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The Twins 11: Emma’s Dilemmas

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Emma left her sister’s and went to her place. She was trying unsuccessfully to get a nap in before her 12 hr overnight shift. She was feeling a little depressed and feeling a little jealous of her sister Erin. Not that she would try to sabotage her relationship with Luke. That would be disastrous for everyone involved.

She was jealous because Erin had someone who deeply cared for her and she felt the same way about him. “This sucks”, she thought. Thinking about her situation. She was so lonely. She started spending less and less time with them to give them more alone time since the engagement.

Erin would always invite her to do things with them. Sometimes she would go but she was getting tired of being the third wheel. Erin would still have her over once in a while for some one on one sex or a three-some with Luke.

Erin was starting to feel bad for her. She could tell Emma was down and asked Luke to help.

Erin said, “Come on Luke she is your step sister. Help her out.”

Luke said, “How exactly? I mean she had the best what else is left?” He laughed. He was not an egotistical man but he liked to joke with Erin like he was.

Erin laughed, “Get over yourself! Come on be serious. What about your golfer buddy? The podiatrist. The guy we met hiking.”

Luke laughed, “He is a proctologist! Asses not feet.”

Erin said, “Just ask him to talk to her at work and take her to lunch or something.”

“How? He has his own practice and she is an ER nurse.”, Luke said, “What is her problem anyway? She looks like you. Beautiful and totally hot. She should have tons of guys chasing her.”

Erin smiled, “You are so sweet!” His comments melted Erin’s heart. He always liked to flatter her. She grabbed him and kissed him. She reached up his shirt and felt his hairy chest as she made out with him. Luke’s hand went under her t-shirt and went for second base and started caressing her breasts squeezing them gently in his hand and caressing her nipples with his thumb.

Erin moaned as she unbuttoned his pants and grabbed his manhood. “Why don’t you play proctologist? You can probe my ass if you want.”, she said. Knowing she would likely get her way if she let him. She sucked his dick until he was hard.

Erin grabbed the lube and spread it on his dick. She got on all fours. Luke toyed with her sticking her head in her vagina.

“WRONG HOLE!” She said. He laughed and then she grunted loudly as he stuck it in her ass. “Will you pound it hard? Like you did Emma last time.”, she asked.

“Ok you going to walk funny like she did after?”, he asked. They both laughed. He started ramming her asshole hard. Erin looked as if she was in another world as his big cock was ramming her intestines. “Fucking hell!”, she said, “uhhh fuck” dropping F-bombs left and right.

He looked down, “Man that ass was a work of art. Her whole fucking body is! And I was lucky enough to get another exact copy!”, he thought referring to both twins.

Her ass was tight on his dick as he pounded her. She felt so good. She always did. His cock swelled and he unloaded his semen into her intestines. He pulled out. “Uh fuck!” She said. He laughed. She collapsed. “Uh…ew”, she said.

“You wanted it. Remember that.” Luke said laughing “I ain’t complaining!”, she said and laughed.

“Gosh! My freaking insides feel rearranged.”,she said. Luke laughed. They laid together.

“You really want her to meet Dr Paul? You know he’s crazy right?”, Luke asked.

“He is not. He is just a little different. If he is so crazy why do you hang around with him?” Erin asked.

“He is about the funniest dude I know!”, Luke said. “We have a great time together.”

“And so will Em’ trust me. Let’s have them over for a barbecue. You can smoke your famous ribs in the smoker and I can do the sides. I know she has Saturday and Sunday off and so do I.”, Erin said.

“Em’ won’t care about the age difference right? You know he is about 10 years older than you two.”, Luke said.

“She will be ok with it.”, Erin said.

Emma actually declined at first. Luke called her and talked her into it promising a weekend of hot sex. She accepted after that.

Saturday came and Luke put two racks of ribs into the smoker. It takes 5 hours to make. Low and slow is the motto. Cook them at 250 for 2 hours. Take them out and then wrap them in aluminum foil and put them back in for another 2 hours. After unwrap and take the barbecue sauce and spread it all over and put it in for another hour. The meat was falling of the bone when he was done.

Paul knew what was going on. He knew he was there to meet Emma. “Fucking A” he thought when he first saw her. “Damn she is hot. Wonder if I even have a chance with a girl like that?” Even though he was a rich doctor.

He really put on the charm and did everything possible to make everyone laugh. He was quite the clown actually. Luke thought that it was probably because he was so serious at his job that this was his way of unwinding.

Emma and Paul hit it off immediately. She thought he was amazing. His jokes about his job and some of the stories he told we’re hilarious.

Emma followed Paul to his car. Paul asked Emma for her phone number. He gave her his instead and she texted him. Paul whispered something into Emma’s ear before he left. She giggled. He hopped into his Porsche and left.

Emma’s face was actually glowing now. You can see the difference from when she came to the barbecue and now.

Luke said, “Look at her now babe. Think we did something right?”

Erin asked if she got his phone number. “No”, she said. “I gave him the number to the pizza place down from my house.”

