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Sisterly Love

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Ten-year-old Summer lives on an isolated farm with her adoptive sister, Susan. Completely alone, the two have grown close but Summer has a big secret.

Summer, as all will know, was a precocious little girl, about ten, slim, winsome, and creamy-skinned, with a round, innocent face. She wore a crown of silken, auburn hair that cascaded about her shoulders and flew out behind her when she ran, which was often. Her eyes were brown. Not just any brown, mind you, but the rich, deep, golden brown of strong honey. And her smile! Such a thing often outshone the sun. It was the very signature of Merriment herself. Yes, one could say young Summer was a treasure, the brightest for miles around her tiny log cabin anyway. She lived there alone, on a great, flat field. Well, almost alone. There was Susan after all.

And who was Susan? Well, the girl was older, about fifteen, and most of the reason Summer was still alive. Her family had lived on a very remote farm in the middle of the country for years, scraping a decent living out of the stone-hard earth. When Summer had arrived two years ago, a famished waif in need of shelter, Susan’s parents had already been dead for three months. Ever since, the teenager had been running things on her own, a little mother in a far off land.

Susan had straight, blonde, hair, calm, blue, eyes, a long face, and a small, steady, smile. At the moment, Susan was wearing a pink tee shirt and a pair of off white cutoff shorts. Both were filthy as she’d been hard at work weeding the crops for hours. She was covered in patches of dirt and sweating profusely, so that her top clung to her frame like a glove, exposing her enticing, grapefruit-sized breasts. As Summer was just noticing, Susan wasn’t wearing a bra?

“Will mine ever get that big?” Summer asked hopefully, plunging her fist around the nearest bit of dross.

“Sure they will, sis,” came the kind, but strained reply. “You just need to give nature a little time, okay?”

Summer nodded, but she didn’t want to wait a second longer. She glanced admiringly at her adopted sister and frowned when she noted Susan was far more sweaty. Summer picked up her pace, tearing through the weeds with all her strength, sending clouds of dirt and dust flying in her wake. Summer also wore a tee shirt and shorts, though she couldn’t find pink, so she’d had to settle for a surprisingly vibrant yellow. The ten-year-old ran her hands along her chest and sighed. Her breasts were lemon-sized at best.

Now, in the course of human events, there comes a time in every little girl’s life when she must relieve herself. Such a time arrived for Summer precisely an hour later, somewhere between the third and fourth rows of corn. She alerted her sister, although she knew she didn’t have to, and dashed off to the farm’s outhouse. The little girl thanked God and the Devil on the side that it was the nicest thing on the whole farm.

There was a skylight instead of a lamp, and the relatively large compartment sported glistening hardwood. Thanks to Susan, it smelled pleasantly of Pine-Sol, and in winter, the wonderfully comfortable seat could be heated via a solar panel. Summer dashed inside as fast as ever she could, pulled down her shorts and panties, and sat on the toilet. The ten-year-old was soon peeing like a racehorse, and the sound of it made her moan guiltily.

You see, Summer had a very big secret she’d been struggling to hide from Susan for some time. From the pocket of her shorts, the little girl fished out her sister’s well-used panties, stolen that very morning while Susan was getting dressed. Blushing hotly, her heart thudding in her chest, the child sniffed them deeply, and her left hand found her slit. Little Summer quivered with shame and lust, still unable to believe she was addicted to something so wrong.

Through the chamber’s thin walls, Summer could hear her sister clearly, struggling to keep a tune as the heat crashed down upon her.

“And here I am using a pee to slack off,” she sighed woefully, “a nasty little panty sniffer touching her naughty bits like a bad girl. But it feels so good ,” she mewled hornily, slipping two fingers in her dripping hole, pistoning them feverishly as she took a second, deeper, sniff.

Summer fought with herself to avoid making too much noise, but when the currents of lust began surging through her, she let out a very loud groan.

Now I’m sure you can guess that sound reached Susan at once, and with no one on the farm but her sister, she was an expert in what surreptitious masturbating sounded like. Almost noiselessly, the curious little woman fell to the ground, more than a little eager to catch her sister in the act. The outhouse had a loose side panel Summer knew nothing about, and Susan soon slid it aside with the speed of a small animal. What she saw inside set her young pussy on fire, and life on that farm was never the same again.

Susan barely held in a gasp. Summer had the cum and pee stained crotch of her, Susan’s, panties draped over her deeply flushed face. The little girl was clearly sniffing and licking like a maniac, her legs kicking wildly as lust tore through her like wildfire. Girlcum ran down her preteen thighs in rivulets while her fingers jackhammered deeper into her sodden twat.

“You naughty little slut!” Susan giggled wildly, gaining her feet and rubbing a bit of the cum into her skin.

Summer started badly, feverishly trying to explain herself.

“It’s okay, Summer. I promise you it’s okay,” Susan soothed, pulling her panicking sibling into a hug. “I like to play like this too, you know?”

