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The Teacher

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Carol was 8th grade school teacher in the early 1980’s. One year this 13 yo boy Luke was always a problem for her. Would never listen and was always being sent to the principal.

He was misbehaving and talking in class one time and Carol held him over to talk to him. She was wearing a button up blouse and he was staring at her breasts as she bitched at him about his behavior.

She thought, “Why not? It may be a way to get through to him.”

“So you like my tits? Huh. You want to see them?”, I asked.

Luke had an instant rise in his thighs. As he just stared in shock.

Carol laughed “I guess so! Might want to close the blinds.” He ran over and did it really fast. She covered the window on the door and locked it. She sat down and undid her blouse and her bra. Her beautiful breasts were before young Luke who’s rod was rock hard.

“Come on. Let me see.” She said pointing to his crotch. He took it out. She grabbed his member and started giving him a handjob. She told him to suck on her nipples. It took about 3 minutes and young Luke was moaning as he had an orgasm.

Come here. “Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

Luke didn’t answer.

Carol laughed, “That is what I thought. Come on. What kind of teacher would I be if I did not show you this stuff? Kiss me. Go ahead.” He gave her a peck on the lips. She laughed. “Come on that is not how you do it!” Put our lips together and open your mouth. He did as she said. “Now we rub our tongues together.” and they did. She made out with him for like two minutes.

You live on the next block from me. She gave him her address and told him to come by this afternoon. “Can you do it?” He nodded nervously. She laughed at him. “Relax ok. I can trust you to keep your mouth shut about what happened here?” He nodded. “Do you speak at all?”, she asked.

He said, “Yes” She laughed and kissed his forehead. After 5 sometime ok. “One time deal. Ok? You don’t show we never do this again. Understand?” He nodded nervously. She laughed. “God you see a pair of tits and you go mute. You come to my place tonight and you’ll see a lot more. I’m afraid what it is going to do to you though. You might go blind or something.”

She laughed and messed his hair. Come on get dressed. We got to get out of here. “Tell no one understand? Not even your friends. I know you boys like to talk about this stuff but I’m not losing my job and getting in deep trouble over this.”, she said. Luke nodded. “Luke talk to me!”, she said. He answered “Yes. Yes I won’t” nervously.

Luke told his mom that he was going to his buddy’s house. He got on his bike and rode it to Carol’s house. Carol had him put his bike in the fenced in backyard. She invited him in her house.

“Want a drink? Soda or something?”, she asked. He nodded. “You can talk to me you know.”, she said. “For someone who causes me so much trouble and agony you’re awfully quiet now. Why?”

He just kept quiet. “Boy oh boy what is wrong with you? You are not with your mischievous friends you are dead silent. Do you like me? Do you like my body? Is that why you’re so quiet?”, she asked. She grabbed his head, “Luke answer me!” She said.

“Yes. I like you”, Luke said. “Yes I like your uh..um.”

Carol busted out laughing. “Your parents ever let you try alcohol?”

He said, “I drank some wine one time.”

“Here this is a rum and coke. Try it and see if you like it ok?”, he drank some. The taste of the rum and coke was music to his taste buds.

“What is wrong? Why are you so quiet with me? Do you want to do this? Are you nervous about doing this?”, she asked.

“Are you going to get me in trouble somehow? I really have not been your best student. Why are you doing this?”, he asked.

“Because I needed some way to get through to you. I saw you staring at my body. I thought this might be a way for you to open up to me and stop being so much trouble. If you’re so worried why are you here? You obviously wanted to see more. Besides that you are kinda cute.” She said.

“Drink your coke. Sit on the couch relax ok? We will have a fun time don’t worry.”

“Ok pop quiz time. Let’s see how much you remember from what I taught you before.”, she said. “Kiss me.” He set his drink down and started making out with Carol. She undid his pants and underwear. He eagerly took them off.

“Come on. Don’t be shy. You can touch me.”, Carol said.

Luke said, “But you are dressed!” She moved back from him and flicked him in the head with her index finger.

“TAKE IT OFF!”, She said and shook her head. She started making out with him again.

He started nervously undoing her blouse fumbling with the buttons. She laughed. “Virgins!” She thought and shook her head.

“Kid come here.”, she got up and went the kitchen. She gave him a shot of “151” rum. “Down it like a man. One gulp.” He did. He clenched his facial muscles and shook his head as the “151” rum went down. Carol laughed. “Now calm down ok.”, She said.

“Come on. Sit!”, she said. He did. She undid her blouse for him and took off her bra. Luke was nearly drooling as she started taking off her pants. She was standing before him in her underwear. He was already hard as a rock.

She mocked him. “Easy kid you have not even see the whole package yet. Gee you get any harder and that thing will explode!”

She took off her underwear and showed him her trimmed bush. She can see the eagerness in his eyes. “Do you want to touch it?”, she asked.

He nodded. “Oh here we go again! Silence.” She laughed. “Come on. Bedroom.”

Luke just stood there in awe as she layed there. His first real pussy. No magazine clips, no movies, nothing. The real thing. He was nervous again. Even the “151” rum really did not help.

Carol was more understanding now. “Come on Lukey.. I’ll show you what to do ok. Don’t worry.”

She let him feel her vulva and finger her. “See the dot thingy there? That is my clitoris. It feels good when you rub it and lick it and suck on it. Go ahead try it.”

He started rubbing her clit and she moaned. He stopped. “Come on what are you stopping for?”, she asked. “It feels good like I said”. He continued. “Come on lick it and suck on it”, she said, “Please!”

Luke did. He was a little sloppy at it at first. He learned to watch her reaction to what he was doing. Then he learned the best way of doing it from that. She was shaking. “Don’t stop Luke. Don’t stop.” Luke kept going sucking on her clit as she came. Her legs clamped around his head like a vice. He kept going though, sucking on her knowing she was loving what he was doing. She pushed his head away to get him to stop.

“Come here Luke.” She kissed him passionately as they laid together. “Good job Kid!”

Luke went for her tits feeling them and rubbing her nipples. “Wow”, she said, “Someone is getting braver and a little more spontaneous. Good to see.”

She told him to lay back. She took his cock and sucked him off. She started off playing with his penis head and then deep throating him. His facial gestures were priceless she thought as he was in ecstasy with what she was doing. She thought he was so cute.

“Uh uh son of a bitch! Shit! As he came into her mouth.” She laughed. He was out of breath. He apologized for cussing. Still seeing her as teacher and not as lover.

She laughed put her finger to his nose and said. “We are not in class!”, she kissed him.

“You going to behave now? Hmmm?”, she asked.

He nodded. “Really?!! Still? The cat still has your tongue?”, she exclaimed.

“Yes”, he said. She laughed and gave him a big kiss.

“Tomorrow? YOU NOD AND I WILL SMACK YOU!”, she said.

Luke laughed, “Tomorrow” he smiled and said.

Luke left her house and went back home. His mom noticed something different about him. A glow that was never there before.

“What happened to you? Did you meet a girl?”, she asked. Luke blushed. He was worried that they might notice he had been drinking. Carol let him brush his teeth and use mouthwash to hide the odor.

“Uh oh Dad! Lukey met a girl. He won’t admit it but his face is all red!!”, she said to his father. She laughed and hugged him. “It is all right son.” She said and kissed him. Luke went to bed. He was unable to sleep anxiously thinking of what pleasures tomorrow may hold.

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