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The Virgin Teen Next Door

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I met Greg when I bought my house. I just graduated college and landed a job as an RN and I decided to buy a house. I became good friends with the family next door.

My neighbors son Greg was taking the EMT class in high school at 16. I was an EMT while in college and offered to help him study if he was interested.

He was an introvert. Quiet and shy. I tried having a conversation with him and I got one word answers when I asked him questions about himself.

He was 6ft. tall. Fat but stocky. Handsome face. I thought he was cute. “You know we can talk right?”, I asked and he just said “yes”. “Oh boy! Got to break through that shell.” I thought.

“Ok lets see your people moving skills.”, I said. “Come help me stand. He bear hugged me and helped me to my feet. I purposely dug my tits into his chest. He helped me back to the sofa. “Good”, I said. I could tell he was a virgin.

We were studying together for about a month. I asked him, “Why can you talk for hours with your friends but with me you clam up?” He admitted, “I am kind of shy around beautiful women.”

“Aw see now that was sweet. See you say that to girls more often and you may get a girlfriend.”, I said.

He looked a little hurt. “I am sorry did I say something wrong?”, I asked. He said “No” but I could tell I did.

“What?”, I said. He wouldn’t tell me. I took my hand and squeezed his face until he answered. “I kinda like you ok!” I smiled. He thought I was not interested in him. “Aw do ya now?”, I said.

“Come on help me up again like last time. You got to know this if you are going to do this job.” He bear hugged me again and got me to my feet. I planted a kiss on him. “I..I…”, he said. I said, “shut up and open your mouth.” It was awkward at first but he got into it after a little bit.

“First kiss?”, I asked and he blushed. “Aw look at you. So cute.” I went in for seconds and got poked in the leg. I looked down at the huge bulge in his pants. “What is going on here?”. I sat back down and opened his pants. He was trembling. He was so nervous. I touched his hip and told him to relax. I pulled down his underwear to reveal a nice big cock.

I licked the tip and slowly went down on him. Slowly sucking softly as I went back up. I circled my tongue on the tip again and went back down. Over and over. The last time I came back sucking hard as I came back up.

He started trembling harder and his head went back and he cried out my name as he came. He held my head as his manhood exploded into my mouth. He was in total ectasy from his first blowjob.

“Damn….” He said out of breath. I laughed.

I went to the bathroom and washed my mouth out and went and sat with him on the couch. “You know I think you really focus on anatomy for the class. I can help you with that.”, I said. “Yeah maybe you should.” He laughed.

I teased him. “Wow did you actually speak a sentence to me? I should have blown you sooner.” He laughed and blushed. He was a bit more comfortable with me now.

He knew I liked football and asked if he could come over and watch the preseason game with me Saturday. I said, “You’re welcome to come over sure.”, I said.

I suggested to him that he go out for football. The way he was built he would do excellent at it. I also suggested he take a martial arts course or something to build his confidence.

His dad came to me a couple days later when I was outside. “What did you do to my Greg?”, he asked. I was nervous. I thought maybe he found out about the kiss and the blowjob.

“Funny I tell him to go out for football and I get nothing. You tell him and he wants to sign up for it. Now he wants to do a martial arts class too.”

I laughed and answered, “Oh does he? I think someone has a crush on me.”

His dad said, “Yeah he listens to you not me.”

I said, “well you are not a 22 yo girl he is trying hard to impress.” We laughed.

He came by for the game. I wanted him to make the first move. He didn’t. Lol. He sat silently with his hands in his lap. At halftime I asked, “Are you going to kiss me or what? How long do I have to sit here waiting?” I said jokingly but he got nervous.

“After the last time you are still nervous around me?!! Why? Show a little bravery and make a move!”, I exclaimed and laughed. “It is me. I like you. You are not going to offend me by touching me. I swear I am going to break that protective shell you live in if it is the last thing I ever do!”. Greg smiled and he leaned in and kissed me. “Thank you”, I said and laughed.

I shook my head, “Virgins!”, I said. “Oh yeah?” He said and pushed me down and started tickling me. I giggled and laughed. “See?”, I said, “That was fun! There you go!”

I lifted my shirt and showed him my tits. He stared at them and then cupped them and caressed them. He started licking and my nipples. It felt so good.

I unbuttoned the shorts I had on and slid them down. He was drooling in anticipation as I slid my underwear down and revealed my little red bush. “Don’t be shy!”, I said and laughed. He spread my lips apart and explored. I tried showing him a couple things.

“Take your tongue and lick..”, I said. He stopped me. “I looked it up on the internet. Let’s see how good I do.”, Greg said. “You seriously we looked up how to please a woman on the internet?”, I asked and laughed. He shushed me. He was getting more emboldened now. Which made me feel good. I was finally starting to break that shell.

He started licking my clit. He was doing it real slow. Then he was taking two fingers and circling my vagina. Then he slowly pushed them in and slowly pull them back out as he slowly licked my clit. It felt so good. Then he took my clit between his finger and thumb and started rubbing it as he was still going in and out with his fingers.

