She Became My Fuck Buddy (Part 2)

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After finally fucking my work colleague following a night out I get to enjoy sex with her again.

The following Monday morning couldn’t come round fast enough. After the wonderful Friday night when all my years of lusting after Helen had been fulfilled, I longed to she her again. I say fulfilled but that’s not true. I still wanted her. If anything my desire for her was greater after having so much pleasure from our Friday encounter. She proved as sexy and adventurous as I had imagined and I wanted more fun time with her.

I arrived in work early. I wanted to clear off some of the days planned work to make some time to spend with Helen if the chance arose. The work was more complex than I had imagined and took up much of the morning. In addition the telephone rang more often than usual. I was getting a little frustrated and apprehensive. I worried that Helen might think that I was avoiding her and might cool on me.

When I needed the loo I went to one downstairs that meant that I would have to pass reception where Helen was working. At first she was busy handling calls and there was a visitor waiting in reception. However, she returned my smile with a big grin and a twinkle in her eye. I took my time in the loo and when I eventually went back she was alone. Without hesitation I kissed her and she kissed me back. It was only a short kiss due to the circumstances. We managed a little conversation before the telephone started up again and she had to return to work. I left her with a wink.

Around 12.30pm Helen started her lunch break and came to my office. I was on the telephone but Helen came across to my desk and leaned her backside on the edge of the desk next to me. She was wearing a tight figure hugging top and a mini skirt. She looked delectable and was an enormous distraction for my phone call. I could feel myself getting aroused as I tried to bring the call to an end.

When eventually the call did finish and I put the phone down Helen asked if I had enjoyed Friday night. I replied that it had been a memorable night for me and that I would love to take her out. I told her what a gorgeous body she had and I began to stroke her leg, moving from the knee upwards. She had been perched on the desk with her legs crossed at the ankles but she quickly uncrossed them and, still with her backside on the edge of the desk, slightly parted her legs. I was able to gently stroke the inner thigh moving gradually higher.

As on Friday, Helen was wearing tights and I asked if she would remove them. Without hesitation she stood up and, hitching her mini skirt up, pulled her tights down and after slipping her shoes off, removed the tights fully. She screwed them up and I took them off her and placed them in a desk drawer. Next she pulled down her panties and removed them. Again, they went in my drawer.

I was then able to run my hand right up her leg and run my fingers through her pubic hairs. I’ve always loved to feel female pubic hairs and as I gently stroked her I felt her getting evermore damp. I toyed with her clit and slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy. I finger fucked her for a minute enjoying the feel of her damp receptive cunt.

When I took my fingers out we both sucked on them, sharing the taste of her juices. At this point I was still sat down and I rose from my seat to gently lift Helen on to my desk and lay her back so that I could go down between her legs and taste more of her dampness. My tongue twirled around her hardened clit and I licked her cunt, inserting my tongue as far as I could. This was every bit as good as Friday night and I felt that I wanted to taste and fuck Helen for ever more. But we were in the office and needed to temper our desire for each other whilst at work.

I could have fucked Helen there and then but we were both conscious of the risks that we were running and so we stopped at that but enjoyed a kissing session that would enable us to break should there be a knock at the door. Whilst kissing I was able to squeeze Helen’s breasts but unfortunately I was not able to take them in my mouth to gorge on. I offered Helen her underwear before she left the office but she declined to take it saying sexily that she would try to pop back later.

It was difficult to concentrate on work knowing that Helen was just a few yards away and looking very seductive. She was as good as her word and came into my office mid afternoon and it was obvious that she had removed her bra. Her nipples invitingly stood out under her tight top. I immediately lifted her top and took one tit into my mouth whilst tweaking the nipple of her other tit between my thumb and index finger. Her breasts were full and perky despite being a C cup. I have always been a breast man and I particularly loved Helen’s breasts with the wonderful large areola.. We only had a few minutes and we agreed that I would follow Helen home after work. Both of us were feeling very horny and desirous of each other. The end of the working day could not come fast enough.

After what seemed an eternity the working day finally ended and I was one of the first to the car park with Helen not far behind. It was only a 30 minute drive to Helen’s but I couldn’t get there fast enough. We arrived more or less together and were quickly in the house.

Helen still had no underwear on and so she was naked in no time at all. I was entranced by her superb body and in awe of her sexuality. She oozed sex and I wanted her so badly. She quickly removed my clothing and we fell to the floor, too demanding to go to the bedroom. There on the lounge floor I pushed my dick into her labia, parting them to enter her cunt. It was heaven. Helen was experienced and knew how to pleasure a man. She rode my dick, squeezing it with her tight pussy and crying out for me to fuck her harder. My balls slammed against her as I thrust back and forth. I was almost delirious when I finally shot my cum into her. The desire to fuck which had built up all day was temporarily sated but I knew that we both wanted more.

We made a drink and sat around naked chatting before we both gave in to our lust and started again. We talked of sex at work and how we could organise it. Helen told me that in a previous job her manager had fucked her at least once a day, and often twice. He would send her to a stock room and then follow her. He would drop his trousers and sit on a chair. Helen then straddled him and pushing her panties aside she would then lower herself on to his cock. She was a willing participant in this and loved every minute of it.

I suggested that we should try this out now and so we moved to the kitchen where there was a suitable chair. I sat down and Helen straddled me. She slowly lowered herself on to my dick and I entered her tight cunt which seemed to grip my dick with a gentle squeeze. She rode me, lifting and lowering herself, up and down, drawing me to shoot more cum into her lovely body. Whilst doing this I was able to kiss and bite her tits which I loved.

Helen was extremely sensuous and loved sex. She was an active participant and knew how to pleasure a man. She was never happier than when she had a dick inside her and she would wrap her legs around you to pull you into her and to stop you taking your dick out. She could be quite vocal in expressing her joy at achieving an orgasm and in inciting you to fuck her harder. I wanted to maintain our relationship and enjoy more and more of her beautiful body whilst fulfilling both of our fantasies.

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