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What Can Brown Do for You

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12 year old Preston gets a chance to fuck Millie

It began one fine day, as many things do, one peaceful, balmy, Atlanta morning. The sun shone in triumph on a small, Spartan, white, house with a front yard that was heavily spangled with lifeless, bare, earthen patches. It resembled nothing so much as a rapidly balding old man, and matters were not helped by the ancient, battered, sedan lying to the right of the walkway. Oil leaked from it like a dying animal’s blood. Worse still, no tires had graced that frame in an age. The scene was completed by a garage to the left of the walkway. It was covered in stains and scratches, but it proudly supported a raggedy basketball rim.

This was the illustrious home of young Preston Drake, a tow-headed twelve-year-old who thoroughly hated his name. Preston Drake sounded like some stuck up kid with a candy ass who skullfucked himself with a silver spoon in his limo every morning as some reanimated corpse of a driver shuttled him to private school. In fact, he was a short, pale, scrawny, nerd in Coke bottle glasses with lenses so thick his friends, the few that they were, insisted he could see into the future. And he went to public school, a ratty, underfunded, piece of shit building that was older than his grandmother.

Yes, all things considered, Preston led what is commonly known as a shitty life, but there were two things that made it better for him. The first was his bike. The boy absolutely loved it. Sure, it was used and scratched in a few places, but it featured a sleek, steel frame with cool looking red and black tires. Preston’s bike gave him freedom. He could easily get wherever he wanted to, whether that was the sprawling mall tucked in the middle of downtown, or the comic book store he loved to visit. At the moment, he was on his way to visit one of his friends, an outgoing black boy named Milton. There, he was hoping to discuss the other positive in his life and the boys’ favorite subject: Millie Bobby Brown.

Preston had always nurtured a slavish love of all things science fiction, fantasy, and horror. As a child, while other kids dashed through the playground, letting out whoops of joy, he and Milton would lie on the hardwood floor in his room, lay out their cards, and play hours of Magic: The Gathering . When the wizard duels got dull, Preston loved to watch Doctor Who and dream of his own grand adventures in space with fantastic creatures from other worlds. So when, at the age of seven, he discovered a Netflix show about Dungeons and Dragons and otherworldly monsters, he couldn’t help giving it a look.

It only took that one look for Preston to realize that Stranger Things wasn’t made for anyone his age. Generally speaking, he was a good kid and more responsible than most because he had to look after himself. His mom worked shifts at Walmart and 7 Eleven. Usually, he kept to her rules, but when his lusts got the better of him, he had justified sneaking some hardcore porn. In the same way, he allowed himself to watch the show, and that is where he first laid eyes on Millie.

It was lust at first sight, and more than once, he and Milton had dreamed of the scene where Eleven tried to strip in front of the boys. Those soft, fear-filled, hazel, eyes glued to the bulges in their pants as she slowly, almost teasingly, exposed her midriff. That scene had been the source of their earliest wet dreams, and as her flat chest grew small, shapely, tits, her spellbinding allure only grew. Preston pulled up to Milton’s house, eagerly parking his bike, and rushed through the open back door, down a flight of stairs, and into the den.

There was a hutch on the far wall of the carpeted room with a small, flat screen television in the center. It was surrounded by shelves of DVDs, all of which had clearly seen better days. Star Trek stood prominently among the titles, along with Star Wars and Mystery Science Theater 3000. There was a wooden coffee table a few feet in front of that. On top of it were several DVDs featuring Millie in various music videos and slideshows. Patting down his small, curly, Afro, Milton slipped one of these in the player as both boys yanked their pants down and sat on towels on the black, leather, couch.

“Ready for our hot little slut?” the black boy asked, tossing the remote to Preston.

“Hell yeah,” he replied with a husky grunt, licking his lips as she appeared on the screen.

With barely another word, both boys spat in their hands and jerked themselves deliciously. They leered at Millie like a couple of starving wolves, tearing her clothes off with their eyes and imagining her doing the most perverted things. In Preston’s mind, as waves of pleasure shot through him like electricity, she was crawling over to him on her hands and knees, moaning like a common whore and begging him to use her mouth like a fleshlight. For Milton, she was bent over, shaking her ass in his face, and giving him a good, close up, look at her snatch. The boys beat off furiously, pausing the video on their favorite scenes and ordering Millie to swallow their cum or ride their cocks.

“I’m gonna cum all over her one day!” Preston cried out as he came forcefully, moving his towel in the way just in time to save the carpet.

“God, I’d love to do that,” Milton groaned, cumming loudly as well.

