The Teacher 2: Becoming a Man

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Luke went to school the next morning. Carol’s class was last hour and he was so looking forward to seeing her again.

But alas she was rather cold to him. Treating him again like the bad boy. He was hurt. She could see the hurt on his face and flashed him a quick smile. Telling him it was all an act.

He felt like a spy. A James Bond. All these people around him and only he and his companion had secrets that none of them knew.

She wrote a 6 on the chalk board. It was a secret message for Luke. Luke smiled again feeling like a spy getting secret codes and messages. “Bond Luke Bond”, Luke thought. He wondered if Carol would give him a martini shaken not stirred and laughed to himself. She erased it once she knew he got it.

“Oops wrong thing.” She said as she erased it and wrote out the lessons for today.

“Luke got home and quickly ate dinner. He told his mom he was going to the park to meet some friends.

“Some friends or some girl?” She said. “Mother I have no idea what you are talking about.”, Luke said. Mom was not so dumb. “Uh huh! You watch yourself okay? Love you.”, she said. He returned the “love you”.

Luke took the alley this time and walked to the back of Carol’s fence and got in her yard. He knocked on the back door. She answered. “Come on in.”, she said.

Carol asked him, “Are you going to talk this time?”

He smiled and nodded mockingly. She got the joke and smacked him playfully.

“I’m sorry I was just so nervous last time. I did not know what was going to happen and was a little scared.”, Luke said.

“Any idea what’s going to happen this time?”, she asked.

“Hopefully more of what we did before?”, Luke said.

“Rum and Coke?”, she asked.

“Sounds good to me.”, Luke said.

“So I take it you didn’t get in trouble with your parents for drinking?”, she asked

“No. They didn’t figure it out. My mom thinks I have a girlfriend. She said I was glowing when I came home last night.”, Luke said.

“Hopefully your mom never figures out who this girlfriend is.” She laughed.

“All right it is all on you.”, she said. “Lets see how much you learned. You make the first move.”

“Why don’t we sit down first?”, he asked.

Luke sat next to her on the couch. They were chit-chatting and Luke was building up his courage with the rum and Coke.

He put his arm around her and kissed her. They started making out on the couch. Luke’s hand went up her shirt and was reaching for her breast.

Carol laughed, “What a difference 24-hour makes. Look at you. Yesterday you were nervous to touch me now you’re being a lot more spontaneous.”

He smiled at her as he felt her soft breasts. He started unbuttoning her blouse. He wasn’t as nervous this time as the first time. The first time he was fumbling with the buttons. This time he was able to undress her with a little more skill.

Carol always the teacher showed him how to undo a bra. Her beautiful breasts were before him. He stuck his face between them. He kissed them all over he kissed the nipples and gently sucked on them. Carol was getting really turned on.

Carol opened his pants and pulled them down. She started giving him a handjob while he sucked her breasts.

“Come on. My room now.” She undressed and again he admired her body. He stared for a moment. “Hey creeper how about I give you a poster of me naked so you can jack off every night or maybe you can actually get in bed with me.”

Luke went for the second option. They both climbed in to bed. “Remember what I taught you yesterday? Go ahead. Eat me out.” She said

Luke was in love with her cunt. It smelled so wonderful to him. He spread the lips and started licking her clit. He was watching her to see what worked and what didn’t. He started petting the pubic mound above her slit. Just gently rubbing that area. She responded well to it.

He took his other hand and put two fingers inside of her and started moving in and out. She started to come. Luke could feel it coming on as she started shaking harder and harder and harder. Luke went from licking her to sucking hard on her clitoris. Just sucking hard and not stopping. Her legs just locked around his face and she reached her climax.

“Not bad for a rookie! Not bad at all! I think you’re becoming a pro.” She said. “Do you want to fuck me?

With that one question all of Luke’s confidence he built up was now shattered. This is something he never done before. He was nervous again.

Carol could see it. “All right come on. Let’s do it together!” She had him put his dick right by her hole. She told him to stick it in. I felt good to her as his penis entered into her. It felt so good having this young man inside her.

Luke was very nervous but was starting to build up confidence as he fucked his teacher. He started thrusting harder and harder. Looking to Carol and seeing what she liked.

“You looking to me? You trying to please me? I can see it in your eyes. That’s good. It means you care.”, she said. Come here baby. She started making out with him as he fucked her. “You want to please me do it hard!”

Luke started ramming her and she loved it. Her went back and her mouth opened as she rocked with every thrust. He didn’t last much longer after that. He let out some sensuous moans and threw his head back as he came inside his teacher.

He collapsed on top of her. She kissed his head. She laughed, “Congratulations you are no longer a virgin.”

He looked at her. “Thanks”, he said. “I still don’t understand why.”

She said, “Look how much you have changed in the last 24 hours. You used to be a total asshole in class. Today you are nice and quiet. Yesterday you so afraid to talk to me. Today you are talking to me. I’m just trying to break you out of that little shell you have. I can see your a little shy around girls and I’m trying to break you out of that. My only rules are

1. You never speak about this to anyone.

2. Don’t fall in love with me. This is never about that. This is fun Luke, okay? I’m trying to teach you a few things about life and girls. Think about it you are far more advanced now than your peers. I bet 98% of them have not even gotten laid yet.

Luke was still confused. “Yeah but still why me?”

Carol looked at him and kissed him. “Why not you? What’s wrong with you? YOU were the one staring at my chest when I was bitching you out. I thought this might be a way to get through to you. You didn’t like me and you thought you were fighting authority. Little teenage conquests. I remember them well from when I was a kid. I seen your insecurities right away and started working on that. Like I said look at the change in 24 hours. You’re a man now.”

Luke went home. Mom was worried about him. Luke was changing before her eyes. “You should bring this girl over sometime so we can meet her.”, she said. Luke lied. “There is no girlfriend. I just like her. We are not dating or anything. She really does not know I exist.”, he said. She gave him advice. He rejected it. “Go talk to your dad!”, she said. “Mom I got this. Ok?”, he said. She left it alone.

Luke went to bed with a smile on his face. Like Carol told him he was a man now. However he was breaking rule number 2 and was starting to have feelings for her. His first love. He slept. He slept and dreamed of her. Dreaming of great things and a great future together with Carol.

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