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That’s Just How We Treat Our Women – 3

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Karan’s not around this time, but there’s still 3 men in the house. Who is this new character?

After Karan left for the party, I went up to check on Rohan. I wanted to see what he’d done to my sister. He obviously raped mom (I was literally there), but my sister just disappeared from the living room. Did she run away, or did he drag her upstairs?

My questions were answered as soon as I entered their floor. My bruised sister was tied to the staircase, looking at me with puppy eyes. I just laughed loudly and walked over to Rohan’s room.

He was just smoking a joint.

“Oh Vir, bro, come on in.”

“I see my sister’s tied up.”

“Do you think that’s going easy on her?”

“No, I just worry, who’ll clean up after you? Get you dinner? Drain your cum before you sleep?”

I wasn’t interested in being nice to my sister. I just didn’t want Rohan to suffer anymore.

“Your mom will.”

We both started laughing.

“Didn’t you just bash the life out of her?”

“No dude, I barely just fucked her. She better be on her feet again.”

“I haven’t checked. Gimme a minute,” I said, getting up.

“Oh before you go, I didn’t know if you caught what she said while I was scolding her.”


“She was trying to justify the burning of the jeans. She said that it was your fault for fucking her.”

I was fuming. Mom knew she could never blame the boys. It’s always the girl’s fault. She knows the consequences. I wouldn’t spare her.

“Huh. Okay. Well, I guess you’ll have to untie your wife, because my mom’s not gonna be able to walk for a week after I’m done with her.”

Rohan smirked. “Go easy on her, bro.”

“You know I won’t,” I winked back.

I stormed off downstairs. I could’ve untied my sister, but this was more of a husband’s decision. I mean yes she’s my sister, and I can fuck her anytime, but technically, Rohan owns her. And I won’t go against the natural order of things.

I reached my mom’s room, but she wasn’t there. I went to the kitchen. She was cleaning up. She’d changed into a new nightgown, because Rohan had torn the one she was wearing earlier. Her face was miserable.

“What the fuck did you say about me?”

She looked at me. All I saw was fear in her eyes.

I approached her slowly.

“I asked you something, you fucking bitch. What. Did. You. Say. About. Me?”

She took a step back with each step I took forward.

“I didn’t mean it, beta. I’m sorry. No please,” she hid her face, fearing my hand.

I’m 16, but I’ve got nice large hands. If I slap someone, it stings.

“If you hide it, I’m only going to do it harder.”

She knew. She looked up.

But my mood changed. Slapping won’t cut it, I felt. As soon as her face came up, I punched her, straight in the face.

The impact was massive, and she fell down.

I found the nearest phallic item (it was a carrot, a large 11-12 inch one), knelt down, and thrust it in her ass. She howled in pain, so I stood back up and put my foot on her mouth, and pushed down.

“It’s my fault that the jeans got burned?”

Her face was smushed between my foot and the ground, and she kept howling.

“You’ve been getting fucked like this for so many years in this house. So has your daughter. Why are the jeans burning only now?”

I didn’t take the carrot out for 2 minutes, or stop hurting her face.

My phone rang. It was Rohan, so I stopped for a second to attend it.

“What’s up, Roro?”

“I need a drink. Can you fix one for me?”

“I’d love to,” I said, replacing my foot on my mom’s face with the other, “but I’m punishing your mother in law.”

“Leave her. Come spend some time with me. Whiskey sour, please?”

“Alright,” I said, rummaging through the fridge, “but it looks like we don’t have any eggs, dude.”

Normally, this would’ve pissed any guy of the house off. It was the ladies’ fault for not doing proper grocery shopping. What else do they do all day?

But Rohan sounded high, so he didn’t care.

“I’ll give you the egg white, just make it at my bar. Fucking come up, dude.”

Well, I wasn’t gonna ignore Rohan’s offer.

I spat at my mom on the floor. “Get up, and clean up. You’re lucky this time.”

She timidly got up, and painfully pulled the carrot out of her ass.

“Sure, take it out. That’s what I told you, didn’t I?”

I smacked her face hard. She was left speechless, again.

“Fucking stupid bitch.”

She was about to shove it back in, but I just made a face and said, “Leave it now. You’re such a dirty whore.”

I left her and went up to Rohan. My sister was untied and working in the kitchen.

“Thank you, Vir bhaiya,” she mumbled to me.

She was older to me, but being a woman, she had to call my name with respect. That’s just the way it is. My mom also can’t just call us by our first names – it has to end with “beta”.

Anyway, I guess I convinced Rohan to let her go. Just like he convinced me with mom. We’re not that cruel, are we? Sometimes we let the women go less punished – but never unpunished.

I went to Rohan’s den, where he was lounging now. That’s where his bar was, too.

With his eyes mostly closed, he was lazily spread across the beanbag, naked. His dick was somehow calling to me.

I knelt in front of him and kissed his dick. He woke up instantly.

“Gimme the egg white, Roro.”

“Bhenchod get the shaker first,” he giggled.

“Need the egg white first. I’ll carry it to the bar in my mouth.”

We enjoyed our little flirtations every now and then.

“But what will my mouth do till you get the egg white ready? It needs something, anything,” he said, his face reaching mine slowly, “whiskey, rum, tequila, saliva…”. With this, he kissed me for a whole minute.

“Okay, that was tasty. Now how about your ass till you milk me dry?”

“Karan just came in me.”

“Even better.”

He grabbed my legs and lifted me till we were in a 69 position. He went straight to eating me out, and I went straight to his dick.

He came in just 4 minutes. Maybe he hadn’t fucked my mom, or even cum in her mouth. He just fucked her face and brutalized her.

I had to be careful not to swallow it all. With his cum flooding my mouth, I ran to the bar and poured it out into the cocktail shaker. I added the lemon, the whiskey, the ice and shook it up. He was groaning that he missed my ass, but he liked his drink.

We didn’t fuck after I made his drink, because I had to go down to finish my homework. I just left him with a nice, lingering kiss. Besides, for all his other needs, my sister was available.

Actually, I didn’t fuck anyone else after that. Karan came back pretty late and just crashed. I woke up before him, and as I had suspected, he had a threesome or more – his ass was freshly fucked and his dick was raw too.

Before leaving for school, I went to the dining room for breakfast. Mom made me cereal and when I directed her, she sucked me off under the table. No words were exchanged.

Rohan came down after a while, and we nodded at each other. He saw mom’s face bobbing up and down under the table, and he just took his cock out. After I came, mom had to suck him off. It all happened very smoothly and silently. No one had to say anything.

Before reaching the door, I saw my dad fucking my sister on the living room floor. Apparently he had returned from his business trip last night when I was asleep. He was just going at her, checking his phone in between. I waved at him before leaving.

You see? If the women behave, we don’t punish them.

Part 4? Ask for it, and you’ll get it. I’m happy to hear your ideas!

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