The Cruise

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I am sorry for the long buildup but I want to tell my story.

I was sitting on a lounge chair sipping my drink on a cruise ship just looking out over the ocean. In a total melancholy mood. Just wishing I was home. “This was a bad idea.”, I thought.

I just broke up with my girlfriend about less than a month ago. The heartache really hit me hard and I just started working more and more and staying home.

My daughter suggested we do take the cruise. I didn’t want to but she insisted. “Your ex was a skank dad! I never liked her. She was so fake. You need someone real. Come on please? Just go with me.”, she said. She even paid for it so I agreed to go. I set sail for the Bahamas with her not knowing what she had planned.

I decided to feel sorry for myself the whole trip and not try to move on. I just spent my time on deck and sunbathed. Checking out the babes in bikinis. Watching the nipples try to poke through the bikini tops and checking for camel toes and checking out the nice asses.

This beautiful woman came up to me and started talking. “Enjoying your trip?” She asked. “Not really. A little bored.”, I said. “This is just not for me.” I was determined not to have a good time.

“Want to get a drink?”, she asked, “maybe we can sit together and talk?” I said “Nah I am just going to relax here.”.

“Rough break-up?”, she asked.

“Huh? How did you know? Did Katie send you over here?”, I asked.

“Who is Katie? No I am psychiatrist and I can read people.”, she laughed and said.

“Katie is my daughter who talked me into this. Look I am fine ok. I just want to sit here and sunbathe.”, I said.

She became very blunt. “Yep rough break-up. So what is the plan? Sit here and feel sorry for yourself and make your daughter feel bad for bringing you here?”, she asked.

I got offended. “How dare you!”, I asked. “How is this any of this your business? Get out of here!”

“Ok ok. I way overstepped. Sorry. Let’s just talk.”, she said.

“Look I don’t need a shrink ok? I don’t mean to be rude but I want to be left alone.”, I said. “The fucking nerve of this bitch.” I thought

She said, “Ok well I am sorry to bother you. Did not mean to make you mad. Again I apologize.” She left.

What she said started sinking in. Katie did do this for me and all I can think about is myself.

I had dinner with Katie and told her of the story what happened.

“Dad, why didn’t you talk to her?”, she asked.

“No. She was out of line saying that and trying to get me to talk about my problems and crap. We just met…. Tell me. Did you set this up?”, I asked.

“Me? No!”, she said. I could tell she was lying.

“What is going on here? I am not talking to or going out on a date with her. Are we clear? I don’t need a shrink. I have broken up with women before and have gotten over it. This is your worst idea yet!”, I said.

“The Shrink” walked up and said, “Ew someone doesn’t care for me huh? Bad first impression.” As she came and sat down with us. I rolled my eyes and shook my head and was just about to get up and leave.

“Dad! “Sit!”, Katie said. “Just be nice. The company I work for does accounting for her office. I talked with her a couple of times about you and she wanted to meet you. This is Ingrid.”

“She did meet me and it did not go very well at all.” I said. “Look I am sorry she put you up to this. I don’t need your help. Ok. If this was for anything else. I am totally not interested. Sorry.”

She started talking about some psychology stuff about relationships and anger and I said, “Again not interested in any of that.” I excused myself and left.

Katie was pissed at me afterwards. I went to talk with her about what she wanted to do in the Bahamas when we docked there.

“I really don’t care”, she said “I’m probably just going to stay on the ship anyway. I don’t want to go now.”

“What all because of your doctor friend? Why is it so important to you that I go talk with her? What is with the big ruse of luring me on a cruise just to meet her? You just can’t say “Dad I have someone you want to meet.”, I asked.

“Well you might want to thank her. She is the one who gave us these tickets in the first place.”, she said. “The cruise line gave her two free tickets as a promo thing. I talk to her all the time so she offered them to me. I guess she goes on these cruises a lot. I knew she was single so I told her about you. I thought maybe you two would hit it off.”

“All right. I will go thank her and apologize to her if I see her but nothing more. As far as her and I hitting it off I’m afraid “that ship has sailed” ha ha.”, I said. She smiled and shook her head at my dumb dad joke.

“I am sorry about all this Dad. I should have left things alone but you were just wasting away at home. In a state of depression and I just wanted to get you out. I thought this would help.”, she said.

“Ok. Y1ou and I will go to shore tomorrow and we’ll do stuff together. That’ll be a big boost to my spirits. Okay?” I asked and she agreed.

“Is that Dr chick meeting us for dinner again? I will apologize to her then.”, I asked

“INGRID!”, Katie exclaimed. “I can ask her.”, she said.

She did come with us to dinner. I apologized to her and she apologized to me. I thanked her for the tickets and said I did not know. “I thought Katie bought the tickets for us” we talked and I actually found myself liking her now.

“Is that drink offer still good?”, I asked. She agreed to have drinks with me. She was actually a really nice person.

We actually sat on the deck in lounge chairs and talked to about 3am. I didn’t get anywhere with her nor did I try.

We all went ashore when we docked and spent the day together. I was really beginning to like her a lot. Plus the fact she was hot.

