Oblivious Cuckold 9 Cont…

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Hi again, as promised I would try and keep up to date on my life. Its been 2 weeks since I last wrote in and brought my story to the present.

Claire and Kevin have been seeing alot of each other over the past couple of weeks as Kevin has been staying with us whilst he’s place is being decorated. I have been sleeping in the spare room leaving them to each other. They have been keeping themselves to themselves until last weekend they had arranged to go to a sex party in London and invited me along.

Unbeknown to me they had been to a few over the past 6 months, and Claire thought it would be fun for me to experience it. The only rule as usual I was not to participate with any females but if I was approached by and guys then she expected me to be polite and go with the flow. At first I said I wasn’t sure on going, but she insisted.

We arrived at the venue, and was met by a very attractive woman at the door. She welcomed both Claire and Kevin in, and immediately it was obvious they had attened before.

Kevin kissed her and said, you remember Claire and she replied yes nice to see you both again, followed by introducing me as Claires husband. The woman took a glance over at me and smiled. She leaned in to kiss my cheek addressed herself as Mistress Chloe and asked what I was expecting from the evening. Before I could reply, Claire cut me off by saying that I was there to watch or participate if it was a male.

With that Mistress Chloe said to clear, right well you both go in and get a drink at the bar and ill show your husband around, and get acquainted. She grabbed my hand and began to walk me towards a door. I looked at her and said my name is Matt by the way, and she just responded, whilst your here you’ll address me as Mistress Chloe. She opened to the door to a room, which was candle lit with a hot tub, music playing with a man and 2 women in it. Mistress Chloe introduced me as Matt, they all said hello and she shut the door and carried on too the next door. She walked me along a few more doors, giving me a little Introduction.

Eventually we made it back to the bar, this room was dimly lit, with many people inside. I spotted Claire at the bar with Kevin and another guy. I walked up and made my presence known, at which Claire didn’t respond, she was busy talking but Kevin asked if I am OK. I got myself a drink and listened to the conversations around me, some were couples, some were single women, and a few single males. After about 15 minutes listening to everyone talking, my wife told that they were going to one of the rooms with Brett. As they were about to leave, she turned to face me and said well come on. I followed the threw of them Into a room, where there was a large circular bed, and seats around the room.

Claire pointed to one of the seats and ordered me to sit. I took my seat and watched as both Kevin and Brett stood either side of my wife. As Kevin began to kiss her, Brett started running hes hands up and down, slowly caressing Claires chest through her blouse. Claire moved her hand around the back as I watched her massaging Brett’s cock through hes jeans. I was quietly sitting alone, when the door opened and another single male walked in and took a seat. We never spoke a word to each other as he sat in the chair next to me. I watched Kevin undo Claires blouse and pull it open giving Brett access. As Brett was massaging her tits, he said your wife Is very beautiful and he was a lucky man. This made me feel good that someone thought my wife was beautiful but sad that he thought she was hes wife. He looked over at me and said I’m Claires lover, that’s her husband over there.

They both looked over and laughed as they undressed Claire, she in turn started to strip them of their clothes, and eventually took there place on the bed. I looked over to the guy next to me and he had hes cock out, and was stroking watching what was happening in front of him. As I looked back, my wife was down on Brett sucking hes cock, while Kevin was behind Claire. I watched as Kevin fucking my wife from behind,whilst she was sucking Brett’s cock. It wasnt as big as Kevin’s but was certainly way bigger than mine. Once again the door opened, a couple peeked in and watched from the door, then closed it.

Then the door opened again, and Mistress Chloe ushered another 2 men into the room, from what I could tell they were alot younger and well built. Mistress Claire told both of them to sit, and walked over to the bed. A conversation was had, then she looked my way smiled and left the room. With that Claire, took the opportunity to ask me introduce myself to the guys and make them feel welcome. I was not sure at first what she expected, but then she said quite abruptly to go give them head, which I now understand is the word fluffing. I knelt before one of the guys and undid hes trousers and pulled hes cock out. I have done before so it wasn’t my first time, and began to give him a blowjob. I looked across at hes friend who had already took hes cock out and was waiting. I worked between the two of them, all the time my wife was being fucked.

After a while she asked the 2 guys to come join them on the bed, as from what I found out later Claire had picked them out earlier in the evening when she told Mistress Chloe. Before I had a chance to regain my seat, the original guy was stood there eager for me to give him a blowjob. I knelt there sucking hes cock, he was quite rough and pulled my head hard as he forced me, until he shot hes load inside my mouth. At that point my wife was watching me as she hes cum dripping out of my mouth, laughed and said I knew you would it enjoy it.

The night went pretty much that way, my wife and Kevin entertained a few more guys, then headed off to the shower and relaxed in the hot tub with another couple listening to music. I took myself off to the bar for a drink, and was approached by a woman, I told her I was not allowed to be with another woman and explained, which she was delighted with as she announced her husband was bi sexual, and introduced me. He took me to a room, where for the first time I had anal sex, whilst he’s wife watched us instead.

By the time I finished Kevin and Claire were at the bar, and was wondering where I was. I explained what happened, Claire was happy and said what a great night it was. Kevin drove us home, and was very open. He said he was tired and had to get up early, and told me he would crash in the spare room, and would like me to clean Claire. She had alot of guys cum in here that night, and wanted me to do it. She expected Kevin to be there but she was ok with hes suggestion. When we got home Kevin kissed Claire goodnight, and I climbed in my bed and went to work on Claire. She was extremely wet, the little hair she has was matted in cum, and smell of cum was intoxicating.

Eventually after alot of cleaning her out, she went for a shower, followed by me. I cuddled up next to her and thanked her, and she kissed me goodnight. When I got up for work, Kevin had already left. This week not much happened, he’s been away for a few days, so I’ve slept in our bed.


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