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Story i made up whilst masturbaiting

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My parents were gone for 2 months and left me with food and other things to do for that 2 months time span. After about two days i got bored. I thought it would be fun to experiment. I was a gay 14 year old and had a weird fetish to older men. I went on my phone and downloaded grindr. It took a while since I barely had space on my phone. Eventually it downloaded and I was in. I made an account and put a fake age for sign up. After I made my bio and put my real age in the bio and looked for guys about 30-40 age range around me. Eventually I found a guy not to far from my house. I texted him. He texted back. After that we went back and forth until eventually I told him to come over. I waited about 20-30 minutes for his arrival. At this time i was ready. I had put my mom’s panties on with a large baggy tee. I came outside and there he was. I asked if we could fuck in his car since i didn’t want him inside my house. He said yeah sure and we walked to the car. I asked if he had any stds or aids
He said no and showed his results from his doctor that was taken a couple of days ago. I asked him if he could go slow and he said whatever you want i just wanna taste of that ass. I sat in his back seat and he moved in the back seat too. He grabbed his KY and his condom but i told him we didn’t need one. He rubbed the lube on and fingered my ass before taking his pants off. Finally we were ready and began fucking. I hopped over him and he pushed inside. I plopped up and down on him. I was moaning and he was too. He fucked me good. He started to thrust harder. I bit my lip and he pulled my shirt up and grabbed my waist. He lifted me up and down on his cock. I rode him for 2 hours. He pushed me down fully on it and thrusted super fast with all his might. He started telling me where should he cum and i told him inside. He thrusted and thrusted til i came and he did too. He finished me. I sat in his car for a minute and we made out. We fucked again more rough. He drove away after. The next morning i woke up and went online. I got on amazon and brought gay items like a thong, skirt, netted tee, dildo and a black dick ring. Afterwards i brought more stuff like knee high black white and purple socks, choker, and purple lip stick. I was lucky cuz all of the stuff was coming the next day. So i waited. This day was the best day. I had found another guy. We talked and beforehand i asked him about stds and aids and said he had none. He took an hour to get to my house. While he was driving towards my house i was getting dressed in my gay outfit. I was almost finished and started to put on my dick ring and my thong since my skirt was on already. My phone started to ring. “Hello?” “Yeah I’m outside.. Are you ready? ” yeah im coming right now.” I walked outside my house and there he was waving in his car. “Can I get in?” “Wanna fuck here? Sure whatever.” I got in the passenger seat on the right of him and he reached over and grabbed my thighs. What nice legs you have. What do you wanna do first? Can i suck you please? I begged. He nodded and his cock flew out his pants. This guy was huge! I asked how big he was and he said 8. I glanced at it and began stroking him. I blushed. I moved over and started sucking him. He arched me over and lifted my skirt up to get my thong off. He pulled my thong off and spat on his hand. He pushed his finger inside and deep. His dick was leaking lots of precum and making it sticky inside my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. Tip to girth. He grabbed my head and pushed it all the way down on his cock. I gagged a bit but then got a grasp on my gag control. He started thrusting in my mouth and his cock started twitching. I knew he was about to cum. He pushed my head down on it and came all over my tongue. I swallowed his cum. So thick and bitter. He then let me go and I went in the back seat and told him to come too. When he got in the back seat I arched my back so he could push in. He reached in his bag on the floor near the middle seat and grabbed his lube. He said I don’t have condoms. I said he wouldn’t be needing any because I want his nut in my ass. He said good and rubbed the lube on his cock and my asshole. He took his dick and pushed nice and slow in my ass. At first it felt nice until he pushed all of it inside. He thrusted fast and rough. He was so fast and large that I started shaking. He grabbed my waist and moved me with him in rhythm.
-part two soon..

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