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Night at the Proms

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Teacher Jan Stein has fun at and after the school Prom.

It was the end of the school summer term. Exams had finished and morale was high among both staff and pupils as they approached the end of what had been a trying year following the Covid pandemic. There was an air of optimism and good will pervading the school.

Arrangements were being finalised for the annual Prom to celebrate those in year 11 that would be leaving the school. The girls were talking incessantly about what dress or outfit they would be wearing for the Prom. The boys were also feeling the excitement mount and were themselves turning their minds to what they would be wearing. For the pupils this was a coming out, a time when they became adults and shed their school uniform. Small fortunes were spent buying the clothes to wear to the Prom.

The school staff could not avoid being caught up in the excitement and the electric atmosphere that was generated. Jan Stein was a teacher at the school and each year she looked forward to the Prom. She was a very attractive woman with a gorgeous hour glass figure. She was very much aware of how both staff, and the older boy pupils, feasted their eyes on her. She knew also what they would be thinking, what fantasies they would be having. Jan herself often fantasised about having sex with some of the pupils.

Jan had a very active sex life with both her husband and other men. Her husband was open minded and liked to watch Jan having sex with other men before he fucked her himself. He did, for a while, prostitute her to the staff and management of an Indian restaurant to pay for the meals that they regularly ate there. Jan didn’t mind this at all. She enjoyed the abuse and fuckings that she got from the Pakistani men. She even laid on a sex and strip show for the manager’s son on his stag night. Including the groom, there were 16 men at the stag night and each one of them fucked her at least once during the night which was filmed by her husband. The highlight of that night culminated in Jan being fucked by a huge dog. It took 20 minutes or more before the dog pulled out his knot. Jan still wants to be fucked by more dogs.

Jan had been propositioned by three pupils to accompany her to the Prom and she found it hard to decide who should accompany her. If truth be known, she fancied them all, and more beside. She did eventually decide who the lucky pupil would be and she took a lot of time to prepare and dress for the night. She wore a long red dress, open up to her thighs at the front and tight fitting to show off her superb figure. Under this she wore only a suspender belt and stockings – nothing else. It seemed blatantly obvious that she was ready for sex with some very lucky male. It also happened that her husband was away on business and so she had the home to herself.

Just before the prescribed time the lucky school boy, Alan, tentatively rang Jan’s doorbell. She invited him in whilst she collected a light coat in case it turned cooler when they returned later. Jan had a bottle of champagne on ice and invited the boy to have a drink with her before they left. They raised their glasses and drank to an interesting and enjoyable evening. For Jan this meant a night of fresh new cock. Alan had arrived in a taxi and this was waiting to take them to the Prom.

On arrival the pair mingled with the other arriving guests, enjoying a drink and engaging in conversation. When the music started up they danced for ten or fifteen minutes before a male member of staff asked for the next dance with Jan. Alan moved to join his friends and was greeted with ribald laughter. The group then engaged in the usual young male banter about getting their leg over and who they would be “doing it with”. There was much speculation about how far Alan would get with Jan. Most said that he would not get any more than a peck on the cheek. Others said that she was ripe for it and thought that Alan would be far luckier and may even get a feel of her magnificent tits.

The night passed quickly with Alan’s dances with Jan, interspersed with her dancing with male staff. Many of the male staff themselves would have loved the opportunity to fuck Jan. With some of the slower dances, when the couple get closer, she could feel the bulge in their trousers rubbing against her. Whilst ordinarily this would have been of interest to Jan, tonight, she was only interested in fucking the boy that had escorted her to the Prom.

At the end of the evening they collected Jan’s coat from the cloakroom and, after saying goodnight to very many people, set off to walk to Jan’s house. Alan had insisted in making sure that she got home safely although little did he know that Jan would have demanded that he walk her home had he not suggested it. It was still warm as they strolled along and they spoke about the school and what Alan was planning to do now that he had left secondary education. As he told her of his hopes to get a place in university and what he would study, Jan gently reached out and got hold of his hand. If he was surprised at this, he didn’t show it, and they walked the rest of the way like two lovers.

