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Wife’s past part7

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So Continuing story. Parts of which are true some. Things are added. But this went on for a few years. Can’t get every detail
And separate total fantasy from reality.
Over the next few weeks Mindy was becoming more child like. She became ver submissive to me. And to find out in future all men. She was being groomed by her dad. He had a hypnotic control over her it seems. She would love on me like a daughter and even call me daddy sometimes.
Billy made a comment to her once I over heard. He asked her why she was acting so weird all the time. She said like what. I don’t know he said your all nice all the time happy but nervous acting.
I think smart boy for a 8 year olds at time.
Mindy had become jumpy like she drinking too much coffee.
Watching her dad with her she seemed to enjoy the sex but was more worried about pleasing him.
Mindy I ask he one day . Why are you acting so worried all the time. It’s almost as if you are on drugs. She said I don’t do drugs.
She was so jittery because I figured out. Long story. She worried her mom would find out or her sisters. She scared her dad would want to stop. His cock had become like a drug to her. She was obsessed with him. She didn’t get bruised anymore she still had the swollen pussy after they fucked . She got to point she would hold his semen in her and slip on her panties . Her panties were always cum soaked time they went in wash. She always fucked him in basement and it smelled of sex and sweat. Christmas a few years ago Everyone was together at her parents house. I didn’t even notice until I saw her dad come back in they had slipped out to garage.
This summer her dad had a heart attack. So all the sex came to a end. He survived it. But took away his ability.
For the most part. Her being so horny now she wanted to fuck me every day. I told her I needed help. And so got her to
Go in Ashley Madison. God 100dreds of guys hitting on her.
Over the next year or more. I lost count. I watched as she fucked dozen’s of men.
She became a fuck doll. She had as many as 15 guys in one night. Never got any disease. Now she is 45 still firm body and that cute smile.
Her son was 23 now. I came home from work one day early.
I am walking up to house. He would of been 19 at the time.
I come in and house is empty until I hear voice Outback in hot tub. It was her and Billy I start to go out to join them and stopping in the darkness of door I see she gets up no top on and straddling over her son sits on him. He lets out a oh mom. And I watch her literally fuck the shit out of her son.
Billy was telling his mom to slow down. And she was going at him like a tiger she was.
I watch as he seemingly came in his mom and snuck out.
Idk how long it had been going on. But she had a new incest fuck toy.

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    Thanks for not keeping us waiting. Would still love to hear more about the times between part 6 And 7. Very Hot.

    • Burksdave96 @ yahoo. Com ID:7zv2u2cv9j

      Email me
      We can chat
      I love talking about it. Actually makes me feel better telling people getting this off my chest