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Need Advice – Is My Daddy Raping Me?

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Hi, I’m not really sure how to word this. But I need some advice. My name is Becca and I’m 11 years old. I live with my daddy out in the countryside in a large fancy house hours away from the nearest person. My daddy moved us here after he got in a fight with mommy. She didn’t like how much time daddy spent with me or the type of games we’d play in my room or at night. I remember the last day we were with mommy, she and daddy were yelling and shouting. She said something about calling the police because he was… a pedo? I don’t know what that is. All I know is that daddy had me pack my things before we left in the middle of the night. We were in such a rush that I was still wearing my special silk nightie that he got me on my 10th birthday.

Since then, it’s just been the two of us here in our nice house. Daddy said he got this house after his grandpa passed away and never told mommy about it. It’s big and fancy with lots of tall trees and bushes surrounding it on all sides. It’s full of fancy wooden furniture, has an amazing home theater, large bedrooms, a swimming pool, hot tub, and all sorts of other things that make me feel like a princess in a castle.

But that’s not really what I want to talk about. I need some advice about my daddy. I love my daddy so much. More than anything or anyone in the whole world. I love him so much that sometimes it hurts weirdly enough. I love how we spend every moment together. From our snuggle time to our games where we pretend to be different people like doctor and patient or husband and wife, to our chases through the yard and in the pool. Every moment with my daddy is amazing.

But lately… our time together has been getting weird. Sometimes when we play games, he touches me on my kitty or on my butt. At first I thought it was funny, something he did when we pretended to be married, acting the same way he would with mommy, but lately he’s been doing it more and more often and no longer when we just play House. Each time it sends weird tingles from my toes to my cheeks and if he does it a lot, my the tingles become overwhelming. Not only that, but when he does it, he looks at me weirdly. His face loses its smile and he stares into my eyes with this almost scary and hungry look. It gets really bad at night when we go to bed together.

I used to think us going to bed together was something really special that daddy wanted us to do that normally only mommy and him do, but at night when we go to bed he gives me weird kisses and touches me even more. When he kisses me, he keeps his lips on mine for a long time and sometimes even pushes his tongue into my mouth. It’s really icky, but like his touches, it sends weird tingles through my body. And his hands, when he kisses me, his hands are all over my body.

In those moments at night, I’m the most scared. I’ve tried to tell him to stop, cried to him that it was too weird, but he just grunts like an animal and gets rougher. His hand will slip under my nightie and begin to rub circles around my nipples with the other one going down to touch my kitty. The tingles get really bad then and I feel like I’m going to explode. By then I’m so scared, all I can do is brace myself as the tingles send my body into a terrible shake and I let out a squeal.

After that my daddy gives me one last kiss and tells me that I was a good girl before pulling me into his chest to sleep. By morning time, he acts like nothing changed at all and goes about the day as usual. Each time I feel a bit scared of him, of what he’ll do, but with that warm smile of his, I feel calm and safe… until the night comes around again.

I’m really confused and not sure what to do. I need some advice. Is my daddy doing something bad to me? I love him so dearly, but I can’t make out what he’s doing to me. I’ve heard that people aren’t supposed to touch your privates… that it’s called rape. But this is my daddy! He wouldn’t do that?

Maybe… is my mommy right? Is daddy a bad man?

I don’t know what to do. Please tell me what I need to do!

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    You need to let daddy fuck you and suck his cock like a good girl

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    Don’t think do exactly what your daddy says bring your legs when he says bread and enjoy

  • Reply 13 Year Old Ruby ID:1a912bhj

    I think you know what he’s going to do to you. He’s going to fuck you if he hasn’t already. You’ll either let him or he’ll force you. Either way, since you’re stuck out there with him alone, I’d say you don’t have much choice. Whether he’s bad or not depends on how you feel about incest.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1cxb8ydblbk7

    Open your legs and let him in. Your mommy now.

  • Reply Cyberwolf ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    He hasn’t yet he’s working up to it sweetie rape means sex that you don’t want to

  • Reply australia jim ID:71ou0taghl

    if you love him then enjoy it

  • Reply [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

    not a trap by a cop because that is entrapment which is illegal in Nigeria legal to have sex with 11 year old girl to promote marriage because so many older woman have aid because do not get the real medicine for it they get counterfeit drug because steal and sale real ones so it spreads.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    Here’s my advice. Yeah, Dad’s a pedo! You’re a lucky girl, just enjoy and get yourself well and truly raped! Up the asshole too!

