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Piss soaked daisy dukes…

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I raped my biological mother Beverly when I was eleven and got her pregnant.

I raped my biological mother Beverly upon discovering her unconscious on the upstairs bathroom floor during her little sister’s new years eve party (my aunt Jackie who was the first person to engage with me sexually upon the walking in on me wearing her panties and fucking myself up my six year old ass with a bowling pin while watching a vhs tape of my mom and dad fucking and looking at a hustler magazine featuring goth anal whores fucking their fishnetted asses with baseball bats, stuffing log chains up in each other etc… Jackie laid down next to me and she encouraged me to go deeper with the bowling pin and began to play with my pre cum leaking soft six year old slut cock… She ended up pushing a little bit of meth up my ass with her tongue and I was immediately turned out and she sold my fat little underage crossdressing ass to the entire hood it seems… Belly bulging cartilage squeaking as I was used by the dopeman and his massive throbbing black dick that flooded my little kid intestines over and over that summer… He would stuff his dick down my throat and piss almost directly into my small belly… Before fucking it back up over my aunt’s tits… By eight I was a hypersexual Loli faggot that was packing a foot of throbbing white future femboy dick… I am dead ass rn and will prove it… By the time I got into Jr high I was going on a nineteen inch cock… But back to the nonconsensual impregnation of my biological mother Beverly… Yeah that’s what I thought… Get out your cock and imagine my glossy pink underage insides wrapped around your big dick… Now imagine my mom… She’s laying there in the unfinished upstairs bathroom floor… Piss soaked daisy dukes and her shirt is over her face and her big tan lined pierced honkers have throw up between them… A condom hangs out of her pussy and I pulled it out and I poured it into my mouth as I scooted her piss soaked daisy dukes aside and I was was suddenly as deep in my mom’s hairy pierced dripping wet cunt as possible and she was moaning in her sleep and she would open her eyes and I would be absolutely still while she was in a trance like state from whatever drugs she was on combined with her previous rape(s) and subsequently passing out for me to take advantage of… My aunt Jackie gave me the tip that tonight would be a good time to get inside of my own mother and she was right… I didn’t know that I was going to get her pregnant with our inbred daughter Tara Lynn that was gagging on my cock as a toddler.

I cummed inside my mom’s pussy repeatedly and she woke up with me in her pussy unprotected and about to bust inside of her again… This slut wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me balls deep into her pussy as she begins to make out with her own son…

Beverly is making professional quality pornography with her inbred daughter and my prostitute friend Brea who watched me pound my mom and was totally stoked about it… Brea watched my unprotected insemination of my mom’s beautiful pussy… She said she loved how dirty I did my mommy…

My mom and I make pornography together and we prove that she is really My biological mother before I fuck her pussy unprotected and repeatedly cum in her balls deep for the shock value of it. We have a daughter together as a result of the first time I (nonconsensually) fucked her while she was unconscious on the bathroom floor at my aunt’s new years eve party.
I scooted her piss soaked daisy dukes aside and sank my already huge for my age throbbing white femboy dope slut dick into my mom’s hairy pierced dripping wet and fertile cunt and cummed in her over and over for the next few hours while she snored and drooled… Kik hillbillyxharem to see us get sexually deviant asf… I am a hot af cd too and she recently got to witness me as a cumdump. For a long time I didn’t know if she would be into my feminine submissive slut side until I was fucking her with my friend Brea. I was fucking my mom up her fat little tan lined ass when Brea spread my ass and pulled my butt plug out and pressed an entire gram up my asshole with her tongue before she slipped her entire hand into my fat ass and after a few stretches she popped her knuckles inside of me before she fist fucked my fat pale ass and I moaned like a bitch while I was slowly getting off into my mom’s glossy intestines and I was marinating my now half hard girl dick in my mother’s asshole while Brea fucked my fat ass until I pissed myself and drooling over my mom’s shoulders as my runny leakies ran out of me from the anal orgasms my sexy af friend Brea was fucking out of me … Brea pulled me out of my mom and she spread her butt cheeks and demanded that Beverly shit out my cum into her open mouth and she was eating my mom out with her mouth full of my cum and she drooled my nut into the spread open cervix of my mother Beverly… Brea sucked an overflowing mouth full of my cum out of my moms ass and she drooled it over my eyes as she held them open and demanded that Beverly clean her own anal creampie out of her own guts… I held my mom’s ankles over her head and she said yolo before shitting our fuck slop and churned together cum of dozens of black strangers, my dog knotting up in her ass, and me pushing through it every time…. Over the sluts open mouth and down her throat and nose… I Bury my fat girly faggot cock into her pussy unprotected and breed her a half dozen times while cumswapping with each other for the next couple hours…

I’m making an imgur and will be back to blow your minds with the proof of my pornographic life.

KI k

Missouri is the best place to get inside of truly depraved whores like my mom and our daughter.

I have let crowds gangrape my mom and underage daughter high af on meth for days on end

Dogs knotting up in my mom’s hairy pierced pussy and asshole simultaneously while eating her eleven year old daughter out after I pound her cervix full of piss and strangle the slutty little inbred girl as I cum inside her undeveloped little slit over and over again…

The bitch is illiterate because of how we fucked during kindergarten through sixth grade without teaching her shit… Except for how to stay high on meth and on her knees…

Real incest cumdump daughter xxx no shame buttfuck a first grader until she faints

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