“That was a good warm up,” Preston snickered, switching to a new DVD. “Now let’s really use the little whore.”

This one was full of photoshopped pictures of Millie in incredibly pornographic poses. The first one had her holding her legs at her sides, just under the knees, giving the boys an inviting look at her slutty hole. The next had her on her knees with a cock in her cunt as two more thick ones were slapping her face. As these pictures cycled across the screen, getting more and more graphic, the boys felt their meat stiffening in their hands.

“Damn,” Milton gasped, rolling the tip of his cock in his fingers. “Those six guys just glazed her tits in cum! Man, that’s what I wanna do to Millie. Ah, yeah, girl. Push those titties together so I can shoot my load all over them.”

“Hell yeah,” Preston groaned lewdly as his fingers grew slick with fresh precum. “But I wanna fuck her tits first. Boy, I bet they feel good on my dick. All soft and warm, going up and down as she breathes really fast. I bet she dreams about stuff like that. All the fans she has jerking to her. Shit! I wish we could have videos of her doing nasty stuff.”

“She’s not old enough yet,” Milton reminded Preston sagely.

He nodded, and for a few moments, nothing but the wet, sloppy, sounds of tight, young, fists sliding up and down cocks could be heard.

The next moment, there was a sound in the driveway that caused Milton to leap a foot in the air. It was the dull, insistent, roar of a small car engine stubbornly sputtering into the driveway. His mother was home, and far earlier than he had expected her.

“Shit!” he spat at once, racing to shut the player off. “I’m supposed to be grounded, Preston. If she finds you here, she’ll beat the shit out of me!”

“Don’t worry,” his friend said at once, stowing his dick. “I can get out of here through the back door. You’ve just gotta slow her down.”

“Roger!” Milton replied gratefully, giving Preston a hug and dashing to greet his mom.

The young boy stuffed the Millie DVDs in their hiding place under the couch and took off for the back door at top speed.

He was out of the door and on his bike in under three minutes, pedaling fiercely lest Milton’s mom should spot him. Friends don’t let friends get asswhuppins. It was a known and sacred principle. One Preston adhered to with a zealot’s fervor. He zipped around the house and into the main street, barely heeding where he went in the heat of his panic. All that mattered to him was getting away and saving his friend. It was that exact line of thinking that changed his shitty life forever.

At that very moment, just three blocks away, a car was careening down the street at a lively pace. It was a rather unusual car for the neighborhood, a Mercedes-Benz S Class. What a hundred thousand dollar car was doing in Preston’s neighborhood, few could say. But the pristine, white, sedan was not just remarkable on its own. In truth, its driver may have been far more interesting.

When one works long, grueling, hours on a Hollywood production, endures press availabilities, and battles paparazzi, some sort of escape from reality is usually warranted. This escape might be sex or alcohol or sports, but for one Millie Bobby Brown, it was, and always had been, driving. She’d always thought cars were cool, and when she’d turned fourteen, Millie had begged for lessons until her parents relented. A year later, much to their horror, she was jetting around in her own car, paid for by her various projects. She’d been enjoying the thrill and the freedom ever since. As she raced down the street now, it was the only thing on her mind. That is until she saw some kid on his bike cross her path. She cried out in primal terror then, slamming her foot on the brake with all her might.

Fortunately, Preston perceived the danger and brought himself to a halt just as the car came to rest. It gave his bike a mild bump, which knocked it and its passenger to the ground, but Preston was little worse for wear, with only a few minor scratches. However, Millie did not know this, and she leapt from the Benz wearing an expression elegant of horror.

“No! Oh, God! Please, no!” she wailed, racing toward Preston and scooping him up in her arms. “Please be alive! Please! I didn’t mean to…”

“I’m okay,” Preston replied, rubbing his knee, which was throbbing. “I got bumped a bit, but I’ll be fine.”

“Thank goodness,” Millie replied, looking like she might cry. “I would have never forgiven myself. I swear I barely saw…”

“You’re Millie Bobby Brown!” Preston gasped, lowering his glasses and rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“Shh,” Millie whispered, nodding. She was so glad the area was devoid of obvious witnesses. “If anyone finds out I’m here, there’ll be a riot.”

“I can’t believe it’s you,” Preston whispered enthusiastically. “My friend Milton and I love you.”

“Well, thank you,” Millie replied sincerely, her face flushing slightly. You never get tired of hearing you’ve affected people’s lives. “Shit! I bent the front of your bike. Come in the car, and I’ll give you some cash so you can replace it. I’m so sorry about all of this. It’s just been a really rough week.”

