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Wife passed out

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So my wife and I went out for drinks. She got pretty loaded and I only had a few when we got home my son had friends over and they were playing video games.
My wife had on a short skirt and looked good for her 35 years.
So we no sooner got in house I helped her onto couch the bar called and said they had my wife’s purse. I tell the boys I will be back on a hour leave her passed out on couch. I pull out of drive and realize her purse is on car. I call the bar and say it is not hers. And turn around. I was gone maybe 5 minutes. I get out of car and walk up sidewalk and hear my son’s friend saying your mom is hot.
I go to window and peek in and her is sitting on couch beside her rubbing her leg my wife is out. My son is watching but also playing video game. His friend pulled her skirt up and was working his hand under her underwear. He rub her some and then he pulled her panties off. My son said what are you doing?
He said we got a hour let’s have some fun. He was unbuckling his pants and soon was on her thrusting into her.
My son paused the game and watched his friend fuck his mom and pull out and cum on her stomach.He said your turn.
He gets up and pulls his boxers down and fucks his own mom I am turned on at this point not even remotely mad. I would do the same in their shoes.
He fucked her pulled her legs up and soon was unloading into her. His friend said dude you should of pulled out. She will know someone cumed in her. He shrugged and said she won’t care. They put her panties back on and went back to there game and I waited and came in later.
It was like it didn’t happen.

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  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    All over too quick, need more

  • Reply Sammy ID:vuf1myhk

    My wife started to walk around the house naked after she dropped off the kids at school so when my neighbor was in his backyard one day he asked me if I wanted him to trim the trees in the back yard I said definitely after that he asked me if I wanted him to clean up the bushes around the house which I was great with when I got home early from work before lunch my wife was getting the neighbor some ice tea and when he came out of the bathroom he was naked and his package was huge I asked what was going on and he said that my wife said that she enjoyed seeing him naked when she came into the living room with the tea and her pussy just nice and wet I just wanted to get naked when I told her that she was ok with that and when I took down my underwear and let the neighbor see my cock she asked if I wanted him to lick it

    • Lust4u ID:2w2av29q499

      This sounds so hot. I’m a women and love to tease men.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1rou10zi

    Good job

  • Reply Lucien ID:3zxjfle2d9j

    Why is it that in this society we frown on the younger crowd exploring and enjoying their sexuality. My mother spread her legs for me when I was 11. That started me on a path that included women much older than I was culminating in penchant for girls who are discovering their sexuality just like I was at that age. Girls and women should never be denied their sexuality!

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  • Reply emmawatson ID:pwu4hglqri

    good job

    • Mark ID:bo2qeoyql

      Like to chat with a older man sweetie
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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I think I would’ve went inside and make sure the gang bang her all night long