The first gang rape I went Thru. 23f

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The story of the first time I was gang raped. So about me. I’m 23 5’2 120lbs. I work out a lot but I have too cause I have really small boobs.

I finally get a Friday off that I can make it out to the lake, so out I go. I get there, change into my swim suit – the one with the blue bottoms and the white top with the starfish in the middle. I decide to go a head and make myself a tequila drink before I head down to sit on the boat so I don’t have to lug my stuff down there. I slather on my sunscreen and lay down in the sun. Some time passes, and I find myself getting hot and sleepy. I decide to take a dip, cooling off. I get back on the boat, and move to the shade to take a nap. I drift off a little bit, and hear a thud. Startling me awake, I look up and see a younger guy standing on the front of the boat, looking to be in his 20s. I raise up, covering myself with my towel, and say excuse me, what are you doing on my boat? He jumps, equally startled to see me. Telling me he and his buddies usually fish off of this boat so they can get close to shore. It’s normally not an issue because no one is on this dock during the week. We do it all of the time he says. At this point, two more guys join him trying to see what’s going on. One is around his age, the other a little older than me. I tell them you can’t trespass on someone’s dock whenever you feel the need, and that they need to leave. They look at each other, and tell me no. So I tell them that if they don’t leave I will call the police, realizing my phone is in my bag behind them on the front of the boat. The first guy on the boat tells me I’ll absolutely not be calling the police, and that it seems like I’m in a pretty bad position to be demanding anything. He looks at his friends and says, I think we can work something out – right guys? With a wink. The first guy starts walking toward me, cornering me in the back of the boat he shoves me down on the seat, and grabs my throat pushing me down so I’m laying in the corner of the back seat. I realize now, I’m just going to have to go with it because there’s no way for me to get out. They have guns and knives, I can see them, and I’m scared. He puts one knee across my chest on the other side of the seat so he’s straddling my chest and tells me to undo his shorts. As I’m doing that, he looks back at the other two and laughs. He says open up that pretty little mouth. I obey, opening my mouth and slamming my eyes shut not wanting to know what’s coming. He says no no….open those eyes and look at me. Opening my eyes, he jams his hard cock in my mouth gagging me immediately, over and over as tears start to run down my face. The other younger guy behind him says, he man save some for us. He backs off of me, jerks me up by my wrists, ripping my top down so it’s at my waist, roughly grabbing my nipples, he sits down on the seat legs spread, puts me on the seat facing him in between his legs and tells me to jerk him off for a little while so his buddies can get ready. I do as I’m told, like a good girl. Until he grabs the back of my head pushing it down onto his cock. I can hear someone else moving close to me. I feel one of them pull my blue swim bottoms to my knees and rub the head of their cock from my clit back up, forcing himself inside of me, I make a noise because it hurts. The other guy tells me to shut up. He’s still shoving my head down over and over, and the other guy is holding my wrists behind me while he forcefully shoves himself in and out of me. This goes on until the one guy says my mouth is drying out, and he wants some of my other right little hole. He slides down on the boat seat so he’s laying flat, and tells me to get on top. Thankful my mouth isn’t being used, I climb on top and sit down, he pulls me down to him and says did I just hear you moan a little you nasty girl…and tells me not to think this is meant for me to enjoy. Tells the other guy who had been doing me from behind to get back into it. I feel him approach me again, but this time I feel spit running down my ass crack. He gets on top of me, and shoves his cock into my ass as deep as he can in one motion, I cry out in pain. I get told to shut up again. They are both slamming into me me, in and out as hard as they can, the third guy just watching, as I realize he’s jerking off while he’s watching. I begin to cry again, and tell them I’m going to start screaming if they keep it up. The first guy says fine, he was getting tired of me anyway as I was getting used up. He flips me over, shoving my ankles to my ears, which hurts even more, shoving his cock in me again he thrusts as fast and as hard as he can until he finishes all over my chest and face, and tells me not to move. The second guy, shoves my legs even farther back, shoving his cock into my ass again, I cry out, moving as fast and as hard as he can he finished all over my chest and face. The third guy finally gets his turn, shoving himself in and out of both holes alternating as hard and as fast as he can, he finishes all over my chest and face. They adjust themselves, and leave me there, laughing and high-fiving as they go.

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