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The good Samaritan’s Pt.3

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Two down, two to go, but before he enslaved them all, he decided to give me a little practical lesson using my wife and daughter as example

I believe that under normal circumstances, it is hard to pinpoint the precise moment when a girl turns into a woman, the precise instant when they look at the opposite sex and see something completely different from what they ever saw before, but thanks to Diego, I got to witness such a process with my very eyes.
I am now convinced the change of perception happens when they first begin to experience lust, at least, I believe it was like that for my girls.
After the night of the fashion party, it was safe to assume that the cat was out of the bag, now both Faith and Soph we’re aware of Diego’s identity in this household.
And just as I first surmised, they were indeed interested as well, both Faith and Soph now looked at him differently after that next morning, there was something new in their gazes when they looked his way that wasn’t there before.
Their eyes now looked at him with a mixture of curiosity, excitement, and a tinge of lust.
My girls were too innocent and inexperienced to even consider hiding their true feelings away from everyone, and they even tried subconsciously to catch his attention.
In all honesty, it was kind of funny, watching two young girls trying to attract the attention of a man that was much older than the one who conceived them, we all understood that they also wanted to experience what Sage just had, but he, in his usual patient way, didn’t rush to claim them right away, he pretended like he saw nothing throughout the day, and at night, he called Kendra, Sage and myself to the master bedroom, where he made thorough use of both of their pussies and I cleaned them both with my mouth after he was done.
This became our daily routine for the next few weeks, he alternated between mother and daughter, and sometimes he ordered them to please him together, it depended on his mood, but one thing was certain, not a day passed by where at least one of them didn’t have to walk around with her pussy full of his cum, and Faith and Soph got to hear their mom and sister squealing from the pleasure every night.
The routine continued unchanged until a night about two weeks later.
After these couple of months since he arrived, I have come to understand him a lot better than I originally did, I once said he looked akin to a king of antiquity, but now I understand that he doesn’t look like a king, he is, this house is his miniature kingdom, and we are his subjects.
And I, as his faithful vassal, remained knelt at the foot of what used to be my bed, as I watched him lying there, with my wife on one side and my fifteen years old daughter on the other, both busy softly stroking his oversized genitals, while he acted like nothing special was going on, entertaining himself by playing with their pussies as he talked to me, he truly looked majestic and imposing, and I couldn’t help but think that I might need to acquire a bigger bed, after all, all signs suggest that there will be four gorgeous hot bodies laid beside him, instead of the current two, and I suspected that he hadn’t just called us for some group fun, I knew he was about to decree what fate awaited my other two offsprings.
“You know the reason I called you all over tonight, don’t you, Derek?” He finally spoke.
“I’m not certain, but I can take a guess why” was my answer.
“Well…it isn’t a hard guess, it is about Faith and Soph, so…what do you think?” He inquired.
After thinking about it for a few seconds, I replied:
“I reckon you could probably already claim them if you wanted, I very much doubt they would resist you,” I remarked.
“I agree, but they are not ripe yet, that’s why I called you all tonight,” he replied.
I must confess I was a little puzzled by his words, he said he also thought they would obey, so I was a little mystified about what else could he possibly want.
I guess my confusion was written all over my face because after a few seconds of silence, he grinned and spoke.
“You don’t get it, do you, Derek?” He asked.
I remained still for a second, but ultimately only shook my head, I really didn’t.
“In that case, let me show you,” he smiled, and grabbing Kendra and Sage by their hair with each hand, he chuckled, “come, bitches, help me show your husband and daddy what I mean,” he commanded, and without giving them any time, he pushed their faces towards his crotch.
No matter how many times I see it, the sight of two of the women I most care about in this world being degraded in front of me still makes me feel that buzz in the back of my head, and that bittersweet fluttering in my stomach, and I guess those sensations will keep following me around for the rest of my life.
“Take a good look at these sows, Derek, either one of them would be the dream come true of any man, and yet, it was a piece of cake for my cock to conquer both of these dream bitches, and now, they both belong to me, these luscious big asses, their huge and soft tits, these exquisite and tight pussies, each impossibly gorgeous part of them is mine to do with them as I please, I used my cock to subdue their pussies into complete submission, until they knelt at my feet, and begged me to strip their freedom and dignity away from them, and yet, have you ever seen them happier than they look right this moment?” He inquired.