Minutes later, Preston was in the passenger seat of a car that was worth much more than his house. Nervously, he adjusted his glasses. Every pore of his skin radiated heat as he tried to convince himself he wasn’t dreaming. His fantasy lover, the girl he had been jerking off to only moments earlier, a world famous celebrity, was sitting right next to him. As Millie continued to apologize, he stared, transfixed, until she curled his hand around something that felt like thin cloth and plastic. It was a roll of cash bigger than any the boy had ever seen, and Millie’s driver’s license. Apparently this last had been given to him by accident.

“Oops,” Millie cried when she realized the error, plucking the license and returning it to her purse. “You probably saw it’s expired. Please don’t say anything to anyone. I don’t even want to think of what they’d write about me. Hopefully that’ll be enough for a new bike and whatever else you’d like.”

“It will be. Thank you very much,” Preston stammered nervously. Suddenly realization hit him like a bolt from the blue. “I…I…I’d like a kiss, too,” he added weakly.

“A kiss?” Millie started, her features registering momentary surprise. “I don’t think-” she started to say. Being asked for something like this was relatively rare for her because she was still just sixteen years old. “Well, alright,” she amended, remembering that Preston wouldn’t be asking for anything if she’d braked two seconds later.

Leaning over, she aimed for the boy’s cheek and planted a sweet kiss there. It was longer than Millie’s usual efforts toward strangers and dripping with more than her average output of affection. Streaks of sensation seared his face like wildfire, and Preston shivered all over, feeling his head become incredibly heavy and light at the same time. He was starstruck, and completely overcome with emotion, but somewhere in his mind, he heard the repeated refrain: this is your only chance!

“That was really nice,” the boy admitted softly. “But I meant a French kiss. The kind where you open your mouth, and use your tongue.”

“I’m sorry?” Millie replied, really shocked this time. “You want to snog? I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. You’re a good kid, but I don’t even know your name,” she said kindly enough. “On top of that, you’re way too young. It would almost be illegal.”

“Like speeding with an expired license?” Preston countered with a wry smile. “My name’s Preston by the way. Look, I’m never getting a chance like this again, so we’re snogging or you’re having a very bad day.”

“Are you blackmailing me?” Millie demanded to know, angrily slipping into her most English accent.

“Uh huh,” the twelve-year-old admitted, trying to sound confident. “Before you get mad, remember I almost died.”

“I know that,” Millie replied shakily, feeling the gravity of what had almost happened sting her heart. “Thank God you didn’t, and I’m really really sorry, but that doesn’t give you the right to do this to me!”

“That’s true,” Preston said, nodding slowly. “But you’re not going to do what I want unless I make you, and this whole thing is just too good to ignore, so kiss me or I make a fuss.”

“Fine!” Millie sighed exasperatedly. “Have your bloody kiss!”

And she leaned over the gearshift, cradled the boy’s head in her hand, and slid her tongue into his mouth.

Preston had never done anything like this before, but he’d needed to test how desperate Millie was. Now that her tongue was twirling around his, however, he gamely began sucking, relishing the warmth that spread across his face. Her lips were soft and supple, pressed against his. Despite all her protests, Millie was kissing him with ardor. As she broke the kiss, Preston reached out and cupped her right breast.

“No!” Millie screeched firmly, swatting away his hand. “We snogged just like you wanted, but that’s going too far!”

“Okay, Google,” Preston replied, pulling out his phone. “Contact information for tabloids near me.”

“Al-RIGHT!” Millie screamed, putting his hand back on her tit. “Let’s get this over with. What do I have to do to keep your mouth shut?”

“Open yours,” Preston chuckled, loving his own cleverness. “Pull out my cock, and suck me till I’m hard!”

“Good Lord,” Millie sighed, reaching down and fumbling with his zipper. “And I thought you liked me.”

“I do,” Preston replied as his cock sprang free.

It was semi-erect, about four inches long, and eagerly twitching at Millie. With another sigh, the world famous star bent over. Preston slipped his pants down as her mouth enclosed his dick, her tongue tentatively flicking across the head. She sucked him anemically, without the least enthusiasm.

“Suck my cock like you mean it!” the twelve-year-old demanded after a few moments. “I’m pretty sure you’ve done this before.”

Millie gave Preston a very ugly look, but she put in more effort. Her lips brushed up and down his shaft, drawing a contented sigh that Millie had to admit sounded adorable. The twelve-year-old stroked her hair as saliva ran down his pole, savoring the sensation of his cock swelling with blood. Preston groped Milie’s tit through her top as the suction increased, kneading the flesh like bread dough and tweaking her nipple. Despite herself, she mewled softly at the sensation. Millie hated the fact that her nipples were buzzing with sensations of pleasure that felt like static.

