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Growing up I had a sister 4 years older than me. Her name was Lisa. As any teenager going through puberty I spy on her regularly. No nothing every happened I just got to peek when she was changing or in bathroom
Being I. Early 80s she had a full bush back then.
She would cut my hair. When she was a senior she sit a chair in middle of kitchen and cut my hair. It was one time she would get extremely close to me.
I wanted her tits to touch me and they would sometimes she got so close. She get between my legs standing this drove me crazy I wanted to get hold of her. It was all a 14 year old boy could take.
So fast forward 20 years we were sitting around moms.
Dad had past a few years earlier and talking joking around she lived in town so didn’t get to see her much only on holidays and such. My wife was at work I just stoped I to say high and visit. Her husband and sons were outside playing ball.
We were talking about how she use to cut my hair. I hated going to barbershop. And I told her yea I let you cut my hair cause I liked you rubbing your tits on my head and back. And standing between my legs. Laughing she said Mike I’m your sister. I laughed and said yea but a 14 year old boy don’t care.We laughedit off. Now my sister is 38 she has a nice body about 5’5” and 130. Not bad for a mother of two. And then she said I can cut you hair if you don’t want to go to barbershop. I said okay she got out the same scissor she used back then. We joked some but she didn’t put her tits in my face and were mostly grown up about it.
So fast forward. It’s Xmas time.
We have our family get together at my house bigger area for everyone. It’s all day event.
So she says you need a haircut . I said yep. We look for scissors couldn’t find any. Mom said why don’t you go to my house and get them. He does need a cut.
My wife speaks up and says yes and get the mixer we forgot for the mash potatoes.
So I go to leave to get them and my sister said hey I will just ride along and can cut it there so we don’t have to hear. Her son wanted to ride along and she said no we will be back shortly. On way to moms about 20 minutes away , she was talking about old times again when we were kids. We continue talking and she got out scissors and mentioned. You are not going to get excited with me close to you are you?
I said maybe. Laughing it off. No one to watch us.
She started with my bangs and had her tits in front of my face.
She was wearing a skirt and top that showed cleavage.
She worked around the back then back to front and instead of
Getting between my legs she spread hers and straddling me was checking my bangs for straightness.
I said ah this would
Not look right if someone walks in. She laughed and said. I locked the door. I said oh? And gave a little thrust with my hips. I thought she would laugh and say stop that or something and laughed it off but she said in a serious voice.
Do it again if you want. I still joking. Do it again and she thrust her hips forward. Almost laughing but sat scissors on table. Still acting like she was checking my hair cut
She says is that all you got. And she started rocking her hips.
I play along and take my hands on her hips . She leans in and kissed me my head swimming I kiss her back and she started breathing hard into my mouth. Getting turned on but still thinking she is messing with me joking around. Until she reached down and unzip my pants I am in shock her tongue fucking my mouth and she has my cock pulled out stroking it before I realized how far we was.
We break kiss my cock throbbing in her hand. No turning back now I say. She gets up and sloppy her panties off. I raised up pulling my pants down to my knees. She said we don’t have much time they will be wondering what’s taking so long.
She lowered herself on me and in seconds we were both at a peek of orgasm I had ahold of her ass under skirt and she had her arms around me breathing hard into my neck rocking her hips whispering in my ear how big my cock was.
I came in her hard and we were holding each other on she was still straddling me calming our heartbeats .My cock still hard in her her phone rings. Her husband calling. She reached over answering it on speakerphone.
He said have you left yet. She said no I have to sweep up this hair first. He said good .Bring your moms mixing bowl also.
She said okay and hung up. Laughing as she looks at me.
She gets ups sweeping up the hair and gets the bowl out of cupboard and mixer. She still hadn’t put on her panties
That were laying on table. And I picked them up. She said oh?
Reached for them I almost forgot something.
I pulled them back away from her grasp. She said come on in a light hearted plea. I said promise me this won’t be the last time. She said no absolutely not it’s not the last time just the first. We both grin and I hand them to her kissing her on lips like lovers. I picked her up set her on kitchen island and pull her to edge she doesn’t argue and after twenty more minutes of intense passionate fucking she was wiping the cum from between her legs pulling on her panties and we hurry out the door to get back.

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    Anymore stories?

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      We still hook up. That was just first time. She basically is bored with her husband and sex between us especially the sneaking around right under their noses is exciting. No one suspects a thing.

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