“Really?” Summer gasped disbelievingly, desperately trying to calm her heartbeat down.

“Sure!” Susan answered brightly. “And I’m glad you like my panties so much. Watching you’s gotten me so wet down there. Look, let’s make a deal. Play a little game with me, and I’ll hand over my panties soon as I take’em off. Deal?”

“God, yes!” Summer cried, unable to believe her luck, but happy she wasn’t alone in being a bad little girl.

“Okay,” Susan gasped, quickly shedding her top, shorts, and undies. “Keep sniffing those panties and go to town on your pussy! Come on, just like you were before you saw me down there.”

With an eager nod, Summer acted on instructions.

“Kiss me, Susan,” Summer pleaded a few minutes in, pulling her fingers out and smearing the slit slime all over her grade schooler lips.

“Oh, hell yes,” the teenager sighed, cradling her sister’s head and fusing their lips hungrily, accepting Summer’s succulent cum upon her tongue.

Soon Susan was sucking greedily, shoving her tongue into Summer’s innocent throat. She was sloppy about it, and saliva ran down their chins, connecting their mouths whenever one or the other stopped to breathe. After about five minutes, Susan broke the kiss.

“Bend over, and twerk that ass for me,” she panted, slowly fingering her sopping slot.

“Yes, sis,” came Summer’s answer, still a little nervous, but eager.

Sliding off the toilet to position herself in front of Susan, she started shaking her but with an awkward inexperience that drove her sister wild.

“Yeah, that’s a good little panty slut,” she grunted. “Shake that ten-year-old ass for me so I can see how much you want’em. Good girl! Show me how much you wanna sniff my girl slime. You want a nice long taste from the source, don’t you, sis? You wanna rub that little slit of yours thinking about coming to my room tonight and slurping this sloppy snatch, right, Summer? ]Back up for me, girl. Yes, just a bit closer. You’ll love this part.”

Bending down lower, Susan kissed Summer right on her clit. The child let out a loud, carnal, moan so needful and guttural it caught the teenager off guard.

“Kiss it again, Susan. Please? It felt really good!”

Susan noted the euphoric expression on her little sister’s face and let herself go, shivering as desire seared through her bones like bolts of lightning. Gripping Summer’s thighs, she plunged her tongue into the child’s moist slit, licking arduously as the tangy taste of warm pussy juice flooded her mouth. Susan felt her nipples tingle and swell as Summer’s moans and puerile cries filled her ears. Encouraged, the horny teenager moved her tongue up and down faster, pushing deeper with the enthusiasm of a zealot. Summer’s preteen walls, slick with juice, were undulating with her need. They gripped Susan’s tongue tightly, squeezing and jerking it like a cock. Summer herself was writhing against her sister, curling her toes with a pleasure she’d never known before. She cried breathily, pulling Susan’s head into her loins.

“Yes, sis! Yes! It feels so good! Please, sis! I’m begging you! Please don’t stop! Push your tongue deep in my cunny. I hope you like the taste. You’re sucking my clitty, and it feels so good ! Something’s happening!” Summer screamed, turning around to wrap her quivering thighs tightly around Susan’s head.

Bucking wildly, the little girl sprayed her juices deep into her sister’s throat while waves of electric, orgastic, bliss raced across her nerves.

“Did you enjoy that, my little slut?” Susan asked seductively, kissing Summer tenderly.

“Yes, sis!” Summer gasped eagerly, returning Susan’s affection. “No one’s ever made me cum like that before.”

“I’m so happy you had fun, Summer, cause the game’s not over!”

So saying, Susan motioned her sister behind her, and the little girl got the idea at once. Summer stuck her nose in Susan’s asscrack and inhaled deeply, feeling still more juices cascading down her legs. After a few more deep sniffs, the child was ordered on her knees. Susan positioned her snatch over Summer’s open mouth and let out a huge squirt of pee. Some of it hit Summer in the face, but the bulk of it went down her throat. The sounds that filled the outhouse were incredibly lewd. I daresay you’d have enjoyed being a fly on the wall.

Susan’s depravity shocked her sister, but it was apparently a day for revealing secrets. For nearly two minutes, Summer served as Susan’s toilet, swallowing every drop of pee the girl could muster. When she had no piss left, she ordered Summer to wipe her pussy with her tongue, and in moments, that turned into another fanatic bout of pussy eating. Driven by her need for pussy smell, Summer drilled her tongue in deep, eagerly lapping at Susan’s clenching walls until the teenager began groaning obscenely.

Seconds later, awash with pleasure, Susan came hard into Summer’s mouth. When her orgasm subsided, she glanced at her sister: bottomless, glazed with girlcum, smelling strongly of pee, and pleading with her eyes.

“Alright,” Susan panted lewdly. “I always keep my promises,” she said, cradling Summer’s head. “Panties every day from now on!”

“Thank you so much!” came the reply, and Summer hugged her sister tightly.

And now I must close this chapter by telling you the weeds were neglected for some time.

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