Erin was furious. “You did what? You walk around depressed all the time and we were nice enough to arrange this. We wanted you to meet him because we thought you two would hit it off and you go and do something like that! Are you dense? He is a nice guy. You could at least given him a chance or have been at least nice enough to tell the man you weren’t interested!”

Luke tried to hide his laughter turning his head away knowing this was a Paul joke.

Erin turned on him now. “You think this is funny? He’s your friend! How do you think he’s going to feel when he calls a pizza place looking for Emma?”

Luke doubled over laughing as did Emma. “You are so gullible, Sis! Paul told me to tell you that. He also said thank you for the dinner by the way. Just relax! I got his number right here. Come here.” She said and held Erin’s angry steaming head with both hands. “Now I was promised a weekend of hot sex. Are you two going to deliver or was this just a ruse to get me to meet the good doctor?”, she said.

“A little bit of both.”, Luke said.

“Well then!”, she said as she laid into Erin with a huge kiss. She made out with Erin as both girls reached for second base caressing each others breasts and nipples. Luke tried joining in and was shooed by both girls. “Wait in the batter’s box and get your big bat ready!”, Erin said.

“He is my friend!” Luke whined as he watched this hot scene unfold and wanted to be a part of it.

Erin whispered into Emma’s ear. “Giggle it will drive him nuts!” They both did and it did. “Come on!”,he yelled. They both laughed. Emma said, “You will get your turn. Just relax and let me thank my sister please. You’re behaving like a child. Come on!” He sat down and started playing with himself watching his two hot ladies make out.

Erin undressed her sister and Emma returned the favor. All four nipples totally hardened now as they met the cooler air. Erin went down on Emma’s breasts and got in between them and rubbed bith sides on her face. She then sucked on them. Getting Emma turned on even more.

Emma got to her knees and grabbed Erin’s lovely ass as she buried her face between her legs licking her vulva. Erin said lets go on the couch. Both girls were in a 69 position and started playing with each other, rubbing and licking each other’s pussies.

They both heard a loud moan and looked over as Luke ejaculated from playing with himself. Emma said, “Cannot take him anywhere. Geez.” Both girls laughed and resumed pleasuring each other.

“Ok Luke you got enough for another round or you want to relax a bit?”, Luke quickly jumped up and joined in. He went to Erin on bottom for her to suck him. “Uh uh. Nope her pussy now. We need to properly congratulate her on her new boyfriend.” Luke loved it when he was given the privilege of fucking Emma.

He jacked himself hard again and put his mushroom head into her cunt. Emma let out a moan. He started ramming her pussy as hard as he could. Emma just loved it as she lifted her head off her sisters cunt barely able to concentrate. Erin helped out by rubbing her clit as Luke’s dick rammed into her just above.

They came together as Emma collapsed onto her sister in a seizure like state. Luke tried following her down but his cock came out and he came all over her ass and the back of his legs.

“Holy shit! That was amazing Luke!”, she kissed him before she walked to the bathroom to clean up.

“Did you hear her Erin? That was amazing. THAT WAS AMAZING! See I am the best.”, Luke playfully said. She put her hand on his cheek and slapped him playfully.

“Mr. Ego are you going to stand there gloating or are you going to fuck me as well?” Erin asked.

Come on bedroom now. Erin laid down. Her beautiful body before him. Luke admired how beautiful she was. How much he loved her.

“Geez take a fucking picture! Put your eyes back in your head and get to work. Come on!”, she demanded.

He laughed. “I was just admiring your gorgeous body! Excuse me.”

“Won’t be beautiful when these legs close. 10…9…” she said giving him a countdown to get inside her.

“An artist should not be rushed”, he said.

“Come on Picasso lets go.”, she said.

He put a pillow underneath her waist to elevate her slightly. She said, “Finally” as his dick slowly went in. He was being gentle with her. She grabbed his head and kissed him. “Hard please. Like Em’ got.” she said but he shook his head. He reached down between her beautiful lips and started rubbing her clit as he slowly went in and out of her.

Emma came back and started kissing her sister and playing with her tits as Luke slowly did her. She was definitely into it now. As her body slowly moved in motion with Luke. Her ass raising and lowering with every thrust.

Suddenly out of nowhere Luke just starts pounding her as hard as he could. She went into convulsions and she couldn’t hold out anymore and let go. She just laid there as she recovered from an amazing orgasm. “Ok maybe you are the best?” She said laughing.

They laid together. Erin on Luke toying and teasing his chin with her finger. Emma was playing with Erin’s tits.

“You are going to call him right?”, Erin said.

“Oh hell no. I am going to answer Emma’s Pizza if he calls me!” She said playfully. Erin grabbed a spare pillow and beat her sister with it as they wrestled and giggled with each other on the bed. Luke just laid back relaxing thinking how lucky he is to have these two beautiful angels in his life.

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    No worries, Picasso!

    Still a great story.

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    Oops. “Luke toyed with her sticking her head in her vagina.” Think that is a little impossible. Lol Missed that one.