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Step dad forced

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How my step dad got Me to suck him off.

So I am 17 when this happens
Mom had been married to John for 8 years. John was like a dad to me. We went fishing all the time. He had a lot of money and treated mom and I great. I was moms only son.
So this happened out of the blue one day.
Mom had just gotten I shower. I had just got home it was Friday and John and I was supposed to go out on boat fishing tomorrow. I walked up sidewalk and saw mom I. Bathroom undressing pulling her shirt over her head. I never peeked at her before but it was dark and blinds were open.
For some reason I just stopped by windows and watched for first time realized how sexy my mom was.
John pulled in and I ran inside hoping he didn’t see me.
So next day we went fishing and John tells me when we were alone he saw me peeking at my own mom and quickly he is scolding me on it. I felt like a little 10 year old and he had me crying I tried to tell him I never did it very and it was a accident to walk up like that. Who would believe that?
So he had me so ashamed and upset I was begging him not to tell anyone or mom. He said come hear and took me inside boat it was a 28 foot carver had a couch and bathroom down there. So he said you
Like peeking at your mom. I said no. He said obviously you do or you wouldn’t of. I still was upset. Hear peek at me he said I look up and didn’t even realize he had taken his pants off. Sitting on couch I was staring straight at his cock hard as can be. You peeping at mommy my wife you can see what’s been taken care of her pussy. Here he says smell it. I fucked her last night after you molested her with your eyes. Taste it and he shoved it into my mouth. I don’t even know why I opened it except I was shocked he told me to suck it. I did as he said.
That’s it suck mommies pussy juice off
My cock. I really don’t know why I did but I just kept sucking him bobbing my head up and down choking almost as it hit my throat. I never did anything like it before just imitating what I had watched in porn of a girl doing it. He was holding my head face fucking me and he came saying swallow it all.
Pumping slowly I did as he said and he tensed up again and came again holding still as I felt him spasm in to my mouth.
He sits on couch beside me. Ruffles my hair and says you are good at that. He can to my room again when mom went to store about a week later. And just says you mom will be gone for about a hour as he was taking his pants off.
He says clean her off me again and he shoved his cock in my face. I just do as he says.
Idk why. I get no enjoyment out of it . It’s disgusting to me.
But I just do whatever he ask like his slave. It was so embarrassing.

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  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8rk

    My mother asked me if I wanted to sleep in her bed after she got out of the shower one night when I got into the bed before she got home from work she went right into the shower and when she came out and got in the bed was only wearing panties and after a couple of minutes she slid down the panties and moved to the end of the bed when I looked down I could see her panties on the floor and her legs open wide she moved back enough for me to see her asshole and I moved over to get a good look and when I got close to her ass I put my finger in at first and then I got closer to her ass and put my cock against it all I wanted to do was taste it but I didn’t want her to wake up but when I looked down at her ass she had spread it open nice and wide as I started to lick it I could feel her moving her legs back so I could get in deeper and when I started to lick it all she started to get wet and her pussy looked so good she let me lick her for a while and then she started to cum all over the sheets I licked it all

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      nice, I would have licked her pussy too

  • Reply Mindy ID:7zv2vgx144

    My dad had me suck him off thousands of times for idk how long. I did it until I moved away to college. And idk how old I was when it started. Mom don’t know. I use to enjoy it . I liked getting him excited. Idk maybe he groomed me that way. I don’t remember how it all started.no one knows. My husband has no clue. Last time I was alone around him I did it. Was about a year ago. We never had sex. He masturbated me a few times but it was always oral between us.

  • Reply Kent ID:3zxjfqgi20c

    My step dad use to fuck mom in front of me.
    He always told mom I was too young to understand.
    I understood
    E was gone one day mom was just getting out of shower drying off.
    I shoved her like he did on to bed and she just said Tommy what are u doing as was trying to fuck her
    Hell idk how she started laughing at me and said here
    And turned around and guided me in.
    I just looked and she said go ahead

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    He will be fucking you soon