“Good girl,” Preston praised her. “Lick my balls at the same time. No. While you’re sucking. Stick out your tongue and go all the way down. Yeah! Now lick. Yes! Just like that!”

“Fuck!” Millie gasped, popping her head off and coughing loudly. “Do I have to keep going? My eyes are watering!”

“You’re doing great, Millie. Just a little bit more. A few more minutes and you’ll be done.”

“Al…alright,” she sighed resignedly as spit ran down her cheeks, cutting streaks through her makeup. “Just promise me you won’t shoot it in my mouth. Please!”

“I promise,” Preston replied sincerely.

Millie nodded morosely and went back to her task, telling herself this was her punishment for reckless driving. Her mascara was a mess, tears and spit cascaded down her face, and she had to fight her gag reflex tooth and nail. The actress’ eyes were bloodshot, while her throat began to ache, but it was only for a few more minutes. Millie was sure she could handle that. But then, without so much as the ghost of a warning, Preston decided to dial things up to eleven (no pun intended).

He seized Millie’s head and shoved it down with force, fucking her face like it was a girl’s pussy. He felt her gasp and cry out on his cock, relishing the delicious feelings those vibrations created. Millie struggled to get her head loose, but Preston would not be denied. Instead, he smiled as he sat behind expensive, tinted windows, and skullfucked a movie star for all she was worth. Each time his cockhead brushed the roof of her mouth, he shivered in pure pleasure, until at last, he felt the familiar pressure building in his balls.

True to his word, Preston pulled out at once, squeezing his spit-slick meat and smiling broadly. He grunted suddenly, and thick, white, spurs flew out of his pisshole, spangling Millie’s forehead and cheeks in fragrant cum. The actress gasped and squealed, struggling to suck in some air.

“Bastard…” she sputtered at last, fishing a handkerchief out of her purse. “God…okay, Preston, I did what you asked, We’re even now. Get out of my…huh? What’s this piece of paper?”

“My address,” Preston chuckled, getting dressed as Millie thoroughly wiped her face. Be there in an hour.”

“No!” Millie returned loudly. “I sucked you off. We snogged. You came in my face. I’m fucking done! You can’t keep doing this shit to me. Now get out of my car before I call the police.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll call them. There’s a girl around here speeding with an expired license. I wonder what your fans will say the next time you’re on late night and you have to explain-” Preston returned smugly.

“Goddamnit, I made one mistake!” Millie cried, looking desperate. “Are you planning to blackmail me over this shit forever?”

“Nope. I just wanna cum three more times, and you’re gonna help me. Then you can go. Three more times and you’re free,” Preston repeated, getting out of the vehicle.

A moment later, Millie was all alone.

“Fuck me, you gotta be kidding!” Milton shouted through the phone.

“Nope. You saw the money. I texted you the pic. Where else would I get that much?”

“Right when I’m grounded. Shit, life sucks sometimes.”

“Yeah,” Preston agreed reassuringly. “But don’t worry. I’m getting the whole thing on tape. I ran out and bought one of those nanny cam teddy bears. It’ll capture everything our little slut does in HD. And when your mom lets you out, I’ll set it up so you can fuck her.”

“When you said you wanted a video, I didn’t know you were gonna make it. I can’t wait to fuck Millie!”

“Neither can I. I’ll call you later, man. I’ve gotta be ready for her.”

Preston tucked away his glasses, thankful he could see well enough for this without them, had a quick shover, and put the bear on the mantle. He prayed to whatever gods may be that his mother wouldn’t be back for hours. He donned a tee shirt and sweatpants, both very easily removed, and perched on the battered, white, cloth living room sofa, fingering a big bottle of baby oil. Fifteen minutes after that, there was an insistent knock at the back door, the kind that practically shouted ‘let’s get this bullshit over with.’ Wearing a very sketchy smirk, Preston opened the door to reveal a young lady in a convincing exterminator uniform.

“Do you know how hard sneaking this shit out of wardrobe was?” Millie opened testily. She had a terminal case of resting bitch face. “What are you planning to do to me?” she asked, stepping inside and following her blackmailer to the living room.

“Make you get on your knees and get me hard for starters.” Preston answered her, slipping out of his sweatpants.

“Do it yourself,” Millie replied sharply. “This isn’t a porno, and I’m not your fluffer.”