I did as instructed, and watched with rapt attention as my wife and daughter worshipped his cock, and I must admit that sometimes, you can look at something, and not fully realize what it is that you are looking at, I had watched that scene a few times before, but now I knew what he wanted me to see, and I saw it.
Kendra was hungrily sucking on his ballsack and its contents, while baby Sage couldn’t get enough of the mouthful of dick she loved so much, and I noticed he was telling the truth, their freedom was history and not a shred of dignity that they once possessed remained, and still, what I saw on them could only be described with a single word.
Their flushed faces, the devotion in their eyes that looked ravenously at his meat rod, their ragged breathing, there was no part of that scene that didn’t scream bliss.
They didn’t give a fuck about anything else, all they cared about was the man that lay on my bed with them, and what dangled between his legs.
“Now you see, my good friend?” He asked, “nobody likes a bad deal where they lose more than they gain, especially beautiful women like these bitches, so you have to make sure they deem what they get as something much more valuable than what they are giving up, and I took things away from them, important things, but also gave them things that in their eyes, are just as important, if not more, in return,” he clarified “only idiots and wimps force themselves on someone else,” he declared, “I don’t need to do something so idiotic, I am more than enough of a man to get them to surrender their tasty asses before my cock of their own accord,” he bragged.
He proved once more that our decision to submit to him was the right one, his might be pure tyranny, but his merciless reign indeed made this family happy, myself included.
“Baby girl, why don’t we show your daddy how happy my big cock makes you?” he talked to Sage, and a blissful smile blossomed on her face as she nodded, and immediately rushed to straddle him.
“Derek, help me get my cock ready to defile the tight young pussy of this whore of a daughter of yours, will you?” he ordered me.
“Gladly,” I smiled and swiftly responded.
As always, my duty was to use my saliva to moisturize him before my baby got her tender pussy beaten up by that monster of a cock.
I had long since stopped hesitating and grown accustomed to my duty, even the salty taste of his sweaty cock didn’t bother me anymore.
The look of happiness on my baby daughter’s face as she lowered her ass and impaled her pussy on her owner’s big cock was a sight to behold, and I watched with rapt attention as the oversized head of that horse-like cock split apart Sage’s vaginal lips and enjoyed the tightness of her teen pussy.
“Ah….ah…ah…” Sage’s sweet moans took no time at all to appear, ever since that night, everyone in our house grew used to hearing her sweet cries almost every night, to the point where I was certain Sage’s young pussy had already been molded to the shape of his cock.
“This is what I have in store for each and every one of the females of your family, Derek,” he declared while he was busy tasting my wife’s luscious lips.
“I dream of making this the happiest home there ever was,” he proclaimed, “this is the same happiness I plan on bestowing upon your two remaining babies, they too will crawl at my feet and beg for my big cock to use their pussies, just like this pair of whores right here, but they are not yet ready to fully appreciate the happiness I can provide for them, but all of us combined, can help them do that”
By the time his explanation concluded, Sage was already frantically bouncing on top of his cock, screaming from the pleasure at the top of her lungs.
“I cannot stop saying it, Derek, I truly am grateful beyond words to you, you raised the tastiest, most exquisite bitch a man could possibly ask for, her pussy is a delicious masterpiece and it is my pleasure to be the one to mess it up,” he thanked me.
“T…Thank you, I…I appreciate it,” I stammered, I knew he was mocking me, but I didn’t mind, after all, if I was Ok with him sinking his grossly oversized cock inside my baby’s tender pussy, how could I get mad about some stupid joke, and I happened to agree with him, he better be goddamn grateful for being blessed with my whole family’s favor, I guess not many parents get thanked by the man that enjoys using their daughter’s pussy, after all, only a pathetic excuse for a father such as myself would see it as an actually acceptable compliment, and I very much doubt there are many like me around.
At this point, my Sage has already fully embraced her identity as Diego’s bitch, she obeys him blindly, and enjoys his abuse from the bottom of her heart, doing her very best to please him and his cock, as proven by the dick-riding she was so enthusiastically performing, the way she fucked herself on that big dick had improved by leaps and bounds in just a few weeks, and now, she looked like a life-long whore as she bounced on that huge monster.
