The beach

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Meeting 3 babes on the beach followed by some hot sex

I was on the beach watching these three babes when the youngest one slipped and twisted her ankle. I jumped at the chance and offered my help, she couldn’t stand on it and there was no way they could get back to their apartment so I offered to carry her. Once in the apartment I set her on the sofa and lifted the injured leg up on to it as well. Mum said “my name is Sunita, please sit and have a coffee”. I sat at the girls feet and lifted her leg on to my lap getting a brief glimpse of panties as I did so.
Her sister said she was going to shower and mum said she would make a coffee, so left alone I began stroking the girl’s leg telling her that would ease the pain. Rubbish, I know but I wanted her flesh. As I stroked I gradually worked my way up and when she objected I explained that the whole leg needed massaging to ease the pain as my hand went to the inside of her thigh. She shuddered a bit and then I got to her crotch and she went rigid.
“Relax babe this won’t hurt and it will make you feel better”. I finally got my little finger under her panties and felt the hair there and my cock twitched as she gasped. I kept my hand there massaging her thigh with my little finger stroking her pussy hair. Then mum came back in and I slid my hand down a bit.
“I really need the loo Sunita”.
“End of the corridor” she said pointing to a door.
I went along there and heard a noise from another room and thought, big sis is in there should I try my luck. I quietly opened the door and there she was, stark naked with a towel over her head drying her hair. I stood and looked, great body, nice size firm tits and a black bush.
“Very nice” I said. She looked up, made no attempt to cover herself and asked me what I wanted.
“I was looking for the loo, but I’ve found something much better to look at”.
She sighed and told me I could use the one in her en suite. I went to it and she followed “let me give you a hand” she said reaching down into my shorts and pulling my cock out. “Come on then” she said pointing it to the toilet. This was a first, never had a girl hold my cock while I had a piss before. Eventually I managed it whilst she had moved behind me and I could feel her body against my back. When I’d finished she didn’t let go but started stroking it slowly as her other hand came round me and began stroking my balls.
It didn’t take long, “oh fuck, I’m cumming”. She kept pumping away and I blew an impressive load into the toilet. “There that’s your reward for helping my little sister”. She put my cock away and told me to go. Back on the sofa with little sis again and drinking coffee when mum said it might be better if Simran laid on her bed. So I picked her up and followed Sunita down the corridor making sure my hand got a feel of her tit as I carried her. I put her on the bed and mum said she’d be better off in her nightie and proceeded to lift her T shirt. “Mum, you can’t do that with him here”. “Don’t be silly he’s not interested in your body” and off came the T shirt. Oh fuck, she looked good, tiny tits with dark nipples, I’d loved to have groped them but couldn’t with mum there.
Then she slipped her nightie over her head and said “Now, stand up so I can get the rest off”. I did my bit and helped her up and held her while her mum went under her nightie to remove the rest. As I held her I put my hands over her tits and whispered in her ear that she had a beautiful body. Mum said she could lay down and I managed to get a quick glimpse up her nightie as she sat and then laid down.
“I’ll just go put this stuff in the washing machine”. When she went I knelt by the bed and told her I was going to do something special that would make her feel good. With that I leaned forward and kissed her lips and put my hand on her pussy over her nightie. She gasped but I had my mouth over hers and gradually eased the hem of the nightie up until I got to her naked pussy then higher, revealing her tiny tits. I broke off the kiss and began moving lower, kissing all the way down to her pussy. “Noo, no, stop it, please don’t”. but that changed to a gasp when I blew softly on her pussy. She gasped as I planted my mouth over it and sucked and tongued her and soon her hips were bucking against me. Then a little shriek as I got a finger in.
“What’s the matter Simran” her sister said as she appeared at the door. “What are you doing to my little sister you naughty man?” I looked up at her, my finger still up her sister’s cunt, and gave her a smile. She said no more so I began giving Simran a good finger fuck, soon bringing her off completely. I withdrew my wet fingers and wiped them on her nightie just as Sunita called me.
I went to her and she was dressed in a robe now having put all the stuff in the washing machine. “I wonder if you could help me move something while you’re here”. So I followed her along the corridor into her room.
“Close the door please”. I turned to close it and when I turned back she was naked, and what a body, a great pair of tits and a smooth bare pussy. “I wanted to thank you for helping us out” she said walking to me and putting her arms round my neck and French kissing me. Her hand soon went down my shorts and grasped my cock. I grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled her close. She broke off the kiss and slowly slid to her knees pushing my shorts down as she went. My cock was growing in anticipation as she slipped it into her mouth giving me a good gobble. I fucked her mouth for a bit but wanted more so I eased her back to the bed and on to it.
I went down on her smooth pussy and tongued and fingered her. Not as tight as Simran but very nice. Then I moved up her body sucking on her tits, getting her nipples as hard as rocks. My cock level with her slit now I began poking gently, slowly easing it into her nice wet cunt. She groaned as I went in and held me tight, wrapping her legs around me. I began with long slow strokes sucking on her nipples the whole time. Then I looked into her eyes, “you’re got a lovely pair of tits Sunita and you’re a good fuck.”
“Oh please don’t talk like that, it’s so rude”.
“Rubbish, you’ve got a great body, nice tits and a lovely smooth cunt”.
“Oh no, please don’t”.
“We’re fucking Sunita, tell me you like it, tell me you like my hard cock in your cunt”.
“Oh no sir, I couldn’t”.
I pulled out of her and she gasped and told me not to stop.
“What do you want me to do Sunita? Tell me what you want me to do, say it you horny slut”.
“Oh please, please do it” she said as I teased the tip of her slit with my cock.
“Say it babe, say it now”.
“Fuck me” she groaned and I plunged in hard and began banging her.
“More babe tell me more, tell me you like my cock in your cunt, tell me to fill you with spunk”.
She was desperate for a good fuck now and did as I said, filthy talk urging me on as I began giving it to her hard and fast.
“MUM, what are you doing?” It was Rekha standing there in shock.
“She’s getting a good fucking babe, look at those tits shake as my cock fills her cunt, why don’t you stroke my balls as I finish her off?” She did as I asked and with her hand on my balls I exploded into her mum’s cunt, filling her with my spunk.

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