“I said SUCK IT, BITCH!” Preston yelled, rushing over and knocking off her cap. He was filming this shit, so it had to be interesting. He backhanded Millie with all his might. “Put my cock in your mouth!”

The actress’ face registered a morbid sort of surprise. Her cheek was stinging horribly, and it bore a clear, red handprint. Her first instinct was to maul the little boy before her, but she realized she’d just be giving him more blackmail fodder. Reluctantly, she sank to her knees, once again taking Preston’s cock into her mouth. This time, in an effort to speed things up, she swirled her tongue around his cockhead.

“Hell yes,” the twelve-year-old moaned loudly, relishing the sensations her quick, bumpy tongue was giving him. “Faster, you little slut. I’ve wanted to feel this since you were my age! I bet you get so wet thinking of all the little boys who jerk off to your pictures every day!”

And as disgusted as she was, sloppily bobbing her head up and down on a rapidly stiffening fuckpole, Millie had to admit that thought did appeal to her. Attention was a drug that could be more addictive than cocaine, and Millie had been hooked for more than a decade. Her pussy twinged involuntarily as she pictured the innocent-looking boy in front of her jerking off to Eleven. But she buried those feelings at once. Preston would have shouted for joy if he knew about them, and she couldn’t let that happen if she ever wanted her nightmare to end.

It might have been Millie’s imagination, which unfortunately had failed to help her out of her present difficulty, but Preston’s meat felt like it was at least two inches bigger than before and the starlet began to have trouble taking it all in as easily. But as the other option was to shit on her career, and light that shit on fire, Millie made it happen, though she coughed and gasped a great deal. Preston felt her drool running down his balls, and when he ordered her to slurp those too, it felt truly awesome. Without being asked, the young actress started jerking his cock with her hand, squeezing his warm, rigid shaft as her tongue lashed his nuts.

“That’s enough,” Preston interjected once he could feel his erection pulsing with puerile pleasure. “Get up and strip for me. Nice and sexy. Make it look good, slut. Like one of those music videos you’re in.”

With a soft sigh, Millie rose to her feet and seductively shimmied her slender hips. The uniform had been taken in a hurry, and it was a little small, so it hugged her body like a glove, perfectly outlining the gentle curve of her ass. Millie swatted her said ass and ran her hands up her sides until each one cupped a petite tit. These she groped lasciviously, surprised to discover her nipples were hard.

What the fuck is happening to me ? She thought warily.

With that thought uppermost in her mind, she placed her hands behind her head, just stifling a moan when she saw Preston furiously jerking off. Then she pulled down the zipper of her overalls as she twerked her butt, letting the top half slide down to reveal her breasts. When the boy caught sight of them, his dick began leaking precum, and as Millie slithered out of the bottom half and shed her boots, Preston pounced. He bowled her over, bottle of baby oil in hand, and slathered her tits once they both hit the carpet.

“What the actual fuck?” Millie cried out once the surprise wore off. “Now we’re fucking playing football?”

“Shut up, bitch,” Preston replied snarkily. “Stop pretending you don’t like this shit. You’re dripping juices all over the carpet! Now I’m gonna sit on your belly and get my cock between your tits. Yeah, that’s a good girl,” he snickered as he got in position. “Hold’em together just like that. Let me fuck that world famous tit meat. Tell me you want those chesticles fucked hard!”

Millie opened her mouth to reply indignantly and Preston simply smacked it shut. The actress shut her eyes tight to hold back the angry tears.

“Fuck’em,” she hissed, feeling the twelve-year-old’s cock twitch against her skin. “I’m gonna push’em together, and I want you to fucking drill my tits. Don’t stop until they’re covered in cum. U…use…use this slut! Make me your cum dump!”

With those words of encouragement ringing in his ears, Preston pushed his cock in and out of the tender valley between Millie’s tits. The pillow-like flesh enveloped his cock in a curtain of warmth, sending rollicking waves of pleasure though it with each thrust. He felt the star’s belly rise and fall under his ass. Her breath was slow and even, while his came out in rapid bursts. Millie began to whimper as she rolled and pinched her nipples, and that just drove Preston wilder still. All his movements were warming the baby oil nicely, and spangling Millie’s radiant skin with precum.

As is the way of horny ass little boys, Preston began fucking even faster. The slipperiness of Millie’s tits, as his meat plowed through their flesh, gave the super sensitive tip of his cock electric pulses. It was absolutely the best thing he had ever felt in his short life, and in about three minutes, the boy’s nutsack began to tighten. At that moment, the strong smell of pussy began to waft up his nostrils. Giggling, he reached back and introduced two fingers to his victim’s sodden cunt.