On reaching Jan’s empty house they stood on the door step and Jan leaned to give the boy a kiss. He returned the kiss and they embraced. Their tongues squirmed around each others mouth and Jan could feel Alan’s hard cock pressing against her stomach. They broke the kiss and Jan suggested that they should go in doors. Alan needed no second invitation and Jan used her key to open the door which she immediately closed and locked once inside.

Having felt Alan’s hard cock pressing against her Jan, was now desperate to remove Alan’s trousers and get a hold of his prick. She stepped into the lounge still holding the boys hand and then let go in order to undo her dress. The dress fell to the floor revealing her near naked body. “Fucking hell” muttered Alan, “I never expected this.” Jan was stood there naked barring the suspender belt and stockings and she now proceeded to seductively remove these. Other than in videos, Alan had never seen a mature woman naked and this one was absolutely gorgeous. Her tits were a magnificent 38DD with no sign of any sagging and her pussy was shaved clean. Jan’s nipples were standing out hard and demanding to be sucked. Alan quickly began to remove his clothes desperate to fuck her before she changed her mind. But Jan had no intentions of changing her mind. She wanted this youthful magnificent boy to fuck her senseless. She stepped towards him feasting on his beautiful rock hard cock. She took it in her hand and could not believe how hard it felt. She led him directly to the bedroom, still holding his cock.

Alan, in common with many young men in the presence of an older woman, was considerate and wanted to please Jan. He allowed Jan to take the lead as she laid on the bed, her legs open, revealing her now very moist cunt. Whilst normally Jan would have enjoyed some foreplay at this stage, all she wanted now was for Alan to fill her with his hard cock. She had been craving a fuck all night, and after all, they had all night to engage her fantasies.

Alan knelt over Jan on the bed and allowed Jan to take his cock and guide it to the entrance to her cunt. He felt the labia part slightly as he gently pushed forward. There was already plenty of lubrication and the head of his cock entered her cunt with no resistance. He then gently withdrew it before once again inserting just the glans. He did this several times and Jan began to cry out for him to fuck her. She wanted him to plunge his cock deep into her but he continued to just pop the glans in and out. “Fuck me, please fuck me,” Jan called out. After a little more pleading by Jan, Alan suddenly pushed all his cock into her cunt, his balls slamming against her. Alan then proceeded to fuck her, bringing the head of his cock almost out before plunging back in. Alan was now into his stride and continued to fuck her as she called out, “more, more, fuck me more.” Jan had been fearful that Alan may ejaculate too quickly but there was no fear of that. His rock hard cock continued to brutally fuck Jan. Inevitably though, after 15 minutes of this pounding, during which Jan herself had two orgasms, Alan finally filled Jan’s cunt with his creamy cum. Jan loved the feel of his cum hitting her cervix and flooding around her innards. For an introduction, this had been one wonderful fuck and the thought that she had Alan for the weekend filled her with excitement and desire.

Both laid back, recovering from the exertions of their first fuck together. Jan asked him if he enjoyed it and would he like a repeat sometime. “To be honest” he said, “I was expecting to be home now, having a wank whilst thinking of you.” “But would you like to fuck on a regular basis?” asked Jan. “I have just experienced the best fuck of my life and you ask me if I would do it again,” he replied. “I would like to do it again many times over.” “Good,” said Jan. Whilst they were talking Jan was playing with Alan’s dick and it was showing signs of being ready to fuck again. She stroked it back to its original rock hardness whilst Alan toyed with Jan’s clit and put two fingers in her pussy.

Jan suddenly climbed on the top off Alan with a knee either side of his hips. “This is my favourite position – cowgirl,” she said. “Later, we’ll try your favourite position.” She took hold of his dick, placed it at the entrance to her dripping cunt and lowered herself slowly on to his shaft. Alan moaned with pleasure as her cunt gripped his dick tightly. Jan started to ride him. Up and down she went on his cock, each time making squelching noises has she rode him. In this position Alan was able to play with her tits, gently slapping them has they swung from side to side with her movements. He started to buck back and forth in time with Jan’s movements and he felt Jan’s orgasm run down his prick and on to his balls. But they kept going until both said that they would climax and they timed it beautifully to cum together. As Alan’s cock slackened, Jan rolled off him and again they lay side by side to recover their breath.

