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The Twins 7: Quarantine and the Birthday Gift

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I was keeping my buddy up to date with my adventures with my two twin stepsisters and my girlfriend. “Dude you got to get me in there! Come on! Aren’t we friends?”, he said.

“No offense but I really don’t want to see you naked.” I laughed and said. ” I really don’t want to watch you bone my sister either and Jackie is mine.”, I said.

I said, “Emma is a little hesitant about going all the way with me. It sucks. Ever want something so bad but you just can’t have it?”

So my 16th birthday is coming up Wednesday and Emma and I got sick with covid. We both had a mild case. We were both going to be off a school for a week.

Erin was in a pissy mood because she couldn’t join in with us all week. “Can’t I just ditch school?”, Erin asked. “No you’re not ditching! I will smack your ass if you do.”, I said. She kissed me. “I might like that” she said, and grabbed my crotch.

“Come on cutie. I don’t want you getting sick.”, I said. At 14 she was turning into a beautiful woman. Both of them were.

Both of us had high fevers Sunday. They broke. Monday came and mom and dad went to work. I assured them I was better and I would take care of Emma.

Both of us were weak from the Covid. Emma and I still got right down to it. We went to her room and started making out. I reached up and I felt her beautiful breasts. She reached down I grabbed my cock inside my pants. My thumbs circled her nipples as she palmed my dick.

I told Emma I still wanted to pop her cherry. “Too late”, she said. Jackie, her lover and my girlfriend, got her with a strap on dildo.

I still begged her for it. She was sucking me off. She stopped, “You got Erin and Jackie. You nail both of them. Why do you need me?”, she asked. She started blowing me again. “Because I never had you.”, I said.

“Look we do all the other stuff. By the way, if you shut up and quit begging, I can give you a happy ending. Ya know?”, she said. I did.

She started in again and started blowing me. He tongue doing it’s magic on my head. Her soft hands massaging my shaft. She started jacking me hard as I came in her mouth. She went to the bathroom to spit and washed her mouth out.

“Can I just get some sleep?” She asked, “I feel like shit.” She fell asleep in my arms. I put my dick between her ass cheeks and later rubbed my dick against her pussy. She woke up mad. “Come on stop! I am trying to sleep.”

On my birthday I was in a melancholy state. I just felt like crap. Here I am sick. It is my 16th birthday and I’m stuck in quarantine. Mom and dad left for work.

“Why you so down Luke? Come on take off your pants and I’ll put a smile on your face. You know I can do it.”, she said. I was not interested right now. I just wanted to feel sorry for myself.

“You are going to want to do this. I got a birthday present for you. Something you have been wanting!”, she said. I asked, “What?”

“Are you dense? My pussy!”, She said. “You wanted to be my first so. I thought I would give you my pussy as a birthday gift.”

Excited I said, “No fucking way.” She smiled and nodded.

“I was hesitant at first because I know Erin loves doing it with you. I did not want to cause problems between us but I talked to her and she said it would be fine. She actually wanted to be here to watch.”, she said

She got undressed as did I. Laying before me was my little angel. Her body was gorgeous. Her beautiful angelic face, her lovely breasts, cute little shaved snatch.

“You don’t have to stand there drooling over me. Remember I said you can have it.”, she said. “I just can’t believe it. You are both so gorgeous now. I’m so lucky to have you both.”, I said.

I started kissing her. I went from head to her snatch. Kissing her passionately all over on the way down. Kissing those succulent lips. Making out with her as I work my way down her angelic body. Her skin was so soft.

I got to her neck and explored. Trying to find that sweet spot that gets her going. I did and I sucked on that area.

Her beautiful 14 year old breasts. I buried my head between them and then I sucked on them. I could tell she was loving this. I touched her crotch and started rubbing while I sucked on her breast.

Finally I got to her pussy. She was totally wet from what I just did. I spread the lips and licked and sucked her cute little clit. Her hips started rocking up and down as I did this.

I wanted to make it special for her. I wanted to make it as sensuous as possible. It was working.

I kept eating her out as I took my thumb and put it in her vagina and took my index finger and stuck it in her asshole. That was always my special move with the twins. They always love that.

Pretty soon she was rocking harder. Her orgasm was coming on. Her walls were closing around my finger as she came. She let out a passionate moan.

I was ready now. I grabbed my cock and aimed it up to her super wet hole. I stuck the head in and our eyes met. “Do it Lukey! I love you!”, she said. “I love you too Em'”

Her eyes went back as I stuck it in. I was being gentle at first. Her tunnel was so wet. My cock slid with ease inside her. I came down and made out with her while I made love to her.

“Come on. Do it hard! Do it like you do with Erin. Ram it. When I watch you with Jackie and Erin I know you love that. Do it please! I want this to be the best birthday gift ever for you.”, she said.

I put my finger on her lips. “Believe me Em’ you already have!”, I said.

I did it she asked. I started ramming my cock in and out of her. I didn’t last too much longer after that. As I came into my step sister. Finally fulfilling a dream I wanted for so long. I just collapsed on top of her. We laid together and held each other made out.

I went and took a shower. Thinking of how all this started. It started with this, my showering and the twins peeking in on me giggling. With me catching them and showing them what they wanted to see. It turned into something passionate and wonderful. Ah what a great ride this has been so far.

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  • Reply That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

    Luke have you fucked younger then them

  • Reply Luke ID:4o717tkqm

    I was actually going to end the series here but I got positive feedback so I decided to write more

  • Reply TJ ID:ffh2uw0v2

    I enjoy not only the sexual nature, but I also love the LOVE n devotion between siblings, and the 3rd party (Jackie) and it creates a great story!


  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    I love this series

    • Luke ID:7ylrenbqrd

      Thanks. I enjoy writing it too.