I started trembling as my orgasm was coming on. It hit me as I clamped my legs around his fingers. I yelled, “Don’t stop Greg don’t…” as it peaked. I came once and it hit me again as he kept going throwing me into a second orgasm. I had to pull his hands away. He came up and kissed me. His face smelled like pussy.

His dad told me earlier they were going to his aunt’s house this evening. We had to stop to his disappointment. “What you don’t think I’m disappointed too?”, I said. “There’s always tomorrow or whenever. I’ll be here waiting for you don’t worry. You’re going to get it eventually. I promise you. Go wash your face and hands so your dad doesn’t know I defiled you.”

We both laughed. I was starting to fall in love with him. He was so cute. I would have to break that shell a little more to find out if he felt the same way. Even though all the evidence he did feel that way was there before me, I wanted to hear it from him.

So his dad invited me over the next Sunday for the season opener of our NFL team. He put a pork brisket in his smoker. I brought the sides for us for our brunch. Greg and I sat at opposite sides of the couch. His dad laughed when he seen us. “It’s okay you two. You can sit together. I’m not stupid I know what’s going on.”, he said. Greg tried bullshitting him. “What nothing is going on. We’re just friends.”

His dad looked at him and laughed. “Do you really think I am blind? So is that why you go to her house almost every night? So is that why when she tells you to go out for football you do? Is that why when she tells you to take a martial arts class you do? Is that why you wait in anticipation for her to come home every night? I see you watching through the window waiting for her. Making sure she got home safe.”

My heart melted when I heard that. “Aw do you really? Wow!”, I said. He blushed. “He is so cute when he does that.”, I said.

“I really don’t mind Greg. I know she’s 6 years older than you but I seen the positive changes she has brought to you in just a short period of time. In time that 6 years won’t matter anyway.”, he said. Looking to me he said, “Annie all I ask is that you don’t defile my little boy.” And smiled.

Greg let out a “DAD!”. We both laughed. He tosseled his hair and we ate and watched the game. His dad let him drink with us.

We went back to my place. We both were a little buzzed. I asked him, “Do you really watch for me to come home every night?” He nodded. “Wow. Why do you worry about me?” I was trying to get him to say it. He was quiet. “I am not going to let you off easy on this!”, I said. “Tell me! Don’t make me hurt you.” I said jokingly. I never really would.

There were still pieces of that shell I had to break through. I started tickling him knowing he was ticklish all over. “Ok stop stop. You are great ok. I LUH..” not getting the whole thing out

“Excuse me?” I said. “What was that last part?”

” I said you were great” he said laughing. I started tickling him again. “Ok! Ok! Damn! Damn! Damn! I love you!”

“I love you too.” I said.

We kissed. We both kissed our mouths smelling like beer but that was okay. LOL. He was actually more spontaneous now. Going for second base. Lifting my shirt off and cupping and sucking on my breast. I helped him get undressed also. He lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. He was looking a lot better now. He got my pants off and started eating me out like last time. The way he did it was amazing. I loved how he works slow.

He was rubbing my vulva between his fingers playing with my folds and licking my clit. I became wetter and wetter as he slowly ran his tongue against it. He would run his tongue below my clit and then slowly come back up and touch it again flicking it a couple times and then going back down again. It was amazing to me. My body was just anticipating anxiously for the next time he came back up. This time he took his thumb and stuck it in my ass has he stuck his finger in my vagina. He started sucking my clit now. It wasn’t long before I reached my climax. I started trembling has my legs clamped around his head. As I slipped into ecstasy.

“Damn! You got to keep reading those internet articles on how to please women sexually. I’m sorry I mocked you when you first told me about this. Fucking amazing!”, I said.

“Whatcha wanna do next? Want to finally get that thing wet?”, I asked. He smiled at me. His nervousness was totally gone as he guided his dick inside my red bush. I breathed deeply as his head went in. Then he shoved his cock in me. “Uh ahhh”, I said as it went in. I made gasps everytime he pushed it back in. Rocking my hips with his motions. It was wonderful. I have been waiting for this moment as much as he had beena. I brought him down and kissed him. For his first time he didn’t last very long and came very quickly. I can feel his cock swelling up as he tilted his head back and said, “Annie I love you” as he came.

I could tell he was a little embarrassed that he came so quickly. I laughed and kissed him. I told him it was okay. We laid together and made out. I told him let’s do it again. This time he lasted a lot longer.

I never had a virgin before but it was a worthwhile experience. I figured if I built this guy up I should at least keep him. After all he was my creation. He went to college and got a job in information technology. We still live next door to his dad. So at least we have a great neighbor. We married after he got out of college and all is right with the world.

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Very nice story

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10zi

    Wow I really liked this story. Just a few mistakes but def did not take away from the story line. Yeah i love virgins to and they learn so quickly that it doesn’t take long before they are great fucks just like with the girls. Teaching young females was the highlight of my life and I still to this day love it so much. Sex and sexual awakenings is a natural human right and no fucking man or Government van take that away.
    Loved the story!

  • Reply TJ ID:7pqjf5w49c

    Very sweet, sexy, warming.