all fours on the couch. So now Grandy was fucking my throat and daddy guy was fucking my pussy. It was so intoxicating. The cold breeze was making my nipples hard and my pussy wet. I was never so naked in such a big house.
(Well I also never got fucked by two men before so..)
He fucked me for a good 15 mins, then they swapped places.
“Oh my god, you have a beautiful vagina, my child” Grandy said as he bent over and started to lick it like a thirsty dog.
Daddy guy shoved his dick inside my mouth and said “You should have seen it when she arrived. I was like a sword. A straight line without a gap.”
“I will enjoy what I have son” Grandy then spit on his dick and inserted his hard cock inside my pussy. He held my waist and just kept ramming my pussy.
I was feeling so good. Getting fucked by two old men, lusting and sharing me. I didn’t want it to stop. I was cuming so hard. My legs shivered with pleasure. This aroused Grandy more and he fell on my back and groped my boobs from behind. He kept fucking me as his body was completely in contact with mine. He jerked in rhythm until he did not. And there It was. I felt a warm liquid oozing in my pussy. Grandy kept holding me as he lay on my back.

I just looked in daddy guy’s eyes and smiled while still sucking his dick.
“You liked it didn’t you? Slut….Taking Granddad’s cum in your pussy?”
“Yes, daddy I loved it” Didn’t know from where “daddy” came out, but he was turned on.
He lifted me and placed me on the side of the couch. My one leg was on the ground, another was in the air. My belly was resting on the handrest of the couch. Grandy’s cum was still flowing out my pussy. But that didn’t detour daddy guy. He just spits on my vagina and inserted his dick in my cum filled pussy. It sounded different now. I was still enjoying it. I wanted one more of those orgasms.
He kept fucking me for some time until I came. Then he held my ponytail with both hands and started to ram my pussy. It was so hot. He made a grunting sound and vola! He too came inside my beautiful pussy.

He threw me on the couch.
“Well, that was a nice sell. I’m sure you will achieve your target very soon.” He said sitting next to me, lighting a cigarette.
“So dad, ready for diabetes? I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of cookie boxes this season” He continued.
“Bring it on” Grandy laughed, kissing my lips and slapping my boobs as he left with some boxes.

“Here’s your money for the cookies and here.. tip for your enthusiasm for sales.”

I smiled and took the money as I was getting dressed.
“I’m sure you can show yourself out” Daddy guy, leaned forward kissed my lips, and left. His Dick still hangout out.

I left the house with a huge smile and pride. Though I might have lot my virginity, I sure am winning the NASA trip.

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