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The Twins

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Growing up my mom and dad divorced. I lived with my mom who got remarried when I was 8 to a widower. As the story beings I am now 10 years old and my twin step sisters were 8. I have the original master bedroom and bath as my Mom and stepdad took the add on Master and bath.

I was in the shower and came out. I heard giggles as walked out and dried off. I heard a gasp as I faced the door. I headed for my room and heard scrambling out of my room.

“Emma? Erin? You two better not be in my room!!!”, I yelled. “Were they watching me?” I thought?

It had a skeleton key lock on the door. It was an old farm house built in the late 1800’s. My mom and dad kept the locks the same for aesthetic value. “What the heck? Are they taking turns watching me?” I asked myself. I looked through the keyhole and saw you could see the whole thing.

Erin was in the shower and I tested it out. I got wood watching my little step sis spread her legs and dry her little cunt. “Cute I thought.”

It was summertime and it was hot. I decided to sleep naked like I do sometimes. Mom and Dad we’re going to have central air and a new furnance installed in the house but not for another week or so as they were trying for a loan.

It was still about 80° one night. I had trouble sleeping. I seen the door move. “SHHH. SHHH. is he asleep?” Emma asked? “I think so.” Erin said. “Lets go.” One of them said. They quietly tip toed to my bed. I was pretending to be asleep. Erin lifted the covers as Emma touched my dick. They switched “Go! Do it! You agreed to!” “SHHH” Erin said “Don’t wake him!” She turned her head and made a face and did the same. I guess she thought I was going to be gross. They left the room giggling. “These two would make great bumbling detectives” I thought. I laughed.

I made it harder and slept in my underwear the next night. Nothing. They stayed away. Next night nothing. Next night nothing. I decided to go back to sleeping in the buff. They came in. “What the hell are they watching me before bed?

The bumbling sleuths came in as noisy as possible. “Shhhh” Emma said, “you will wake him!” Erin lifted the covers. Emma reached in and I grabbed her ass. Even at 8 she had a nice little ass. She screamed. She peed herself and ran into the bathroom crying. Erin took off running for her room just missing mom and dad.

“What happened?” I asked my mom and step dad. “Ah she wet the bed.” Step dad said. “She is ok.” We will get her cleaned up. “I wouldn’t mind that job myself” I thought nastily.

The next day Mom and Dad went to the store. They left me in charge of Emma and Erin. I took them in the living room sat them together. We had the talk. “Why are you two sneaking into my room trying to touch my thing?”, I asked. “We just wanted to see one.”, they said. “oh and watching me in the shower isn’t good enough I guess?” Emma played dumb. “oh really you don’t watch me through the keyhole? I know it works because I watched the both of you.” “Really?” Erin said.

My room now lets settle this. I took my pants off. “Erin come here and touch it.”, I said. She did. “Come on Emma. Your turn.” It felt great as their hands lifted and touched my dick.

No more sneaking around okay you want to touch it just ask! They both nodded and ran away giggling. I watched their cute little butts as they ran and got wood.

My buddy let me borrow a porno movie. I watched the girls giving head and the guys eating pussy. I thought I would bring it up with the twins and see what they thought.

We watched it while mom and dad were out. “Are we supposed to do that stuff together? We are brother and sister.”, Erin said. “Only by marriage. We are not blood relatives. Besides who is the one sneaking in my room and touching me?”, I said. Emma asked, “does your thing shoot the stuff out and get big like that?” I laughed. “Yes.”

Erin said, “can we watch?”. I took my dick out and started jacking off in front of them. “See it is hard.”, I said. “Come on touch it.” They both did. They both grabbed my shaft and felt the firmness of it. Stand back a little. I started jacking off. As they watched. I started breathing heavy and tilted my head back as I came. They were in awe when my sperm flew out. “Whoa that was cool!” Emma said. Erin said, “Yeah really that was neat!”

Come on pants down. Both of you! I have shown you mine last couple times. It is my turn. I have them both lay in my bed. I tasted Emma’s cute little snatch. I can tell she was nervous about this. “Don’t be scared you two. It is me. I am not going to hurt you.” I spead her gorgeous little lips and tasted her clit. “Erin”, I said. “Rub there.” “Ew no I don’t want to touch my sisters pee pee!”, she said.

Here take my thing and put the tip in your mouth then. Lick it. “Ew I don’t want to do that either.”, Erin said. “Come on one or the other.” She picked me. She grabbed my dick and she started licking on the head. She actually started liking it. “Good girl!” I said.

Emma was enjoying it so much. “That feels so good” she said as I licked her. I shoved my thumb in her hole. Here eyes widened as it went in. “Uhh” she said. “Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Keep. Uh ah” I felt the trembling coming on as she put her knees to my face and came. She collapsed with a huge grin after her first orgasm.

“Emma please switch places with your sister.” She did. Emma’s turn as she takes control and she started licking my head. I could tell she was getting taking notes as she sucked my dick and jacked me off at the same time. Erin spread her legs and I parted her cute little lips.

I stuck my finger in her as she protested. “Do it like you did to Emma!” My thumb touched her clit and I rubbed her hard. Here head went back and her eyes went in back of her head. Being a dick of a brother I said. “Sorry Erin! What did you say?” Laughing at her. I could feel her cunt squeezing on my finger as it slid in and out. “Tell me hon I missed that.” Emma laughed watching her sister get mocked.

Emma for a first time blowjob was doing great. It was getting hard to concentrate on Erin. I slowed then stopped as I felt my volcano about to erupt. Erin protested again and then watched as I came in her sister’s mouth. “Uh uh uh ahhhhhh fuck.” I unloaded my nuts in her mouth. Emma took it all like a trooper.

Emma went to the sink and spit it out. “That was awesome” I thought. “Hey come on!” Erin said. Not fair. I started again on her as she fell back into her state of ecstasy. Emma said, “sorry we did not hear you Erin! What?” Mocking her little sister again. Her walls got tight around my finger and she got slicker inside her tiny tunnel as she slipped into orgasmic glee. “Oh wahhhhhh”, she let out as she came.

Erin lay there out of breath. I thought she went unconcious for a minute. She was fine. She got up and hugged me. Emma followed suit. Emma asked me to do it again. Erin said, “No me!!” Mom and dad pulled up in the suv.

“Aww sorry guys. We’ll do it again soon don’t worry!”, I said. “EMMA QUICK GO RINSE OUT THE SINK BEFORE MOM OR DAD SEES THAT!” She did and pretended to be washing her hands as Mom came in. “Good job Emma! Didn’t even have to be told. To wash your hands! Good girl!”

My step dad, Rich, asked how the girls were with me. “Any problems?” He said. “None what so ever! Perfect angels!” “Good”, he said. “Glad our step family is getting along so well.”, he said. “Yeah me too.” I said with a smirk on my face. “Me too.”

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