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My uncle makes my dreams come true (part two)

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Part two is here! The next day was completely different. He was rubbing my legs when I woke up. “Hey sexy. Wanna go again?” My uncle asks. “What did

Part two is here!

The next day was completely different. He was rubbing my legs when I woke up. “Hey sexy. Wanna go again?” My uncle asks. “What did we did last night?” “Uh huh, wanna do it properly?” “I guess” “good then, take your clothes off for me” He pulls his pants down and his cock flops right out. “Lay on your back with your legs spread” “ok” He reaches for his drawer and pulls out some clear lotion. He pours a little on his middle finger and rubs some on his finger. At this point I was confused about what he was doing because he was grabbing lotion I had never seen before. He tells me to relax and it might feel cold. I spread my legs for him and he takes his middle and ring finger and fingers the inside of my butt rapidly. He stops and pulls his finger out. He pours tons of lotion on his hand and rubs it along his hardened cock. “Relax and push out when I get in.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him and shoved his dick in between my ass cheeks. He put his hand on my cock and pushed his wood inside of my bussy. His arms were over me while he pushed inside, stretching my insides out. I felt him finally push all his inches in. I groaned and moaned from the cock pushing my asshole’s capacity. He began thrusting in and out while I gripped the sheets in pleasure. I bit my lip and moaned softly with each pump. My dick flew around with each time he hump me. “Fuck your so tight!” This time it barely hurt and in a couple of seconds the bits of pain became comfort to my prostate. “Your ass is so wet and tight!” His thrusting is making my penis become more erect. His balls spanking me while he stretches me out was the greatest feeling ever! He stops and flips me over. “Arch your back for me whore” I begin to bend over without thinking. He grabs my ass cheeks and grips them tight and pushes his meat inside again. I let out a soft moan before he completely manhandles my ass so perfectly. “You’re my slut forever, get used to it from now on.” I was dripping cum from my small 4 inch cock and was getting the feeling I had to pee. He starts thrusting faster and faster but not even close to cumming. “Call me daddy baby!” I say it because if I don’t he’s gonna spank me.”Ok daddy!” “Tell me you want it harder!” My uncle yells “I want it harder daddy!” “good boy.” He stops and pulls out. “I want you to suck me like a lollipop whore.” “Ok daddy” I turned around and got on my knees. He slapped his cock on my cheek and pushed his tip on my lip. “Open up slut” I begin to open my mouth and he shoves it in all the way and I gag. “He pulls out to where I can give him a nice blow without gagging. “Suck back and forth baby” I bob my head forward and back on his girth with my drooling mouth. After 3 minutes he grabs my head and thrusts into my mouth slowly and I drool more hot saliva. I lick his tip and it begins to leak pre-cum. “Fuck your mouth is so moist.” he pulls away from my mouth and his dick slides against my tongue as he pulls out. “I’m gonna lay down and you’re gonna hop on this cock.” “Ok daddy.” He lays down on his back and I climb on top of him. He grabs his dick and moves it towards my hole and pushes me on his cock.
I push it inside of me. I sat all the way on it and I let out a scream of euphoria. He raises me up and down on him until I get the hang of it. I grab his chest while he fucks me and i let out moans and grunts.

-part three soon!

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  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

    Not the same situation but when I was young my mom had me sleep over at my uncles house for a weekend and I was actually looking forward to a look at family life that looked normal well when I got to sleep the first night after my aunt had left for work my uncle came down the hallway and opened the door and asked me if I wanted to watch some tv with him my cousin who was sleeping in the basement was not a nice kid so when I told him yes and went in to watch some tv he put on the late show and was just relaxing and laughing a little I was falling asleep and when I told him I was just gonna go back to the bedroom he said I could just sleep there no bother a couple of minutes later he started to get undressed and he got in the bed next to me I could feel my underwear coming down and when I moved over he was taking them down all the way to say that I wanted to leave right then and I should have but I let him take them down and when he started to rub my ass I just wanted it to be over so I started to spread my legs open while he started licking my ass and when he moved over on the bed and spread my ass open wide he slid his cock in a little bit and when he started to put it in harder I was just thinking let it be over he started to put it in deep and all the way and before I knew it I was enjoying it all I started to put my ass in the air so he could get it all in

    • Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

      Wow lol

  • Reply Bigfickfucket ID:wyvx7rm4

    Damn did yall do this every day?

    • Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

      Sometimes but not daily

    • Bigfickfucket ID:ghfylvl8k

      Well damn i winder how good it felt

    • Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

      Well since im 14 and never really had sex before until uncle, i was pretty tight and it kinda hurt but it felt better after 4 mins only cuz he didn’t give me lube but with lube is better.

    • Bigfickfucket ID:ghfylvl8k

      Well damn he’s one lucky bastard i give him that