“Your daughter’s pussy is just so delicious, I can’t hold on for much longer, my friend, as a way of thanking you, I will let you decide where I am going to finish, I’ll bust my nut wherever you say” he declared with a grin.
I was taken aback by his “generosity”, I got to decide what I wanted to see, but I wasn’t even sure what that was, and I probably didn’t have much time before he busted his load.
I was mulling it over when a sweet voice sounded.
“Da…daddy, today…it isn’t a safe day…in fact…today is…ah…very…risky,” Sage managed to utter between moans.
I have said this before, and I still stand by my words, I only want my girls to be happy, and for them to get whatever it is they want, and Sage just told me her earnest wish.
“I…inside,” I managed to stutter, “do it inside,” I requested.
His eyebrows shot up in surprise “are you sure?, you heard her, there is a good chance that she will get pregnant if I do that” he warned.
“I know…but it is what my baby wants,” I reaffirmed, ”you won’t spare her anyway, so you might as well do it when she wants you to, and if I have to beg for my baby to get what she wants, I have no problem with that, I beg you, please grant her wish, my baby girl wants to savor your cum with her pussy, please soil her womb, drown her ovaries in your thick cum and make her a pregnant teenage slut,” I pleaded.
“Fine, I have no problem doing that, after tonight, you can brag that your daughter got knocked up because you requested it, and you were there when your first grandchild was conceived,” he grinned “you have the best daddy in the world, bitch, let’s repay him by showing him his baby daughter’s face as she gets impregnated from the creampie he requested for her,” he said, and unstraddling her, he proceeded to steer her face towards me as he got behind her.
He still thought of me, he knew that watching them getting smashed from behind was my favorite.
The feeling in my gut returned as I watched from an inch away the face of a whore in heat my Sage made as his cock drilled her pussy once more.
And a couple of seconds later, he completed the vision I liked so much when his big right hand wrapped around her neck and his left one grabbed her blonde hair.
“Look, doesn’t my bitch look lovely while she enjoys my hard old cock?” He inquired as he used his index finger and his thumb to steer her face towards mine.
“Yeah, my baby looks like she’s enjoying it,” I admitted.
Sage’s trembling arms held to my shoulders as she struggled for support to endure the pussy smashing she was receiving, and I must say, my Sage has always had a bubbly personality, but I have never seen her happier than the times I’ve seen her get used by the man who owns her body and her heart.
“Ah…ah…ah…” her whimpers of ecstasy blew in my face, making me hard instantly.
“Here I come, sow, make sure to tighten your fucking cunt, drink my cum to the last drop with that tender womb of yours, and don’t forget to thank your daddy for the creaming he got for you,” he groaned, and a second later, he violently thrust inside my baby, while releasing a torrent of his scalding hot cum inside her.
His big hands held her in place, so I could fully appreciate up close and in real-time how my daughter’s face distorted as she orgasmed from the creampie she was receiving thanks to my request, I saw her furrowed brows and how her eyes shot rolled upwards towards the back of her head, and her lips made an oval shape that made her look incredibly erotic.
“Tha…th..thank you, da…daddy, I loved it…” she babbled as best she could.
“I know, baby, enjoy it,” I managed to reply to her, and before you all judge me, someone tells me what the fuck else was I supposed to say? I wish you didn’t love it so much and I so wish I didn’t love it so much when I watch just how much you love it. I might as well be honest.
Small short whimpers exited her mouth with every short thrust he made, to ensure maximum depth every time another load of his sticky cum shot inside my daughter’s womb.
“Nothing like sowing a teen bitch’s pussy in front of her fucking daddy,” he smirked as he looked at me while thrusting his cock even deeper inside her, forcing her to squeal some more, like showing off his ownership over my baby to me.
“Check this out, Derek, I bet this is a sight you’re gonna love,” he beckoned with his hand.
I obeyed and moved towards the back of my daughter.