“Was that good,” Jan enquired. “Not at all,” he replied. “It was fucking out of this world. You sure know how to fuck a man.” “You’re pretty good yourself,” said Jan. “With that rock hard cock of yours you’ll satisfy many women.” “However, you’ve not yet fully satisfied me,” Jan told him. “I’m expecting a lot more of your dick before the weekend is out.” Jan was in her elements. She had a boy 25 years her junior and fucking with him was incredible. More, her husband was away for the weekend and she could spend all the time in bed getting more of Alan’s dick.

“By the way,” she asked “what is your favourite position?” “I’d like to try doggy style,” he replied. With no more ado Jan was on all fours. “Come on then, make me your bitch.” Alan was straight up, kneeling behind Jan and his cock was responding. He put it against her pudendum and rubbed it against her till it was rock hard again. He entered her slowly trying to tease her but she pushed back on his cock to take it all in. Again they fucked like fury and he grasped and squeezed her tits to add to his pleasure. It was incredible the stamina that the boy has thought Jan.

But eventually even he was ready to climax and further coils of cum swept around Jan’s pussy. Exhausted, they fell to the bed, side by side. “What I would have given to fuck you all the times that I saw you in school. I never even dreamed that this would happen when I called for you earlier this evening. I still can’t believe it’s happening. I don’t want it to stop. I want to fuck you forever,” Alan said. “Forever is a long time,” replied Jan. “Let’s just concentrate on enjoying this time together. There’s plenty of fucking time left this weekend.” They embraced and kissed and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Jan dreamt of being fucked by an enormous cock. Her cunt was dripping wet and there was pre cum around the glans of the cock. The rock hard head pushed against her labia, parting them to find the entrance to her cunt. As the cock entered her, the muscles of her pussy gripped tightly, feeling the full girth of the dick. It was huge and it stretched Jan’s cunt creating ripples of pleasure running through her body. As the cock went ever deeper the ripples turned to waves of sensuous delight. The cock throbbed and pulsated as it crept closer to her cervix. As it touched her cervix she felt the balls slap against her indicating that full penetration had been reached. The cock then began to slide back and forth, gathering impetus and fucking her furiously. Her muscles gripped the cock tightly as she bucked and thrust herself on the shaft that impaled her. She groaned her delight when, after several minutes of fucking, she enjoyed a giant orgasm and the cock spewed its plentiful cum in her body. She awoke with a start and a very wet cunt. Remembering who she was with she checked that Alan had not been woken by her realistic dream. He was still asleep and it made her horny to look at him and think about the things they could get up to over the next couple of days.

Alan woke in the morning with a rock hard cock which he started to stroke whilst turning toward Jan who was herself arousing from sleep. Alan leaned over to kiss Jan and she felt his cock against her thigh. She grasped the rock hard cock and, in her commanding teachers voice, ordered Alan to fuck her. “Yes Mrs Stein, I’m more than happy to do your bidding.” It was two hours later before they rose from the bed and Alan went to shower whilst Jan made some breakfast for him.

Alan left around lunch time to go to play football. Before leaving Jan made him promise to come back after the football match and spend another night together. Alan needed no persuading and readily agreed saying that it would be around 7pm because he would have a drink with his team mates after the match.

When Alan got back Jan was waiting for him dressed in a little black mini skirt and a see through white top. It took all his self control not to take her straight to the bedroom but rather to go to the kitchen to enjoy a steak that Jan had prepared for him. “You are going to need all your strength tonight so eat the food to build up your stamina. After you’ve eaten that you can have me for dessert.” Jan said. Alan was hungry and he ate the food quickly so that he could move on to dessert. Throughout the meal Alan had been unable to take his eyes of Jan’s tits, clearly visible through the blouse that she wore. He was already semi hard when he put down his knife and fork and Jan took his hand saying “let’s go for your dessert now.”

