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Real Incest with Little Sister Growing Up

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Real Story of Me and my little sister exploring each other while growing up. Email me and chat with me to see and hear more.

Hello fellow incest pervs. I’d like to share my incest experiences growing up with my 2 sisters. I won’t share my full identity, so I’ll call myself Mike.

This all happened almost 20 years ago. I was 14 at that time, as I was about to be a freshman in high school . My youngest sister, Brooke, was 13, and in 7th grade. My oldest sister, Jill, was 19, and a senior in high school. We lived in a small town in the outskirts of Macon, Georgia (I know it sounds very stereotypical since we’re from the South). Me and my sisters all went to the same school, as it was a middle school and a high school. Our mom used to work long hours at the accounting job that she was working in, after my dad divorced her a couple of years ago. We lived in a relatively small house with 3 bedrooms. My mom took one bedroom, and my older sister Jill insisted that she had a room of her own since she was the oldest out of us 3. That left me and my little sister Brooke to share a room together.

I didn’t have the closest relationship with my oldest sister Jill as she was always alone in her room doing who knows what, and she would always ignore me and Brooke when we were in school together and hang out with her obnoxious friends. Jill would just take us to school, and bring us back, and go party with her friends. Thus, me and Brooke developed a really close relationship. We would always hang out in school together, as we both didn’t have lots of friends because we were shy. And at home, since we shared a room together at home, we would always play and help each other with homework. In fact, our bond was so close and intimate that we would even be comfortable changing in front of each other in our room, and during the hot summer days, even wearing minimal clothing in our room due to the heat.

Now, I never really thought of my little sister sexually until that summer. My hormones were at an all time high, and I was horny almost 24/7. I would jerk off almost 5 to 6 times a day, and even a couple of times at night when I knew my little sister was asleep. I would lust at the girls in my class, and even the older high school girls. I would daydream in the middle of class about stopping time, and pulling down their pants and fucking all the girls in my class. That’s how horny I was. Over the summer, I noticed something about my little sister that I hadn’t noticed before. Her body was changing. No longer was she the same flat chested annoying little sister. When she would change out of her school uniform into a regular t-shirt and pants after school, I couldn’t help but to stare at her budding tits and her sexy skinny legs. And, oh lord, her ass was becoming a piece of art. Since she had begun doing gymnastics in 6th grade, her ass was becoming quite curvy and juicy. Once these perverted thoughts started flooding my head, I became disgusted at once and I could not believe I was thinking these about my 13 year old little sister. But, the more I saw her change in our room and hung out with her and slept with her, I couldn’t push those thoughts out of my head and they began taking over. From then on, I began jerking off to my little sister almost exclusively, all day and all night long, with no shame. I used those mental images of her changing and her underwear to help me jerk off.

During winter break of that year, however, was when things started to change. The weather got quite cold that some nights, my sister would come to my bed and we would sleep together under my blanket since it was so cold. Since she would sleep with me, I couldn’t even jerk off at night. But, it felt amazing feeling her body pressed up against mine underneath the blankets. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would wake up and feel her ass pressed up against my crotch, and I couldn’t help but get a boner. I would turn around to the other side, to make sure she didn’t notice. But, eventually, my horniness took over and I didn’t bother turning over to the other side when I got a boner. I loved the feeling of my cock pressed up against her tight little ass, with her beautiful blonde hair all over my face. I would even risk it a little and if my sister was asleep, I would lightly grope her stomach and feel her tiny breasts. It was the best and most agonizing feeling in the world, as I wanted so much more and wanted to feel my cock inside my sexy little sister and fuck her hard. Eventually, I got so horny that I HAD to jerk off after feeling her pressed up against me so close. So, I would tiptoe out of bed and go to the bathroom and jerk off in there.

One night, my sister was wearing her tight black leggings, and I had almost fallen asleep, when she crawled into my bed. The temperature was around the low 40’s, and I felt her slim body press up against me. I tried my hardest not to get a boner, but before I knew it, I felt my boner trapped against her sexy ass and legs. I tried to get it down any way I could, as I felt my sister squirming against my cock. That got me more hard and excited, and I tried to turn to the other side so she wouldn’t be able to feel my boner. But, what happened next blew my mind.

Just as I was about to turn to the other side, I felt her hand grab my arm, and she said “Stop. It feels good. Keep it there”. I thought I was dreaming! Here, was my own little sister, with her sexy little body pressed up all against me, telling me to stop and keep my boner pressed up against her ass. I was shaking with lust, and did as she said. She, then, reached over with her other hand and put it on my crotch, and started to touch my boner through my pants! I couldn’t help but to ask what she was doing at that point. She turned over, and began telling me how she had noticed me looking at her and staring at her over the past couple of months, and she KNEW that I had taken her underwear and that she could hear me jerk off sometimes at night from her bed (I guess I wasn’t the quietest when I was masturbating). I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and she continued by saying that she herself got curious and heard from other girls at school what masturbating was. She told me how she had been touching and “exploring” herself secretly these last couple of weeks, when I wasn’t in the room and when she would shower in the bathroom. She kept on telling me how it felt good, and so, she was curious and wanted to do it with me. I felt my heart beating like a drum in my chest, and I still thought I was dreaming. And before I knew it, I felt my little sister lean into me and softly kiss me on the lips. I didn’t kiss back at first because I was hesitant and confused, but before long, my horniness and lust took over and I began kissing her back and she let me put my hands all over her body. I began reaching under her shirt, and felt her tits for the first time, and they were so soft. She reached into my pants, and started stroking my boner for me and she let me pull down her pants so I was able to feel her pussy for the first time. She was already unbelievably wet, and we both helped each other masturbate. Before long, I felt myself orgasm and I felt my sister quiver a little as I started to finger her faster and she orgasmed herself a couple of seconds after me. I put a hand over her mouth, so she wasn’t loud and wouldn’t wake up our mom and older sister in the other room. We were both sweating and exhausted after that orgasm, and we soon fell asleep in each other’s arms shortly after…


This is only just the beginning of my adventures with my little sister back then, and there are many more stories and experiences I’d like to share with you fellow pervs. If you’d like me to make a Part 2 and continue on, please let me know down below in the comments. I can also share my other incest experiences I had with my older sister Jilll if you guys would like, as I had some interesting and very taboo experiences with her when we were older.

I’d love to chat with you guys and share more, and if you would like to see pics of my 2 sisters and jerk off or tell me your experiences, email me at [email protected] I’d love to share sexy pictures of my 2 sisters with you guys, and tell you the rest of the things we did growing up. Email me and I hope to chat with you soon!

My 2 Sexy Sisters

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