We came back and we got drinks again and stayed up most of the night talking. I invited her to my room. She said she did not do “one night stands”.

“Who said anything about that?”, I asked.

“Are you seriously going to call me when we get back home? Are we seriously going to start dating? I don’t know yet. Let’s just wait.”, she said.

We stood up to go to our rooms. I got her to her room and just laid a kiss on her. Our tongues dancing together was just magical. I asked again but still got turned down.

We went to our next destination which was a private island owned by the cruise line. We went ashore spent the day on the beach swimming and sunbathing and talking. We had a great time together.

“I was a fool to treat you the way I did in the beginning.”, I said. “It was a controlled response.”, she said. “Huh?”, I said.

“I knew anything I said to you you were not going to listen to. You were just stuck in your mood and we’re determined not to have a good time. You were blaming yourself for the breakup. So all I did was turn your anger towards me. It worked. Actually Katie was not mad at you at all. I told her what I was going to try to do and told her how to act afterwards. Look at the result. After the second dinner we talked from about 6pm to 3am.”, she said.

“So what is this? Do you actually like me or is this more mind games?”, I asked.

“Relax. I do like you. I’m just not so eager to jump in the sack with every guy I meet. When I’m sure this relationship will last then something will happen.”, she said.

“For the record I really liked you a lot that is why I talked to you that whole time. I didn’t even make an attempt to take it further that night. I had a feeling you wouldn’t have accepted anyway. I was right but I really enjoyed your company.”, I said.

She laughed, “Again I’ve been trained on how to read people. I almost had to pop your eyes back in your head and roll your tongue back in your mouth when I spoke to you the first time. That’s how I knew this would work.”

I blushed and I kissed her. We laid on the beach making out. Katie was on an excursion. I tried for second and was able to reach base. “Whoa. We are in public. Tone it down there lady killer. Can your hand wait till we get back to the ship?” She laughed.

Katie came back and caught us making out. She laughed. “Ew I really don’t want to watch my dad make out with one of my clients!”

She hugged and asked me, “Happier now?” I smiled and nodded.

We got back to the ship and had dinner and Ingrid and I did our usual talking all night and drinks.

I did not bother asking this time. I kind of figured I’d get turned down again. We made out in the hallway outside her room.

She said “you’re not going to ask me to come in?”

“I figured you were going to say no anyway!”, I said.

She said, “Damn you give up way too easy! Okay well if you don’t want to come in that’s fine.”

I felt something grow in my pants of just the idea of it. I went in with her. We sat on the bed making out.

She started sucking on my cock. She was amazing. She grabbed it and started jacking me as she was sucking on the head.

Then she started taking her clothes off. She was gorgeous. For an older woman she had an awesome body still. I seen 40-year-olds that don’t look that great but you can tell she takes good care of herself. I’m around the same age so I wonder if she thought the same of me? LOL

She got on top of me and stuck that beautiful red bush of hers into my face. She moaned as I licked and sucked on her clit.

I felt my climax coming on as she jacked me and sucked me. I buried my face in her as I came into her mouth. She got up and went to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth out.

She came back and hovered her pussy over my face. I continued where I left off. She held my head and was grinding her pussy on my chin as she climaxed. My face was covered in pussy juice.

She just got face to face with me and started making out with me. She was teasing my cock with her pussy. Grinding her hips against it.

She grabbed it and inserted it into her cunt. She made a slight gasp as it went in. She started rocking on it as we made out. She felt so good. She was a wonderful, beautiful woman. She started going on my neck and I held her hips in place and took control. Her sucking that sweet spot on my neck was the end of it for me. I felt like I came in her forever as I emptied my nuts into her lovely snatch.

“Can I stay the night?” I asked. “Unless you want me to throw you overboard I think you better!” she said and we laughed.

Katie knocked on the door in the morning. Ingrid answered. “Well looks like my matchmaking skills are on point.”, she said. Ingrid and I showered together and then went to breakfast with Katie. Ingrid and I spent the rest of the cruise basically glued to each other. It was magical.

I was always thankful to my daughter for what she did for me. Something that started out so dreadfully for me turned out to produce something fabulous in my life.

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    I went on a cruise nothing great until I seen the family next door. Two young girls one about 9 the other 13 both nice looking. I could hear noises from the cabin and when walking down the hall I passed both parents. The mother asked me to keep an eye on the girls which I agreed and she gave me her card to get in. On return i knocked on the door and walked in the 13 year old was down on her sister she just laugh both were naked what sight.

  • Reply Bitch on heat ID:ndooler20j

    My husband had booked us on a shipcruise. A week long cruise. Something happened in his business at the last minute so my sister in law joined me on the cruise at the last minute. There was this group of 6 university going boys who befriended us pretty much as soon as we boarded. Neither of our husbands know about the things we did on that cruise and it was the begining of our addiction to stranger sex

    • Cruise ID:7ylrenbqrd

      Naughty but nice. Lol

    • Bitch on heat ID:ndomrl3k0c

      I enjoyed it.

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      I would have sucked all their cocks