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Out of her league

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I asked this girl out from work. She laughed at me. Saying she would never go out with me and that I was way out of her league. I said “Fuck you! You fucking bitch. Go fuck yourself you high and mighty cunt.” I responded. It got around that I got angry because she turned me down for a date which is far from the truth.

I saw a car break down on my way home. I saw the driver was a woman so I asked if she needed help. It was her. She was trying to be nice now that she wanted something. I told her she can stick that car up her ass and maybe it would run better. I drove off.

So in retaliation she tells the bosses that I was stealing. None of that could be proven but it didn’t make me look good. I said “consider the source.” They took my word over hers.

So the ball is back in my court. I didn’t even plan this. I went to the company picnic. I put in my two weeks because I got another job but I thought I’d go as one last goodbye to everyone. She comes into the picnic and she was wasted. She told me she “had taken drunk and Xanax”. Ok.. She came with one of our co-workers. I’m about to head out when I see her stumbling towards me.

She’s in front of my truck and recognizes me. “Hey buddy! Can you give a girl a ride? Come on I always liked you.” Sure got a freaking weird way of showing it! She got in my truck. “Hey let me suck your dick. Let me show a little appreciation. Come on! You liked it last time.” She said. I don’t know who the fuck she thought I was. We drove to her house.

“Come on in Jimmy. We’ll have some drinks and smoke.” My name is not Jimmy but I came up with an idea. I saw her phone in her back pocket. I asked her what the password was for the phone. She asked why I needed her phone. ” mine’s dead babe you know how it is.” “I surely fucking do” she said. She gave me the code. I wanted revenge on her even more now. She said I was out of her league? A pill popping, alcoholic, white trash cunt? Fuck her she’s going down!

I was hoping she would be on Facebook and there it was the Facebook app. I asked her “hey how about that blowjob you offered for bringing you here.” I made a small video of her sucking my cock and send it to her mom. The blow was terrible. I didn’t even finish. I suggested we go inside and I got her into the house.

I asked her if she wanted to fuck? She told me “sure lets go for it!” I said “let me get a little video of you. Is that okay? I just want to get one for the memory. I am sure you’re going to be the best screw of my life!” The flattery worked. I got a shot of her taking her pants off. I told her to play with her pussy and tell me how bad she wanted me. She did. “You wanna fuck me big boy come on.” She said rubbing her cunt. I took it and sent to her family members and coworkers. I took still pictures of her masturbating and sent them to her boss.

I came up to her and started rubbing her cunt. She responded well. She asked me if she could suck my cock again so she did. She was a little better at this time. I kept rubbing her and rubbing her till she got off. This time she was successful with blowing me as I came in her mouth. There was no way I was going to fuck her. I’m sure that snatch is an STD factory.

I hung around for a couple hours while the video loaded on messenger. I wanted to make sure this got sent. I didn’t want to steal her phone either. Besides if anyone comes that I don’t know I could just say I brought her home from the company picnic. When everything was done I left.

I started my other job and a couple months later I ran into an old co-worker. I asked how things were going now that I’m gone. He asked me if I heard about her. “No why what happened?”, I asked “She pissed off the wrong guy and he sent pictures of her naked to co-workers and her boss”, he said. Trying to act surprised I said”really wow. Ah well she was always a bitch” lol

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  • Reply Jack ID:3zxisyc3t0i

    This is the way to treat all women

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Writing was average, story concept is seriously lacking

    • Revengemaster ID:42p6pzb0c

      Thanks fuck face now fuck right off

    • B for this comment was written by a bitc ID:1fjgjo7ik09

      Why the fuck are you even here if all you’re gonna do is leave reviews nobody wants dude, your attitude is about as mid as your reviews, must go with that middling iq of yours as well.

      Say less A.