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Wife’s past part 4 & 5

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We both fell asleep it was Saturday morning nothing on schedule. We woke about 10 and get up . Her son was already
Eating a bowl a cereal. Her mom called. She wanted to come get Billy. ( her son) They wanted to come get him and go to Zoo. Hour later they stop in to get him. They come in for just a minute. I saw her dad looking at her and they both shared a silent smile. He wouldn’t look my way.
When they left she was smiling at me. I ask, does he know I know about it?
She said he’ll no. He would never think about it if we didn’t keep it between him and I.
I said good. I didn’t want things to get awkward. She went to kitchen and I noticed she was walking alittle stiff legged. I go in and said you okay your walking funny? She smiled and said what do you think? I am alittle sore now and my leg muscles feel like I been working out. I said you have been. She smacked my chest playfully. Are you sure you are okay with this? Looking at me with a child like expression. I said yes I think I really like sharing you with him. Especially as happy as it seems to make you.
She said
I wanted to so bad. I have not been with him since we been married. I didn’t want to cheat on you and. Well. Sex with dad is hard to hide from you she said with a embarrassing smile.
What did he say when you went over to him and tell him?
I didn’t tell him nothing. No one was home mom was at work.
And I just looked at him unbuttoning my shorts. We never said a word about why . He saw the need in my eyes and We just did it like was was supposed to be.
She said I can’t describe it.
So they got back about 6 pm. They can in Billy was all excited telling us about the animals. Her dad asked about her washer. He was supposed to fix it for her .
She said it’s working but has a small leak.
I think it has no leak. He said I will go look at it. Want to show me where it lbs leaking? They go to basement door and he leads Dhe looks back at me with a knowing look as she disappeared behind the door closing it. They were gone about 20 minutes. And he came back up. Her mom said where’s Mindy?
He said she putting a load in washer to test it out.
Well we got to get home anyway and they left. I go down and she is just sitting on couch. I said what’s wrong. She looks at me with a tired look and said I shouldn’t of done that
My legs are numb. I got all concerned and she laughed said no I am ok just my legs are gift out tired. I thought nyou were sore. Yes she said standing with a moan and hugging me.
Her pants was on couch arm I reach for them and hand them to her. She said throw them in laundry and takes her panties slipping them on. She pulled her shirt down it went below her panties. She said this is good enough I grab a shirt out of hamper and wipe her inner thighs where a glob of cum was running down.
I said I wish I could of watched. She laughed and said no way. I said why not? Because it’s too embarrassing and besides dad would not do it.
The weekend went pretty normal. I went to work on Monday morning. Her mom was off so she did not see her dad.
I got home I had been thinking about it all day I got my security cameras from garage and set it up in basement pointed at couch and hide it. The second was in
Our bedroom. If he came over I wanted to see one way or another.

Wife’s past part 5

So on Wednesday I get a ding on phone. I look at cameras and Mindy is in basement doing laundry. Disappointed I go back to work. A hour later I get alert again. Thinking it’s just her doing laundry I click on it and ther mindy was pulling her shorts off. Her dad sitting on couch . I look around shut my office door and lock it
All excited I’m was going to get to watch. She’s naked already and she pulled her dads pants off. His cock was huge.
She did not exaggerate. It was bigger round than my wrist..
And ropes off with a huge mushroom head.
She climbed on his lap. They were in full lip lock now.she always sitting on her knees his clock was behind her ass and went the full length to the curves of her lower back.
He was throbbing as they kissed I could see it pulsating.
He was hairy very hairy from chest legs and cock nothin shaved. In contrast to Mindy’s little petite frame he was a bear.
I could hear nothing but heavy breathing.she was sitting on his groin now his cock still going the length of her ass crack and up her back he picks her up and puts her body over the tip of his cock. Holding her bbt ankles her knees resting on his forearms. He lowered her watch as the tip of his cock held her weight for a second. Then a audible pop and a cry out oh
Slipped from her mouth and he slowly
Lowered her down his length. I could hear her sucking in air.
He went to raise her up again and she easy dad. I heard him whispered ok. She sat on him a minute he raised his hands up to her sides and she leaned in and he kissed her on the neck.
She started moving up and down slowly.
Has balls and base of his cock looked enormous compared to her little behind. She arched her hips forward. His cock had to be in her uterus. I was sitting in awl that she could take him in.
I am half his size and she is tight on me. She moving slow
With her hip arched forward. I could see her ass spread slightly by his cock and flexing slowly. She raised up and lowered herself again. And again picking up pace.
She is grunting now each time she lowered herself.
I heard her whisper into his ear. It sounded like she said it’s ok now it’s fitting.
He thrust his hips up as she came down letting out a whimper and he started rolling over taking her with him till he was on her her legs up around his waist. And he raised up pinning her wrist on each side of her head I see him withdraw slowly out of her and thrust back in she let out a painful whimper each time. I could see her lips as he pulled out his 8 or 9” length pulling stretching around his cock . Almost like it was glued to his shaft. She then told him harder. And he slammed into her and she start saying daddy oh daddy pound me.
It was getting loud and I herd Billy say mom are you okay. He sounded like he was at top of stairs. She said yes shut the door I will be up in a little bit.
Again he thrust into her I could hear her skin slap at their pelvis hit.. Mindy’s eyes was closed tight and then he pulled her up and he laid back her eyes shot open and she slammed down on him riding him full cowgirl. He has his hands on her hips helping her. Her eta were wide open every time she slammed down trying to be more quiet now. It almost looked like her eyes was rolled back I. Her head. Smack and if she say then harder daddy. Pound my pussy. That did it and he raised his hips and slammed her up and down his cock.
Her breathing was fast and panting like with a a breathless
Ih daddy every once in awhile. Then quiet . She was not breathing and he didn’t stop building you could see it looked like his cock had. Swelling even more and she broke first with a scream. Then gasping for breath. He came and cum shot out her thighs around his cock. And she was like a limp doll on him hold her breath again then she thrust her hips uncontrollably and let out a siren of air and ahh
. He pulled her up off him it popped like a cork and she let out a painful mixed with pleasure moan and cum coated his cock running out of her like dumpy Karo syrup from a bottle .
She lay over her dads big hairy body both were soaked with sweat. Her hair was soaked his chest hair was. She got up I look at time it was 4 time to go home.
I hurry home hopefully he’s gone and she still panting I want to slam my rod into her I was so horny. I had just watched the most intense sex scene of my entire life.

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  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Your a very lucky man, a good husband and an amazing writer. Look forward to the next part. Keep writing.

    • Dave ID:fzq5o50m3

      Thank you

  • Reply Tom ID:7zv2u2g49i

    Your wife sounds amazing. My wife’s pussy use to swell up and get all puffy after sex. It was so sexy. She would be embarrassed about it. And couldn’t wear a swim suit or yoga pants in public. Unless I talked her into it. Hehe