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Paula gets a surprise in the mail #2

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After my call to Paula, I make a surprise visit the following weekend. It’s becomes a weekend of many unforeseen surprises for all.

A few days after my talk with Paula, I let her know that this weekend I would be surprising them all with a visit from me. Paula greeted me with a big hug and kiss, Donna was caught in a complete surprise and asked what I was doing down this way. I told her that I had a few calls in this area and thought I visit you girls since I was close. Donna got quiet then explained that she would be leaving for the weekend soon. She was trying not to tell me why, then Paula blabbed out that she was going away with this guy she has been seeing. She should have told me and was struggling with how to break it to me. Since I was staying tonight, she felt bad that she was going away but not bad enough to stay. Paula told her mom that she and Megan could keep me entertained and would enjoy having me their selves.
My sister-in-law then excused herself to finish packing, Paula anxiously took the box I had and ran off to her room. Megan had been in the basement doing her wash and I surprised her standing there. Paula then came out from her room and told her that I was staying over, wasn’t that great she added. Megan then had me a big hug and kiss, then trotted off to her room with some of her dried clothes. Paula stood there squirming with a big grin. I slapped her ass; she squealed grabbing her crotch with her hands and shook. She could hardly walk with those balls banging inside her. I told her to get ahold of it before her mom saw and wondered.
After Donna left the girls helped me start a supper, then when finished we sat at the table visiting while we ate. Megan got a call from her friends wanting her to go along to a movie. I listen to the conversations hearing her decline the offer, she just wanted to stay home tonight. Both girls helped me pick up and then we retired to the main room to watch some movies. Both of the girls raided their mom’s liquor cabinet and mad e themselves a drink. Halfway through the show both got up wanting to get comfier. They soon were back wearing short pj’s and plopped down each next to a side. Paula could not set still; she had those steel balls inside her. I could see how wet her crotch was becoming and aroused she is getting. Then I noticed that Megan was in the same state with a pillow stuffed between her thighs. By the time the second movie started, Megan was fairly drunk and sleepy. Paula kept looking over at her then told her that maybe she should turn in. She tried to rise then sat back down and fell asleep next to me. Paula jumped up looked at her sister, finally she said, I thought that those pills would never kick in. I grabbed my hands to get me up, then anxiously pulled me along to her bedroom.
Paula rapped her arms around me, pulled herself up locking both legs around my waist and hungerly we kissed. Your all mine Uncle, she whispered. I walked with her over to her bed sitting her on the end, then pulled her top off. While she slipped her panties off, I got undressed. She took my cock and started to suck and pump it to its huge thick size. I grabbed her hair and began fucking her mouth. Glub, glub, glub, my niece sounded as my cock slid into her throat, she started to gag spewing saliva and drool from her mouth. I grabbed her forcing her onto her back then picked up her legs spreading them wide my mouth found her open cunt. I worked my tongue into her hot vagina finding that the steel balls were still inside. Paula was wild feeling the movement inside and my tongue working her hard clit. I grabbed the cord and pulled the balls from her tight cunt. They made a pop as she lost her tight grip on them. But I replace them with my cock, lifting her ankles way above her head, I slid the head of my cock into her wet cunt. God Paula was so hot and wet that I was able to thrust in a good 4 inches. My niece squealed as my thickness stretch her wide. I thrusted hard and Paula stiffened curling her toes as more of my cock stretched her. Soon I was hitting her hard cervix, Paula yelling for me to fuck her hard. God fuck me, fuck me, she screamed. I rolled her over on to her tummy, pushed her legs wide apart then began fucking her from behind. Paula was now taking all of my over 8-inch length, she had both her hands gripping the sheets as I pounded her. I could feel her insides coming as she tightly gripped me, hot fluids spilled out as I kept fucking her.
I fucked her for almost an hour then started coming. Paula moaned as she felt the hot spray of sperm soaking her deep inside. I must of came two more times before I had finished with her. We then dosed off and I must have slept for an hour. I got up to pee, Paula was totally out yet as I did. I wondered out to the main room; Megan was still curled up on the couch snoring away in a deep sleep. I scooped her up in my arms and carried her off to her bed. She never woke up as I deposited her on her bed. It had been some time since I had fucked Megan, she has matured into a sexy looking lady now. I slipped off her panties and got excited seeing that she shaves her mound and cunt hairless. I ran my hand up and down her slit, my fingers worked their way into her damp vagina and got surprised. She had two steel balls embedded in her cunt like her sister had. I grabbed the cord and pulled them out making a soft popping sound as they exited. I got on the bed, scooped up her legs resting them on my shoulders. Her vagina lips parted as I pushed her thighs wide apart.
Slowly I lowered myself until the tip of my cock rested against Megan’s entrance. I rubbed it up and down her cunt’s length as the drool from my cock made her wetter. I pushed and the head of my cock slowly disappeared into her. Megan was super tight; she had not had the benefit of having been numerously fuck by my large cock. She started moaning as I sank, I could feel her gripping tightly around my shaft as it went deeper. I pulled back and thrusted hard embedding her with 4 thick inches. I could feel her legs start to quiver as I pushed. Again, I pulled out and thrusted hard driving ahead hard enough to hit her hard cervix. Megan let out and loud yell as she stiffened her legs against me. I quickly began to fuck her, Megan moaned fuck, fuck, fuck me, as I hit deep against her cervix. Her hands pushed up against my chest as if to get me off. I Fucked her hard as Megans vagina gripped and sucked my length. I started to come, spraying a load of my sperm deep inside her. Oh god, Megan moaned as she felt the hot semen washing her vagina walls. I could not stop fucking that hot cunt of hers. It was sucking my cock until I came again emptying balls dry. I collapsed down on her with both of us panting to catch a breath. Megan seemed to settle down, so I pulled out and left her to sleep.
I went back by Paula and fell back to sleep. Paula woke me up with a morning pump and suck, she had me so fucking hard that my cock just throbbed. As she had my cock fucking deep into her mouth, both hands pumped up and down my length as she started drooling all over it, her saliva dripped and ran down wetting my balls. Then she climbed on top and guided my throbbing cuck into her wet vagina. I thrusted hard ramming most of my over 8 inches deep. Paula let out a loud cry as it hit her cervix. I grabbed her ass and hips driving as hard as I could until she had all of me. I was fucking little Paula fast and hard. Then I felt a hand grab my balls and gently rub them while fingers ran up and down my cock as it went in and out of Paula. Megan was in bed naked with Paula and me, she was joining in, then Megan asked Paula to share their uncle Kent once she was done. This was going to be a wild weekend now, I just hoped I could stay up for it now.

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  • Reply Kai ID:2qm2a6zri

    Been a while since I commented. Glad you’re still at it nitecaptain. I also like “My niece Paula #5” where she has been helping out the uncle with the drugged Megan and this time again. Maybe next could be Donna or even both. She should do this more but be active in the acts like encouraging the uncle to do the acts or even participating herself by playing around the body. Though if you’re going for a progressive route where she gets there, that’s also good.

    • Kai ID:2qm2a6zri

      Also, Donna is still clueless even after so many chapters. Love that.

  • Reply TJ ID:7pqjf5vv9a

    Fully Erect!

    I am in l❤️ve with Paula and Megan!

    Even Donna, too!