It’s one thing to masturbate to get through a shitty situation. It is quite another for your blackmailer to fingerrape your cunt. The second she felt the fingers, a spasm of pleasure washed over her, so that she had to bite and kill a moan in her mouth. Millie did her best to hold still, and squeeze Preston out with her snatch muscles, but with every pump, he stretched her walls, churned her juices, and lit her pleasure centers on fire. She held out for three minutes, and then came the moan like floodwaters breaking through a dam.

“Oh, God! It feels so good! Spread your fingers and push them in deeper! Watching you jerk off made me wet as hell, and your dick feels amazing going in and out of my tits. Oh, fuck, I can’’t believe I’m saying this, but my cunt is aching for a good, hard, cum! Fuck me with your fingers as deep as you can, Preston. Ream my twat, and make me cream!”

“I knew you liked getting fucked like a street corner hooker!” Preston replied, jamming his fingers in faster. “Yeah! That greedy slit of yours is squeezing tight. Fuck! That’s it! Cum for me, Millie! Be my little whore!” he gasped hoarsely as he began to cum hard all over her tits.

Millie’s entire body spasmed with the whiplike force of her orgasm. She threw her head back, feeling her famous eyes roll. Every cell in her skin radiated heat like it had been in the sun, and Preston was heaved up and down as the girl tried to catch her breath. To her absolute horror, the twelve-year-old scooped his jizz up eagerly. When he had all of it, he dropped the load in her mouth and pitched her nose until she swallowed. Her jaw fell open once she was done hacking and coughing over the surprise, but Preston just giggled and stuffed his slit slime-covered fingers down her throat.

“Clean them, Millie!” he ordered.

The actress acted on instructions, not stopping until Preston’s fingers were spotless.

“Haven’t I done enough?” she asked him at last, struggling to sit upright. “You made me cum when I didn’t want to, and forced me to admit how good it felt. I’ve been used like a goddamn cumrag today. Look, I’ll let you film me for a while if you just let me go home.”

“I have been filming you, Millie. Everything we just did has been uploaded to the cloud. Everyone on Earth will see your sex tape soon. Unless you obey me, that is. I’ll tell the police you raped me and made me record it for your sick circle of child cock-craving friends.”


“Go get the shower running, Millie. Make it nice and warm. I’ll be there in a second so you can clean my fucking cock! Don’t worry. This kind of oil is edible. I bought it when I used the cash you gave me for the damn camera!” he laughed.

“You fucking bastard !” Millie roared. “I swear I’m going to make you pay for this shit! When I get through with you, you’ll be sorry you were ever born!”

“If you’re still here in twenty seconds, you won’t have a career,” he reminded her smugly. “And with the expired license, speeding, raping and almost killing a minor…”

“Fuck you,” Millie sighed impotently, dashing off at top speed.

“That’s the plan,” Preston shouted after her.

Well, lesser boys might have charged after their new celebrity whore, but Preston was no fool. He secured his hidden camera. Once he’d stowed it somewhere Millie would never look, he rushed over to the bathroom. Preston found his slut standing by his shower, testing the temperature with a bitter frown. The twelve-year-old said nothing, but he smiled and kissed Millie aggressively. She struggled against him at first, but Preston yanked her hair hard, twisting her left nipple at the same time. The actress fought back, of course, but Preston was surprisingly agile, and in the end, realizing she was the only one getting hurt, Millie surrendered. The pair made out for a few more minutes, and then our dear celebrity was ordered to her knees once they were both in the shower.

With warm water cascading over her in sheets, Millie ran her tongue around the tip of Preston’s oily cock.

“Yeah! Suck my cock girl. Clean it for me. Uh huh. More. Swallow more, Millie. I wanna bend you over and fuck you. You won’t freak out again will you?” he asked with a chuckle. “Good,” he continued when she shook her head no. “God, yes! That’s it, Millie. Balls deep like a good girl. Shit, it vibrates whenever you cough!”

Once he was hard as a rock again, and dripping precum profusely, Preston helped Millie to her feet. Grabbing a nearby washcloth, he wiped the stinging water out of her eyes and parted her hair so she could see.

“Now put your hands out in front of you. Lean against the back wall, and stick your ass out so I can fuck you.”

“Get this over with, you piece of shit!” Millie growled nastily, turning around and assuming the position.

She gasped out loud when Preston ran his finger along her snatch.

