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The Physical Therapist 2: Bad Jenna

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My wife’s hand job turned into a blow job. I begged her to have sex with me. She got on top of me put her cute little black bush in my face. I licked her clit as she was blowing me. She did her move of sucking real hard but it was a “no go”. I could not finish.

My thoughts were ones of guilt and betrayal. My conscience was kicking my ass. I felt like shit. I felt like the lowliest piece of shit for doing that to her. I had to end this. I was going to talk to Jenna and end this.

“What is wrong hun?”, She asked. “Nothing”, I replied. “You don’t stay married to someone for 23 years without seeing the signs there is a problem. Talk to me.”, She said.

“Ah it is just whatever I have come down with. I got a bad fucking headache. Let’s just lay here together until the girls get home.”, I said.

She kept bobbing her beautiful head on my dick. I loved her. She was beautiful. She circled her tongue on my head as she went down. She went all the way down and sucked hard coming back up. This time I arched my head back as I blew my load into her mouth.

She slapped me playfully. “Don’t ever make me think I lost my touch again!” She smiled. I smiled.

She put her pussy above my face. “Your turn.”, She said. God she smelled wonderful. Her pussy always did. I licked her clit and she started grinding her hips as I ate her out. I started fingering her. Rubbing that spot inside that really gets her going. Her hips arched forward and her head went back as she orgasmed.

Fuck this I thought. I am getting some pussy. I got up and got her off balance and wrestled her to the bed. I made out with her and was just about to stick it in as my daughter’s came home. We both said, “Fuck” and got dressed. She was enjoying the rough shit.

My daughter Kira has a friend who works at the physical therapy office. “Who is your physical therapist dad?” Kira asked.

“I forget her name Jeanne or Kelly something like that.”, I said “I really don’t talk much to her.”

Fuck now I am lying to my daughter.

“Is it Jenna?”, She asked. “My friend says she is crazy and a skank. She sleeps around with tons of guys.”

I said, “Kira you don’t talk about people you never met like that. You should not always believe rumors or spread them. She could be a nice person for all you know.”. She shook her head knowing better but not wanting to argue with her old man.

I went to my next session. Beautiful Jenna smiled at me. Happy to see me. I said, “Bad news.”

Jenna said, “Oh let me guess. Conscience is murdering you isn’t it? You feel terrible about the last time. Now you are going to end it with me. Right? Every married guy I do, it is the same old bullshit. Wanna know how it ends? With their cock in me. So throw all that shit away. You won’t be able to resist.”

“Who the fuck is this girl?”, I thought.

“No I will resist!! We are not doing this anymore.”, I demanded. “You are so unprofessional. I am here for therapy! Not to get laid!”

She laughed. She had an evil demonic laugh. “Look that security camera on the wall is out but the one I set up in here is real. I have our last session recorded. With you willingly stripping and letting me blow you while you eat me out. I have you begging for more and wanting to take me out somewhere and I was the voice of reason. Asking you not to lie to your poor poor wife anymore than you are already going to. How will your wife react when she sees that? Take off your clothes now we are fucking!” She demanded.

“Holy cow. What have I gotten myself into? I wished Kira would have warned me sooner.”, I thought.

“Jenna please be reasonable!”, I pleaded.

Jenna laughed and said, “You old farts. All it takes is a little teasing by a hot 20 something and you are drooling all over us. Just be glad I don’t want money. I just like fucking older married men.”

Her personality shifted. “Look. Come on. Cutie. Let’s just have a good time. No one finds out and I have something to enjoy later on. Ok?”

“Jenna please don’t do this to me! Don’t ruin my marriage please!”, I pleaded.

Her eyes looked insane and her face grew angry as her personality switched again. “Get your fucking pants off and get in that chair. NOW!”

Scared as I was of this change I was kind of turned on too. This she-devil skank is scaring the fuck out of me but it is kind of getting me going also. She could tell.

“Look at you” she said and looking at my boner. “You old farts liked being bossed around don’t you?”

I was doing as I was told. Highly turned on but highly freaked out as well. She started blowing to get me hard. Her mouth was just magic. She stood up and plugged herself in and sat on my lap. Now your punishment for this little mutiny of yours is you do not get to touch me. She wanted to zip tie me to the chair.

“Oh no” I said. “We ain’t going there!”

“We do whatever I say we are doing. Understood? You want Bad Jenna again?”, She said.

“Bad Jenna is kind of hot.”, I said jokingly. Hoping to lighten her up. She twisted my nipples. “Ow you fucking bitch!”

“Was that hot?” She asked smiling and laughing devilishly. She pushed my head back and kissed me as she bounced on my cock. From her soaked pussy I could tell she was turned on as well.

“You got a nice dick.” She said. ” When you get home you going to use this nice cock on your wife? Huh? You going to think of me again? You going to fuck your wife like you want to fuck me? But you can’t fuck me tonight. Keep your hands off me. I fuck you understand? Maybe next session, but I am in charge tonight and everynight. Understand?” I kept quiet. Thinking of her lovely wet pussy on my pole. I was in ectasy. It felt so nice. Bad Jenna came back. “Do you fucking understand?” She twisted my nipple.


“I would love to go home with you and go down on your wife’s pussy in a threesome. Have your wife eating me out as you watch but cannot join in. Getting you all hot and horny and then me showing your wife how to please you like this. Being bad. Maybe your wife sucking on my tits as I rub her pussy. You watching her climax from what another woman is doing to her. Rubbing that beautiful middle aged pussy of hers. Huh?”, She said.

I felt it coming on. I felt my cock start to swell. All the imagery she was giving me with the dirty talk was just to much. She saw I was about climax. “Oh Jenna….Jenna …Shit”, I said as my orgasm peaked. She kissed my neck as I blew my load into her. She kept bouncing on me. She made out with me for a minute or two as I emptied into her. Fucking best orgasm I ever had.

She laughed. “You old guys love the dirty talk and dirty thoughts of me doing shit with your wives and the evil mistress act. Works everytime. Let me guess best orgasm you ever had right? Been told that many times. Everyone loves Bad Jenna when they figure out she is harmless.”, She said.

“Harmless? How is she harmless by the way? Ask my nipples how they feel about that.”, I said.

“Don’t get out of line with Bad Jenna then. Come on let’s get you out of here before she comes back to twist them more.” She lifted her arms like she was going to.

She got up and got dressed as I did the same. “By the way. I am sorry I lied but I really don’t have any video of us.”

My mouth dropped open in shock that she lied to me.

“Well you wanted to quit! What was I supposed to do? Blame Bad Jenna not me! I have multi-personality disorder.” She smiled and laughed. At least I had you believing that!

I smiled. “Uh huh! You are a lot of fun you know that?”. She smiled at me and kissed me.

“Next session?” She said. ‘I will be here” I said. I kissed her and I left.

Driving home I was thinking of her. Thinking of what she said about a threesome with my wife got me hard again. I turned on some music to calm myself down. I went to a gas station and washed my cock and legs. If my wife and I did something when we get home I don’t want to smell like pussy.

I took my wife to bed and pounded her like 3 times. Dreaming of Bad Jenna and her threesome talk each time. Our daughters were out and we had all the time in the world. “Geez” she said. That physical therapy is doing you wonders. I smiled. “Yes it is” I thought. “Yes it is.”

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    I see a time after a few more sessions that your therapist and your wife are fucking fucking your daughter while you watch