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Wife’s past part 6

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It took me 30 minutes to get home. When I was turning on my road I see her dad pulled out of drive going the other way.
The school bus just dropped Billy off and he was walking up sidewalk. I pull in and he greeted me all excited about something that happened in school. I talked to him a minute and then sent him on to his room to do homework.
I don’t see Mindy so I go to basement. She is still on couch by washers. It was hot in their and I could smell sex in air. She had her shirt over her lap. I had to play dumb. Was your dad hear?
She shook her head yes tiredly and and looked up at me tears in her eyes. I sit down beside her and she hugged me and started crying.
Again she said I’m sorry. I can’t tell him no anymore.
Uncontrollably she sobs. Tears and snot running out of her nose. I said do you want to?
She stops and looks at me. NO she yelled out then starts crying again. I can’t help it she says. I feel so guilty for doing this to you, But I am scared you will want me to stop. Please don’t make me stop! I am holding her like a little girl crying her eyes out for no reason.she said and stops and looks at me.
No one can know! I am so embarrassed , he’s my dad. But I can’t stop wanting him to hurt me now. She showed me her bruised thighs. Some old ones mixed with new red marks and friction sores like rug burns around her lips from him jack hammering her.
She had a pool of cum leaky out of her she saw it crying some more and reached to wipe it up. I stoped her look at me I said.
No one will know or find out. It’s our secret.
She sssid he asked if you were suspicious?
What did you say? I told him you didn’t know and we rarely have sex. And?
He liked that I think. Her sweaty body and matted hair which I pulled off her face and back was almost too much. She stunk of sex and sweat and I kissed her. She just me back then said no. I am too dirty.
Do you want me to except you letting your dad abuse you?
She nodded yes. I said then except me wanting you more now than ever. I take her hand and put it In the pool of cum on couch. She scooped it up in her hands guided her hand to her swollen lips and pressed it against smearing it around she looks at me we both smile. I was glad to see her smile. I was beginning to think the emotional part was getting to her.
She held her hand between her legs and I stood undoing my pants I had to release my cock that is throbbing and getting sore like blue balls.
I get between her legs moving her hand yank her ass up and plunged into her. She whimpered and muffled her scream in my chest. I could feel her lips squeeze my cock milking it.
Amazing how it stays that tight.
She locks up quickly holding her face in my chest and started trembling. Which grew more intense till I unloaded with a grunt and she exhaled into my chest and her entire body went limp.
I get up see her panties on the floor and pull them
On her. She went to stop me. Said she needed a shower. I leaned down kissing her forehead and said not till I say you do. She smiled said oh yea? I said yea.
Let’s play another game. I tell you what to wear and when to wear it. No showers or combing hair until I say so.
So hear and I pulled my t shirt over her head. This will do.
All evening I could smell the sweet aroma of sweat and sex when she walked by. Her son said something about her messy hair. She said it was windy outside looking at me like let me go clean up. I could see alittle wet spot where two mens cum was leaking out onto her panties cause my shirt barely covered her.
That night she slept in thiose clothes and in the morning she begged me to be able to go shower. I said hold on. I lay her back on bed She looks up at me smiling.
I pulled he panties off. The smelled like sex and sweat. She had dries cum on her lips but the swell went down and she was just alittle pink and some bruises
I went to lay on top of her and she said no it’s too sore and I stink. Laughing.
I look at her and said roll over. We hadn’t for awhile but I pulled her up she knew what I wanted. I rubbed my cock on her wet pussy her whimpering and then pressed against her ass and start to slowly force my cock in it like I use to.
She said ram it in pushing back against me.
I thrust forward as hard as I could and her scream was muffled in her pillow. I said you okay. She said yes do it .
So imitating her dad. I start ramming her holster her hips and slapping my groin against her ass. My balls were slapping her pussy. It didn’t take long we were both coming.
Panting I said get a shower and I will see u after work.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    It must a great feeling, pushing your cock into her cum filled pussy . You should finish work early one day and catch them fucking , then join in for a 3sum

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    I-m real in to your story. Very hot!
    Looking forward to see where you go with it.