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Vikki, preteen neighbor

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Vikki is a cute kid, she is what fantasies are made of.

Vikki would ride her bike up and down the street all the time. I made the effort to say hello and give her a smile whenever she passed out place.
She was blonde and slim and had a very pretty face. Her smile was enough to get me worked up. I’d masturbated to thoughts of her many times over the years.
I was washing the car on the front lawn one sunny day when vikki rolled up on her bike and said “hi”.
We had a little chat and I asked her if she would like to help by holding the hose. She excitedly grabbed it and began hosing down the soapy car. We talked as we worked together, I splashed her with bubbly suds and she sprayed me with the hose.
Vikki’s white singlet top was becoming see thru and clung to her tiny body. I could see her little nipples and her navel. The outline of her little tummy and the top of her yellow shorts waistband.
She told me of her family troubles and how she always liked it that I waved to her when she went past. Turns out young vikki didn’t have much of a home life and both her parents were drunks and didn’t take the time to care for her and her little sister, short of dropping them at school each morning.
We finished up washing the car and I gave her $5 for her efforts. Vikki was very happy about being paid and asked if I had anymore jobs. I laughed and said “not right now”.
I collected the bucket and sponges and walked down the side of the house to the back shed, as I put things away I realized vikki had followed me into the back yard. Our yard is very private. Tall fences and trees block any view from the neighbors or the front of the house. Vikki began asking if she could help with more jobs for more money. I initially said “no, no, I’ve got nothing for you to do”
But a thought entered my head as I looked at her tiny frame in her see thru, skin tight wet top.
“How about a swim in the pool, you can help clean out some leaves if you like, for $5”
Vikki smiled a big beautiful smile and raced towards the pool.
She was about to jump in when I stopped her and said “take those clothes off and let them dry while you swim”
She paused for a few seconds and then just shrugged and dropped her shorts and panties in one move, then peeled off her wet singlet and put it out on the fence to dry.
I was stuck, focused on her naked body, I couldn’t move, I starred for what felt like an entire minute.
“U coming too?” She said.
“Ahhh yeah” I reply.
I strip nude and jump in the pool. I can feel my cock growing in the cool pool water. Vikki swims up to me and grabs at me, I take her in and we embrace, her bits bobbing around on my bits. She pushes off me and says “there’s no leaves, what do I do to get my $5?”
“Hop in that pool floatie” I say,
Vikki climbs into the ring shaped floatie, her legs hang over the front and her but slips into the water.
“I’ll give you $5 if you let me kiss you” I say.
“Yeah sure” says vikki
I lean in and give her a kiss on the lips. Just a few seconds.
She smiles and I smile.
“Can I do it again?” I ask,
“For another $5?” She replies.
“I’ll give you $20 if I can kiss you as much as I want” I say.
Vikki’s jaw drops and she says “$20, yes please!!”
I lean in and kiss her lips again, and a few more times. I then spin her round in the pool floatie and grab her legs. I tell her to scooch her but up onto the side of the ring and she does. I get my first look at her perfect little bald pussy. It’s wet and shiny and has the faintest blond hairs on it, like a peach.
I spread her legs, move my body between them and lean my head down and kiss her below her navel. Vikki squirms and giggles. I keep kissing and soon she settles down. I move my kisses lower and lower and eventually plant them on her pubic mound. She grabs my head and I can feel her little hands in my hair as I continue my kisses, I work my tounge into her pussy folds and hunt around for her juvenile clit. Vikki humps into my mouth and breaths heavily as I slide my tongue the length of her vagina. From hole to clit I continue with ever increasing intensity and pressure. Vikki responds with heavier humping into my face and a firm grip on my hair. Her taste is pure and young and clean, she humps hard and holds, then again, and on the third hump she lets out a shaky “ahhhhhhh”.
I ease back to gentle kisses and vikki relaxes her grip on my head.
She breathes with more control and has a little giggle and smiles at me. “What was that?” She asks,
“I don’t know, I just wanted to kiss you” I say.
“I like those kisses” says vikki with a little blush.
We had a swim for a few mins, I was very handsy whenever vikki swam over and hugged me.
I ran my hands over her but and felt her young pussy as she spun and twisted around weightless in my lap.
I sat up on the edge of the pool and vikki swam over and asked “why is your penis sticking up like that?”
“It’s because it’s ready to go in a girls vagina” I say.
“It what?” Says vikki
“That’s why they go hard like that” I say, “so they can go inside a girls vagina”
“Does it hurt” she asks with a curious look,
“No, it feels really good” I say,
“Can we put it in my vagina?” She asks,
“Your vagina is too small, it probably won’t fit” I say,
“Yes it will” she replies with a determined look in her eye, “I want to put it in my vagina”
“Ok, well climb out of the pool” I say.
Vikki climbs out of the water and stands next to me. From my seated position I lean in and go to lick her pussy again and she pulls back and says “no, I want the penis”
“I need to make your vagina a bit slippery” I explain.
She thinks for a seconds and then steps forward and presents her young bald mound to me. I give her a lick for a minute and she is back to her horny face humping, grasping my head and thrusting into my mouth.
I put my hands on her hips and peel her off and position her over my waist and say “now you sit down on me and see if my penis will fit”
Vikki squats down and my achingly hard cock, oozing a steady stream of cum, she wiggles around and mashes her mound against my shaft.
I reach my hand between us and hold my cock still and upright. I then place my other hand on vikki’s butt and help her position herself above my cock. I feel the warmth of her pussy as she contacts my cock, she jostles slightly then, with a smile of success, she slides down onto my cock. She eases herself down and I can feel my nob enter her warm young hole. It’s tight grip moves further down my cock and she looks into my eyes with a smile and concentration. “It’s going in” she says.
I use my hand to guide her back up a little, and then back down. She catches on instantly and begins her own rhythm, her mouth open, short breaths, and her hands now on my shoulders. She rides my cock with a passionate vigor, slowly working more of it into her.
Vikki’s cheeks glow red and her body begins to sweat, I’m holding back a load of cum that would drown a bag of cats with ever increasing effort. Vikki looks into my eyes and with her mouth open she drops herself down and holds and the vice like grip of her tiny pussy clinches my cock. I cum like I’ve never cum before, I see Vikki’s reaction in her face as she feels the load enter her. She lets out another shaky “aaahhhhhhh” and squirms her pussy around in my lap.
I lay back and vikki lays on my chest, my cock pops out of her and I can feel the cum run from her pussy onto my stomach.
We embrace for several mins.
I sit her up and we wash off in the pool.
“I better get your $20” I say as I walk off into the house.
As I turn to walk back out to the pool vikki is right there, with a sly look in her eye. She looks up at me and says “I want you to kiss my vagina again”
How could I say no.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would love a neighbor like Vikki , nice and young and ready to play with my 65 year old hard cock .