  • Reply Orion ID:bo1u79j8k

    Yes. He isn’t necessarily doing it because he’s a bad man. He might just be confused; in which case there’s nothing you can say to stop him. Your only chance is to find and tell an officer. If I can help: [email protected]

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    your daddy works hard, protects you, and provides for you, he made you, so if he wants to touch you, or make you do things to please him you need to. you are his daughter and belong to him. hopefully he’ll start making you suck his cock, or rape your tight little pussy or ass. my uncle ass raped his daughter every day! then he allowed me access to her asshole as wee. at 15yo, she had a huge set of tits, and i loved watching the bounce forward with each of my painful trusts into her raw butthole! soon she became known as the local anal fucktoy, and all the boys at her high school took a piece of her ass.

  • Reply ThePr1nc3 ID:153k1o7wt0c

    Even talking about it having sex with a minor telling stories about it it is also still a form of childpornography and even images of cartoon like or 3D of a child committing sexual acts is also child pornography because it depicts children having sex so really I should just report this site in general but I’m not going to today because there is an 11-year-old pleading for advice if they have been raped or not

  • Reply ThePr1nc3 ID:153k1o7wt0c

    Yes that is rape any type of sexual acts with a minor meaning anyone that’s under 18 is rape doesn’t matter if you wanted it or not it’s still as sexual act against a minor and is against the law most people that have experienced sex at a very very young age meaning while they were a minor get back lashes of flashbacks and it haunts them not only that it also causes them not to trust anyone family friends nobody so if you’re family is doing sexual acts with you I suggest that you grab a phone and call 911 and then it go through counseling and those counselors will help you deal with all that horrible energy that goes through your mind and helps you cope with everyday life. No one should ever go through that experience and if you are scared on calling the police don’t worry those police officers will believe you 100% because if they don’t they’re also breaking the law and if you are a female they’re going to bring in a female cop and check if you have had any sexual encounters because they would not want to make you uncomfortable with a different gender

    • durrrr ID:5m9tb98m

      lul, you dumbass, this is a rape fantasy, not an actual plea for help, holy shit.

    • [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

      some state consenting age is 16

    • [email protected] ID:2c3g7uer8l

      if call the police yu may never see your dad again and house you like he will lose you may end up in worse place talk with your dad.

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    Is it possible to anal fist nine year old girl

  • Reply Satanist ID:1c25d7cid9k

    Lol I fully agree Naughty Wife. Sad part is that a lot of people actually believe it’s an 11 Year old girl and write back accordingly.

    • Love23 ID:1m5fofse8l

      It’s just a fantasy and also not the New Yorker. Grammar and style don’t come into incest sex.

  • Reply Naughty wife ID:ndoolerb0i

    Lol. Definately written by a wanker seeking attention

  • Reply call 911!!! ID:iy7ren9k0a

    call the police if this is real. ur dad is a pedophile and he deserves to die

  • Reply F.B.G.M. ID:5rhsw15t0j

    your daddy is the only one who will know how to treat you like a princess he will make you feel good in every way you make he feel happy and good inside when every you are around him he just want’s you to make him feel good and happy too.

  • Reply Luke ID:7ylrenbqrd

    All of you are stupid trying to get in touch with whoever this is. For all you know this could be a cop setting a trap for you. Don’t be dumb. Watch To Catch a Predator sometime.

    • Biggus Dickus ID:1bdtuvkt8

      While meeting with a minor is bad for very different reasons, going to prison is the deserved response to that action after all, this cant be a police officer or otherwise decoy. A decoy isnt allowed to tempt the criminal into crime. If this were an officer and Id act badly on this story, and theyd arrest me I could claim I would never do this stuff if they hadnt tempted me, and since there is no proof to confirm or deny that claim, Id be let go.

  • Reply Rod ID:fzq0w06ik

    Call 911 if your scared of him

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    got a discord or any social?

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      Discord: Jonah Farquad#4964

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  • Reply Kitten ID:gmi750l43

    i think its normal. me and my daddy touch each others privates and even have sex. if you think about it, he works hard to take care of you, and he literally made you. plus if fighting over you made him and your mommy split up, then now its really your responsibility to help him with his man urges. if you relax and let it feel good, it will! :3 btw im jealous your new house sounds so cool

    • ConfusedLilGirl ID:vuf1mlhm

      Thank you, it really is a cool house. It makes feel better to know that I’m not the only one who’s daddy does this to. Tonight I’ll try and relax like you told me to. Hopefully it’ll feel good then.

    • 11yslut4dad ID:21z9en4oia

      I think it’s normal too. Both my daddy and my grandpa started acting funny around me when I was about 8 or 9. I was spreading my legs for them by my 10th birthday. I know people think it’s wrong but it makes me happy to make them so happy.

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      Such a good girl

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    he loves sooo much, it happens when men love someone soo much . it reaches to the extent of loosing control, never let your Daddy down, he cannot harm you or hurt you. he feels good with you. just be Daddys girl.

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    No, your daddy is a goog man, he takes cate of you and works hard, just for you – the most precious thing fir him.
    And for all that he only wants a little love back. Is that really too much? Give him your body, learn from it ynd one day you will be a fine woman, that pleased men

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