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The Delhi Stud – 4

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Karan and I go on a rampage after Kalu interrupts our moment. No one in the house is safe.

Kalu tossed aside Karan’s wife. We’d told him to stop raping her so he could assist us in our newfound goal – terrorizing the entire house.

Although we both were still in our sweaty gym clothes, Karan had his shorts taken off. We walked hand in hand for a while, then we kept stripping as we walked. We tossed our clothes at Kalu, who kept collecting them in his hand like the low class servant he was.

Karan and I first arrived at the maid’s quarters, located in the ground floor, where Dad stays. We barged in naked and found my dad’s personal favourite, the busty 30 year old Shashi. She was tending to her 13 year old daughter’s sore pussy, applying ice to it while the little girl squeaked in pain. Then I remembered, Kalu had brutally fucked her last night.

We didn’t have to say anything – I grabbed Shashi by her tits and pulled her away from her daughter. Karan went around and pulled her daughter by her legs to face him, and thrust his dick in her pussy. Now that we had created distance between mother and daughter, I faced Shashi and slapped my cock in her face. She knew what was to come so she opened her mouth willingly and started sucking.

We went at it for a while, but it got boring. The goal was to terrorize – not just fuck. We get enough pussy as it is.

Then the surprise came – Shashi’s sister walked in. She was just visiting, and didn’t know the ways of the house. She must’ve heard the commotion and come in.

“Aiyo, didi, what is happening?!”

Karan and I looked at each other and smiled. Now this is what we were looking for. A resisting, helpless bitch who didn’t know what was coming.

We both immediately pulled out, and walked slowly towards Shashi’s sister.

“Aye, aye, what do you think you’re doing? Don’t come near me!”

I had to prepare her a little. “This is our house, and this is what happens when you work here. Didn’t Shashi warn you first?”

Shashi felt the need to justify. “Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. I didn’t think they will come today.”

Karan and I laughed. We grabbed Shashi’s sister, who looked about 19-20, and started tearing the clothes off her body. She was resisting every move, shouting profanities intermittently at her sister and us. She told us that God won’t forgive us for this, and that we shouldn’t do such things since we came from such “good” backgrounds, but nothing moved us.

In about 5 minutes, after a lot of scratching, hair pulling, and slapping, Shashi’s sister was naked, except for her panties. Karan pulled them off too in an instant and started fingering her ass.

“Not there, not there, please!”

I saw that Karan was going slow, one finger at the time, so I took the opportunity to force 3 fingers of mine in her pussy. Then she howled.

The fingering was followed by a double penetration – me in her pussy and Karan in her ass. That tiny woman was squished between us as we mercilessly pounded her from both ends. All this happened while we were standing up.

The moment was building again for Karan and I. While pounding her, we looked at each other again, and we were just about to come in for a congratulatory kiss, that Kalu interrupted, “Who is this new bitch?”

Ugh, that Kalu.

Karan was furious. He pulled out and charged towards Kalu, yelling, “Madarchod, how do you always find ways to interrupt us?!”

Kalu ran from him, fearing the worst for his ass.

I giggled and kept going, till I heard a thud. I left the new lady and went to see what was going on. Turns out, Karan had pounced on Kalu and begun raping him as punishment.

“You’re the fucking servant, you black bitch. You’re supposed to help us, not keep getting in the way. I’ll teach you,” he said, in between grunts, “what happens when you keep coming in between!”

I wanted to get in it too, but then Karan would be left ass-less. I screamed out for Chhotu, who came scrambling down the stairs. He was in his regular outfit – a tight tshirt and skin tight capris.

“Strip,” I ordered. He followed. I lifted him and threw him over my shoulder, and tossed him in front of my brother.

“Let me also try disciplining Kalu. You can have him till then.”

Karan pulled out, and with a ravenous look in his eye, picked up Chhotu like a ragdoll and started fucking him. With a younger, smaller body, he got more aggressive, and began railing him like there was no tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I turned Kalu over from the doggy position into missionary, and entered his ass.

“This morning you told me I don’t ever suck you properly. Now watch how I fuck you properly.”

Kalu, with his gleaming 10.5 inch black cock, and his bulging muscles, was a pure top. Like I’d mentioned previously, I kept him around to be brutal to others. But he was a servant nonetheless, and he was getting too big for his britches. So it was time to take his anal virginity and show him what his place was. The reason I flipped him over was because I wanted to see the look on his face. And it was complete and utter humiliation. I loved it.

After a while, I noticed Chhotu was left alone. I looked around and saw Karan walking up the stairs, with his supple butt calling to me. I pulled out of Kalu and stood up. I told Kalu, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Now go do what I hired you to – make sure Chhotu screams.”

Kalu got up slowly, with a new sense of submission. “Sorry, Vir bhaiya.”

He seemed to have missed the last part, so I pointed at Chhotu again. Kalu immediately apologized, and said, “Definitely bhaiya. You won’t have any reason to complain after this. I’ll make sure he screams.”

He turned to Chhotu. “Idhar aa, maaadarchod!”

Chhotu recoiled in fear. I smiled and walked up the stairs, as his screams filled the house. I stopped midway to see how it was going, and I was pleased to see how deep Kalu was going in Chhotu’s tiny chink ass. He was even biting his neck!

Upstairs, Karan was just lying on his bed. Neha was back in her normal clothes, just tidying up.

“What happened, bro? You just left in the middle?”

“No, I came inside him. Then I got bored. So I came up.”

“So that’s it? We’re done terrorizing the house?”

“I guess. You know Vir, there’s not much to do here. Everyone knows that we can do whatever we want.”

“That’s true,” I agreed, “besides Kalu and Shashi’s sister, we didn’t fuck anyone new.”

“Maybe it’s time to take a trip. Find some new people.”

A trip, huh. That was a great idea. But outside Delhi, people’s moralities are a bit stronger. Delhiites have no moral fiber in their being, so anything goes. But we could get in trouble outside. I voiced my concerns to him.

“You’re adorable, little bro. Come here!”

I snuggled upto him in bed.

“It’s not about Delhi, it’s about money. We can buy our way out of anything.”

“That’s true. But let’s start someplace which is familiar. Do you want to go to Srinagar?”

Srinagar was where my mom lived. After my dad beat her mercilessly, she ran away to live with her brother in Srinagar. (And if you recall, I’m half Kashmiri, half Punjabi. Half Muslim, half Hindu. The Muslim Kashmiri part comes from my mother.)

But the poor thing wasn’t spared in Srinagar either. Her brother, a rich landowning Muslim, was worse. He had 3 wives and basically treated his sister as his fourth wife. He had the same rules in his house as ours. The men could do anything to the women, which often included his studly sons – my cousins.

It could be fun to visit them in Srinagar. What do you think?

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