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Caught dancing at a strip club by man from our church

I got pregnant young in high school my boyfriend and I decided we would get a apartment together and make it work. But after 6 months we split up he went into the army and I was working at a restaurant. Even with child support I was not making enough money. I got a roommate a girl from work this helped with rent but still not much money. So I got a idea from my roommate on weekends I could drive to another town about 60 miles away and strip no one would know me there. My family is very old fashion we go to church every Sunday and Wednesday I even teach Bible school to kids.
So now I am a stripper unreal 1st weekend very hard I drink alot to get up there and take off my clothes but men were giving me money lots of money a private dance $$$ and I was doing a bunch of them. Things were going good for about 6 months when a man from our church came into the club I didn’t see him but he recognized me. One of the girls tells me a guy asking for a private dance with me. Ok sure where is he she leads me over to him and my heart drops I know him. He says hi and calls me by my real name then ask how much for two songs. It is so surreal I tell him to sit on his hands and now I’m in his lap rubbing my boobs in his face. He told me at church I was always pretty and conservative but I look so much better without clothes. I just want to hide he ended up staying till the club closed I had to ask him to stop using my real name I didn’t want anyone to know who I was or anyone to find out what I was doing. He assured me he wouldn’t say anything that he didn’t want anyone to know he came to places like this either. That we had a secret that made us a bond together. So two weeks later he is back he is giving me alot of attention and money. When I go to church he always finding me. He tries to be funny asking me to sit on his lap or to go into a store room and strip for him. I just try to ignore him somehow he got my phone number and called me he ask me out on a date. Gross! I told him no I am to young for him and in my free time I like to spend it with my daughter and my family. He said he understood so I thought he would go away. But no he still came to the club but now he would say he might bring a couple guy from the church to see me they might not want you teaching theirs kids. Then he called me and ask me that sense I like to shake my tits for money have I ever sucked or fucked for money. I hung up on him he came to the club again said he was sorry he was just upset because I wouldn’t go out with him. Then he told me he was going to bring some men from church to watch me dance he even had pictures of me on his phone dancing. I panic I told him we could go out as friends but no one could know about my dancing and he had to delete the pictures.
So we go out to eat and do some bowling I bring my daughter so everything seems nice and goes well. When he takes me home he wants to come in make sure I’m safe and use the bathroom. I put my daughter to bed and he is on the couch. We talk for just a few minutes and I tell him I need to go to bed. He says OK and ask where my roommate is I tell him I’m not sure she be home soon I think. I tell him goodnight again I had a good time and maybe we can do it again. Now he says he wants a lap dance first before he goes. I tell him this is my home I’m not at work he pulls out money tells me one dance then he will go. I do it but of course he won’t sit on his hands he keeps putting his hands on me. Dance is over I tell him he has to go. He says he wants to make love to me. I tell him I don’t think of him like that I’m sorry so he tell me then to just fuck him. I tell him it’s time to leave he said ok he will leave but everyone going to know where you work and see you topless. He says I’m a tease acting all good but I’m not.
I do it I tell him come on let’s just get this over with he follows me into my room and starts getting undressed. I ask him to please not wake up my daughter I say I don’t have any condoms he said your not on birth control. I’m not I’m not seeing anyone right now so don’t need them. I get in bed with him I am glad he goes down on me right away hopefully it will make me feel more comfortable. Now he moving up he starts sucking on my boobs and I feel him rubbing his dick on myself. There is no resistance he got me very wet with his tongue he is inside me fucking me when we hear the front door open. It’s my roommate coming home. I whisper Please be quiet I don’t want her to know either. He talks very quietly saying the normal stuff guys say but then he tells me how good I feel and he is in love with me and he wants to make a baby with me. I tell him no I don’t feel the same way. And he is to old for me. He tells me he wants me to cum I tell him I will if he cums on my tits or in my mouth I shut my eyes and start having sex. I feel my orgasm starting I tell him go a little faster I’m going to cum. He goes hard and faster I do cum and while I am moving my hips I tell him I came. Then he grabs my hips pushing in me and before I can say no he starts cumming inside me. I tell him to get off me I need to go to the bathroom he layed on top of me till he goes soft then rolls off I get up and go out the door heading for the bathroom my roommate see me and smiles. She has no idea this is not what she thinks. In the bathroom I push his cum out clean up then go back to my room. As I go by my roommate she has her thumb up. 0 fuck when I get in my room I tell him not to leave until my roommate goes to bed I don’t want her to see him. He says no problem and wants to fuck again I just roll over on my back nothing I can do now.
Well he was successful I am now 4 months pregnant but funny things now he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Fucking asshole

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  • Reply T ID:7zv2zz3zrb

    Does it feel good knowing he got you pregnant

    • Elizabeth ID:7zv2ykgd9b

      Not really hard to explain

  • Reply sc: myers_716 ID:8zq6ys8l


  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I fucking love the story

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:fzq6k718i

    Hit me up if you need help. Wickr me bearclaw9657

    • kate ID:1ah770lfv9d

      I need your help please can you fuck me

    • B ID:5djb7woii

      So you want to get pregnant Kate?

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:fzq6k718i

    Lots are dicks. But don’t take it out on the child. It never had a choice. Good story. Finish it up. But goes to show you what’s hiding behind the church’s front doors

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    GOOD STORY, Part 2 please.

    Babies are always a blessing, no matter what.