In no time at all both were naked and shagging away as it there was no tomorrow. Jan lead the way with a reverse cowgirl position and she slithered up and down his cock with complete abandon. After both had climaxed they switched to the cowgirl position so that Alan could tweak Jan’s nipples and slap her tits loudly whilst they fucked.

After another short rest Alan said “let’s go outside to fuck, in your garden.” Jan said “but it’s not yet dark. It’s still twilight and the neighbours may see us!” “Fuck the neighbours,” replied Alan. “I want to fuck you on that picnic table out there.” “Should we slip something on first?” asked Jan, “Definitely not. Come on, let’s go.” Jan had grown very excited at the thought of fucking in the garden and grabbing hold of Alan’s cock led the way.

Alan sat Jan on the table edge and began to tease her, running his cock up and down her slit and fingering her clit. Before long she was whispering to him to fuck her and he obliged putting the head in her pussy. She was moaning for him to go in deep and as he did so she called out “fuck me, fuck me.” The table rocked and creaked as they fucked and Jan had to stifle her cries of ecstasy as they both climaxed. Despite being outside and naked they were both sweating from the exertions. They heard a rustling from the hedge dividing Jan’s and the house next door. They looked at each other and started to giggle and before they burst out laughing they raced back indoors. “That must have been the man next door,” said Jan. “I wonder how long he’s been there,” she added. “The hedge is thick and high so he couldn’t have seen much, the pervert.” They fell about laughing then.

Whilst Alan had been polite and condescending at the outset, he was growing more emboldened and was now the equal of Jan who was no longer his school teacher. She was now his fuckbuddy and he was as adventurous has Jan when it came to sex. They were chatting over a drink when Alan announced that two of his mates fancied Jan and would be so jealous of him. Jan picked up on this and said, “why don’t you text them and invite them to join us?” Alan was gobsmacked and said, “do you mean it?” “Why not,” replied Jan, “I’d love them to join us. It will be great fun for the three of us.” Without any further hesitation Alan grabbed his phone and texted Brian and Mike, giving them the address and telling them to get over here.

“How long will they be?” asked Jan. “About a half hour,” Alan replied. “Good,” said Jan, “Just time to let you have a proper blowjob.” She stroked his cock and feeling it harden she went on her knees and started to kiss and lick it, starting at the scrotum and going up to the tip which was already secreting pre-cum. As it grew harder she took it in her mouth, running her lips up and down the shaft whilst sucking it. His dick quickly hardened fully and grew in Jan’s mouth. She pushed on to his dick until it touched the back of her throat and found that there was still about 3 inches to get in. With practised ease she opened her throat and swallowed the dick until her mouth was right up to the root of his dick. She had done this many times previously and was able to achieve it without gagging. When Alan ejaculated she swallowed it all, enjoying the slightly salty taste that she was familiar with. “Wow,” exclaimed Alan. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before. It was fantastic. Can you do that for Brian and Mike?” “It will be my pleasure,” answered Jan. “In fact should we start with that when they get here?” “That would be a great ice-breaker.”

Brian and Mike arrived shortly after and were surprised to see Alan and Jan already without clothes. They had no idea what the two had been up to. Jan took them through to the lounge and asked if they wanted a drink. They both declined so Jan suggested that they remove their clothes so that they would all be naked. The new arrivals were a little thrown by the rapid turn of events and by Jan’s inhibitions but nevertheless immediately scrambled out of their T-shirts and jeans. “Come on,” said Jan, “Remove your underpants.” There was already a hard dick straining to be released in both their pants and both dicks sprang upright when freed from the garments. Jan was licking here lips with the prospect of so much cock waiting to be serviced.

Jan dropped to her knees in front of the two who were standing side by side. She took one dick in one hand and with the other hand she put the second dick to her mouth. She kissed and licked the dick and put some saliva on it so that she could take it in her mouth. She put the cock head in her mouth and sucked whilst moving her mouth up and down the shaft. After a short time she moved to the next dick and did the same. She alternated between the two, her plan being to get them to cum at the same time. It didn’t take too long and both Brian and Mike groaned as they shot their seed over Jan’s face and upper body. Jan tried vainly to take some of it into her mouth but it was hard with two cocks shooting simultaneously.