“Mill-leeee,” the boy snickered in soft, reproving tones. “You’re wetter than the damn shower. You like being a little fuckpuppet,” Preston continued, slapping her nubile ass hard. “Deep down,” he whispered in her ear. “Your clit throbs when little boys tell you what to do. You keep fussing and fighting, but really…,” he finished, letting his words hang in the air.

The next moment, Preston covered his hands in globs of body wash and started soaping up Millie’s tits, squeezing them seductively.

Now when a human is royally pissed off, she generally wants to stay that way. So it was with young Millie as Preston’s hands enclosed her breasts. She fought to keep that venom in her veins, but the very idea of what was happening imperiled that mission. In her heart of hearts, she had to admit her blackmailer was right. Being used like this by a kid who could be her little brother was humiliating in the extreme, but also deliciously depraved. The sting on her asscheeks had stiffened her clit at once. And now she was being roughly and eagerly groped. It made her moan to realize she had the power to drive someone so insane with lust.

Licking his lips with obscene hunger, Preston rolled and pinched Millie nipples as he kneaded her boobs. The flesh was pliant and slippery beneath the touch of his fingers, brimming with warmth and the vibration of his victim’s increasingly shameless moans. His precum-leaking dick grazed her asscheeks again and again, marking them with proof of his obvious lusts. Inside of five minutes, Millie was mewling and humping back against it, furiously pushing three fingers knuckle deep in her steaming snatch.

Every boy, no matter how clever, has his breaking point, especially if his life up to this point has been dogshit. And this was Preston’s: a world famous celebrity with soap-covered tits humping against his leaking cock and fingering herself. Unable to hold out any longer, he reached for her enticing, puffy, cunt, easing its owner’s fingers from the pink, pulsating, folds. Swelling with an incredible wave of anticipation, he carefully aimed his cock at the entrance, and pushed himself inside.

At once, Millie surprised herself and Preston by letting out a groan shockingly dripping with lascivious need. As the boy continued pinching and squeezing her soapy tits, he thrust into her with fervor, thrilling to the velvety warmth that enveloped him. Her twat muscles seemed to pull him in like a tractor beam, gripping his preteen fuckpole tighter than anything he’d ever felt before. Millie humped back with wild abandon, increasing the sticky suction. The pulses of pleasurable sensation were so incredibly strong Preston almost found them painful.

“God, you feel really big for your age,” Mille gasped as hot water beaded all over her skin.

Preston’s was far from the biggest cock she’d ever taken. Truth be told, he was just barely halfway in. But his meat felt impressive plunging into her hole.

“Pump it into me!” she begged, listening to the rushing water drown out their breathing. “Fuck! I need that cock! I admit it! I like to pretend, but I’m a dirty, fucking whore! Keep grabbing my tits like that! Squeeze’em hard! Push your nails in! Shit! You can’t tell anybody how slutty I am! Jesus, that cock feels so good pounding my hole like that! Fuck me, Preston! Make my ass bounce on that seventh-grade dick! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want to be a kiddy cock-fucking slut! Pinch my nipples nice and hard! Oh, God, show me who’s boss! Tell me my pussy’s making you feel good! Tell me what a good little cum dump I’m being!”

“You’re being the best little cum dump ever!” Preston answered her huskily, pumping into Millie with all his might.

He had gotten into a rhythm, and her juices were cascading down his balls and thighs faster than the water could wash them away. His chest was heaving wildly, while each breath sawed in and out of him. His favorite star’s nasty speech was driving him to realms of horny he hadn’t known existed.

“Your pussy feels amazing! It’s fucking jerking me off! That’s a good girl! Fuck yourself back on my cock! Grind on it, and make me cum deep inside that twat! Just like you dream of when you fingerfuck it at night! I’m gonna make you a celebrity fleshlight! Oh, fuck ,” he hissed savagely, leaning her back for a second and biting her nipple forcefully.

Millie howled in pain and pleasure, shouting for him to abuse the other one, too.

As the bathroom steamed up, Preston’s hands moved further down, stopping a moment to squeeze Millie’s hips before resting on her firm, round ass. The boy had never been so insanely turned on in his life. Millie looked so incredibly hot he could barely stand it. He moaned animalistically and kept up the assault, slathering the pulsing walls of the actress’ cunt in copious amounts of precum. Every moment, his ball sack tightened, churning the waves of cum inside. Preston was certain the dam wouldn’t hold much longer.