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    I love Vikki!

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Vikki needs to get bred

  • Reply 13YearOldSlut ID:1yqn6ot0i

    It’s stories like that that make me hopeful that there’s secretly a pedo near me and I’ll get to experience something like that once.
    I always fantasize about someone, likea teacher, finding some of my posts on here and blackmailing me with them….

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    • Daddy ID:2c3h3cerzk

      I’m sure there are

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      God I wish you were close to me I swear when my daughter’s friends come over and spend the night I fantasize about walking in to the living room after my daughter goes to her room and just giving them whatever they want to give me whatever I want. I remember one night one of her friends caught me smoking meth and I let her smoke it with me.. her little 11-year-old p**** was some of the best p**** I’ve ever come inside of. Every single time she spent the night after that I would get her High and we would f*** all night long.

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      Love to read your posts. I’m new here, how do I get to see them?

    • Lucien ID:fzq5qe3d3

      You need to pay attention to how men react around you. Watch their eyes …. do they follow you? Fixate on on? Do they make an effort to be around you? Once you have noticed their interest it’s time to start seducing them, Flash a smile, show more skin than usual, touch his arm or small of back …. if you notice a bulge, comment on what you see.

      I have long be fascinated by the sexual awakening of young girls. I have watched girls as young as 4 masturbate. The best oral sex was with a 9 yo! I currently, until they move away 23 weeks from now, play with 3 sisters. The middle one (10) is ravenous!

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  • Reply OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

    We need more of vikki

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    Love the story. I too could fantasize about Vikki.

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    • Gimmick ID:mzgdgc40

      Me too