After these few months, Blackbeard knows me as well, he knows that emotional pain is what fuels my perversion, and very few things are as painful as witnessing my baby daughter’s exquisite and charming teen pussy being used as a cum dumpster by him, and once more, I marveled at the resilience of youth, the sight of my baby’s perfect and round little butt, and her tender and delicate young pussy being disgracefully defiled by Diego’s horse-sized cock, my eyes watered up a little watching the brutal and merciless way her delicate charms got grossly mistreated by his veiny cock and I could still see his huge balls spasming, relentlessly sending their contents inside my helpless offspring, with every mean intention of knocking her up, while deepening her subservience even further, if that was at all possible.
He gloatingly smiled as he slowly retracted his cock from inside Sage, he wanted me to see in vivid detail how Sage’s pussy lips gripped his cock, like begging him not to take the source of her happiness away from her, the place from where they were connected made a “pop” sound once that mushroom-headed cock of his finally vacated my daughter’s insides, giving me a full close up view of the pitiful state her feminine parts were left in.
Sage’s charming vagina looked ravished, beet red, and swollen, the product of the pussy pummeling I had just witnessed, and the worst part were, that her gaping love tunnel was pulsating, seemingly asking to be given another serving of hard cock, there was no denying that my daughter had blossomed into the most splendid and insatiable whore I had ever seen.
As usual, she crumbled on top of the bed as soon as her orgasm subsided.
He turned towards Kendra and chuckling he ordered her “ now it’s your turn, bitch, come and clean the mess your daughter made”.
The joy on my wife’s face as she hurried to obey still stung a little, I guess it always will, she didn’t mind in the slightest that the cock that was going inside her mouth had just finished defiling our baby girl, and her lips hungrily glued to his cock that was still bathed in his cum and our daughter’s love juices.
He made my wife taste our daughter’s flavor and ordered me to do the same, but I did it directly from the source, devouring the creampie Diego filled her with.
After about five minutes, his cock regained vertically, and he gave Kendra the same treatment our daughter endured, ordering me to hold my wife’s legs up while he used the same cock that made my daughter squeal on her mom, I also was given the honor of pleading once more, for him to stain the womb of yet another one of the female members of my family, and watched as delight took over Kendra’s face while she received a cum filling, and seconds later, Kendra lay there, with her pussy equally mistreated as Sage’s, full of another man’s cum and with me basking in the humiliation of eating the huge creampie said man deposited inside the cheating pussy of the love of my life.
After he was satisfied with my wife and daughter’s debasement, he let them catch their breath, well…kinda, he just laid there, once more between them, while they meekly used their mouths to worship his genitals once more.

“Before we continue with round two, let’s talk about my plans for Faith and Soph for a bit,” he uttered, and then, he began to convey his orders for us three, and the more I heard, the more surprised I became, he had been carefully observing them, their habits, their quirks, their personalities, and all sorts of other characteristics of who they were, and came up with a comprehensive plan to turn them from a couple of innocent girls into the most salacious young women he could dream of enslaving.
Hearing him speak, I realized the idea I had about his motives was wrong all along, I thought he viewed enslavement as a sport, a sort of recreational hunting if you will, but the truth was that he viewed it more akin to an art form, and in his eyes, the innocence and curiosity of my daughters represented a blank canvas, the unique opportunity of creating his dream slaves from scratch, and he was determined to use every means at his disposal, us included, to make sure they became his masterpieces.

I left the master bedroom about an hour later, I stood by the door for a few seconds before exiting, watching my wife and daughter feasting on his cock, with their asses pointed towards the door, I even noticed they both were still dripping a little bit of his cum,
I closed the door right after, and as I was walking down the hallway towards the guest room, I couldn’t help but think about the orders I had just been given, I had literally just been tasked with ensuring the downfall of my beloved baby daughters, and I knew I should feel ashamed of myself, for agreeing to help him make it happen, but the truth was, I couldn’t manage to feel like that, I realized that what he planned to do to them, he had already finished doing to us, it wasn’t only my wife and second daughter, I too had been completely re-educated, I was happy being his slave, and I wanted my daughters to succumb to his perversion as we did.
The truth was, they were already his, he could claim them both whenever he wanted, so it was not a matter of brainwashing them, they were already willing, it was more like helping make their descent into depravity as pleasurable as possible for them and our master.

In the following days, his plan slowly and gradually began to be set into motion, and watching my girls blossom was an experience I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life…

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