Millie couldn’t believe how excited being fucked had gotten her. She whimpered sexily, letting the water cascade over her sweaty frame. The girl pushed her warm, creamy, hole on Preston’s meat with wild abandon, just feeling swallowed up in volcanic desire. As the sploshing noises filled their ears, a wail tore past her lips with unrelenting force. Her words were so loud, they drowned out the droning shower, and once they were out, both of them shot past the point of no return.

“Goddamn! I feel so fucking horny with that child cock inside me,” Millie hollered, getting louder every second. “I’ve wanted to do shit like this forever! Is this bitch’s pussy milking the cum out of that dickmeat? Do you want to… fuck !” she breathed frantically, gasping with intense pleasure. “Do you want to creampie my celebrity pussy?” At those words, Preston smacked Millie’s ass hard, grabbed her hips, and drilled her so hard his cock was a blur. “Hell yeah! Fuck me hard ! Spank my ass and fill up my hole! Please cum in me, Preston! Fuck, I can hardly stand it! I need every fucking drop of that grade school boy milk inside me! Use your little slut, Preston! Cream my fucking hole!”

That moment, a pulse like an earthquake’s shockwave sailed through Preston, and his cum fired into Millie like a series of cannonballs. One after another, his spurts painted her walls in searing jizz, triggering a scream of ecstasy as the star’s pussy clamped down on him. Her cunt trembled and pulsed around his meat, while Millie shook so bad, she fell to her knees. Just in time from Preston’s sixth squirt, a shower of gurlcum soaked the bottom of the tub. For the next fre moments, driven by feral lust, the pair of them went into a frenzy.

Millie dislodged herself and rolled on her back, while Preston fell on her nipples like the hungriest baby that had ever lived. He took one in his mouth and started to suck like a maniac, swirling his tongue around the pebble-like nub. Millie grunted loudly, and her hand slipped between their bodies. It squeezed and jerked Preston’s still fully erect cock, making it feel insanely good. He seized her ass with both hands, grabbing her flesh in big handfuls. They stayed like that for two minutes, until the boy felt his balls start to tighten again.

The pair kissed each other fervently, and then Preston went wild, straddling Millie’s face, and drilling his meat deep into her mouth. The slut’s saliva ran down her clin, and her pussy grew molten as she clasped a bottle of shampoo that had fallen in the water beside her. It had a slender neck, and without the slightest thought, she shoved it into her needy cunt, roaring out her pleasure on the cock that was reaming her throat. With her free hand, the star molested her heaving tits, giving them little pats and pinches.

Despite the rapidly cooling water, sweat was shining all over both of them, especially Preston, who was fucking Millie’s mouth like a boy posessed. He was close to another violent cum, and I mean really fucking close. With the bottle pounding as deep as her cervix, Millie, who was coughing violently, wasn’t far behind. In another moment, with both the boy and his star pumping something really fast, the frenzy reached its zenith, and Millie screamed on Preston’s cock. Her whole body spasmed like a cracked whip as a second, thunderous orgasm claimed her body.

Her mouth basically milked the cum right out of Preston’s cock. He spurted over and over, filling her mouth while her eyes rolled back in her head.

“Swallow my cum!” he gasped loudly.

With a will, Millie acted on instructions, sending the boy’s fourth load of the day straight to her belly. She kept twitching for a few seconds longer, and the pair of them just bathed in the pleasure. Eventually, they washed themselves clean and toweled dry.

“That was amazing!” Millie gasped when her energy returned. “I should be strangling you but I’ve got to thank you for that!”

“I have to thank you, too,” Preston replied, smiling softly. “I’ve been dreaming about doing that to you for years.”

“Well, I’m glad your dream came true, and if I’m honest, I’m glad you blackmailed me into doing this, but I’m tired as shit now, and I want to go home,” she giggled softly, kissing his cheek. “So if you’ll just give me the tape-”

“You have to know that’s not happening,” Preston interjected. “I may be little, but I’m not stupid. I have to make sure you don’t get pissed and start thinking about revenge when you get home. And I might want to play with you again.”

“Look, kid. This was a ton of fun, but I worked hard as fuck building a career. And I am not going down because some motherfucker hacks your computer. Hand over the tape!”

“Millie? Right now you’ve got two options. One. You go home and enjoy your life until I need some more pussy. Two. Stay and fight me over the tape, only to see it land all over fucking TMZ. Make a choice!”

“Fine. You win. For now,” Millie grumbled.

Preston nodded and handed her a slip of paper with his number on it. As Millie left, the boy whooped for joy and called his best friend. Yes, the yard was still a disaster, his name still sucked, and he still lived in a house that was fucking embarrassing. But Preston Drake simply smiled to himself. His life wasn’t so shitty after all.

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