Having spent a half hour taking the cocks in her mouth Jan was desperate to get one between her legs so she sat on the edge of the settee and asked Alan to come and show the other two what they had been doing for most of the past 24 hours. Alan came forward with his erect cock and kneeling in front of Jan, placed it just below her clit and into her cunt. Jan again felt the steel like hardness of his cock and urged him to fuck her harder. The other two looked on eagerly, both keenly anticipating their turn. Alan eventually filled Jan again with his seed and immediately he withdrew his dick Brian pushed him aside and got down in front of Jan. Jan took his cock in her hand and placed it against on her cunt that was still seeping Alan’s cum and Brian thrust straight in to her. Brian was taking his time and enjoying the experience of fucking his ex-teacher and an older woman. Jan, meanwhile, was enjoying the thrill of being fucked by boys 25 years her junior. She loved all cock and the pleasure that she derived from feeling them inside her left her delirious and wanting more. One man would never be enough for her. When Brian eventually voided his sperm into Jan, Mike took over and added his cum to the others.

They all needed a breather and so they sat around having a drink and discussing the many ways that they would each like to fuck Jan. They were encouraged by Jan’s dirty talk and willingness to join in. She said that she wanted spit-roasting, anal intercourse and double penetration before they would be allowed to leave. This of course was on top of her fucking them cowgirl style, reverse cowgirl and being fucked doggy style. Jan really was insatiable when it came to sex. It seemed that no matter how much cock she took her cunt cried out for more.

After enjoying their drinks Jan took them back to the bedroom where Brian and Mike spit roasted her – Brian’s cock in her mouth and Mike’s cock in her cunt. Jan loved it and was pleasantly surprised when the two came at the same time, shooting their cum into her mouth and her cunt simultaneously. Jan swallowed it all and loved the taste which was very slightly sweet.

Without a break Alan moved in and elected for the anal. Brian lay on his back for Jan straddled him to lower herself onto his cock and Alan then eased his cock into her backside. Jan adored the feel of two cocks in her. She orgasm a couple of time before the boys put more of their cum into her body.

They all laid back on the crowded bed to get their second wind but it was very late and they had all exerted them selves with the sex. They dropped off to sleep with Jan being the last to doze and with a cock in each hand.

After just a few hours sleep with daylight showing through the windows, they gradually roused. Not unusually the boys all awoke with a hard on and wanted to fuck. Mike actually woke just before the others so that they found him kissing Jan’s cunt before thrusting his cock into her. Jan herself was only half awake but was quickly into meeting Mike thrust for thrust. When Mike filled her with cum Jan suggested that she make some breakfast for them. However, neither Alan nor Brian would contemplate this until they had used their hard dicks to give Jan another two fuckings. Jan was happy to oblige.

Whilst Jan retired to the kitchen to make breakfast, the boys all went to shower and she could hear them laughing and recalling the earlier events. After showering the boys all came into the kitchen together and all started to fondle Jan who wore a transparent negligée. She told them to stop and to go and sit at the table while she served them breakfast, promising them more of what they wanted after she had taken a shower. The boys were hungry and got stuck into their breakfast whilst Jan showered.

Jan enjoyed her shower and washed off all the dried cum that she had taken over the past few hours. She had enjoyed her time with the three boys and, given the chance, would do it all over again. The things that attracted her to boys, apart from their youthfulness, was their stamina and resilience with the ability to get a hard on in minimal time, even after they had just fucked her. She also loved the rigid hardness of their cocks. It was like holding a steel bar and her cunt had to give way to it when fucking. Her cunt would cling on to the cock, squeezing it and sucking it in, only reluctantly giving it up after it had filled her with cum.

As she reflected whilst drying herself, she still had a few hours left before her husband returned. The boys were waiting for her and there was still plenty of fucking to do. She smiled to herself in anticipation of what lay ahead. Not even bothering to wear any negligée she returned to the kitchen where the boys had finished their breakfast. Having satisfied their food craving they now set about satisfying their sexual needs with a fresh zest, much to Jan’s delight.

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