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My uncle makes my dream come true

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Nephew gets seduced by uncle and uncle makes Nephew his cum slut for now on.

Ever since the day I saw a boy’s dick I’ve been fascinated and horny to see one again. I had found out my sexuality and wanted to share it but it didn’t work out in the end because everyone thought I was joking. But I wasn’t. I’m a 14 year old who is quite slim and has a bubble butt. Anyways back to the story. I had stayed with my uncle for a while because I was on vacation and I was with him during the summer like going to the pool or the park. I had grown a nice relationship with an uncle I knew since I was a baby. But soon enough I never knew I was going to have more than a nice relationship with my uncle. I had finished dinner and it was approaching night time so I went ahead and got in the shower to wash up and head to bed. My uncle was already in his room getting ready for bed too. I was in the shower for a nice 15 minutes before getting out and heading to my uncle’s room since I didn’t want to sleep on the couch. When I walked in my uncle was doing more than sleeping. His cock in his left hand and his phone in his right with the volume high. He looked at me and asked if there was anything wrong. At the time I didn’t know what porn or masterbaiting was at all so I brushed it off and hopped onto my uncle’s bed. I layed down next to him and rolled over to face the wall to respect his privacy. Soon enough he started playing with my hair, telling me I look cute and beautiful. He pulled the covers off of me and started rubbing my butt. I was starting to get horny. He turned me over and told me to grab his dick and stroke it. I was blushing and felt myself become more nervous as I grew a boner. I only had tight underwear on and my small bulge was poking out. I grabbed his dick and he told me to move back and forth with his cock. He reached into my underwear and pulled my 4 inch out. He smiled at me and told me to pull the rest of my underwear off with my left hand. He told me to stop and lay on my back. At this point I was shaking like I was cold. I told him what I should do and he told me to relax so he could slip in. He spat on his hand and told me to spread my legs so he could rub it on my asshole. After uncle spat on his hand again and rubbed it on his cock. Uncle lifted my legs up and told me to stay just like that so he could get inside me. This was it, I knew this was the day I lost my virginity. I felt his tip caressing my asshole’s entrance. He pushed in slowly and I felt my walls open with pain added. He pulled out after 3 inches and pushed all the way in after. I moaned out loud from pain and pleasure. He started thrusting in and out in rhythm. I couldn’t take the pain any longer and I almost passed out. He pulled out and spat on his cock. He pushed back in and it felt kinda better but still felt pain. He grabbed my dick and started stroking it with his right hand. It felt amazing. Soon after my small erect cock started leaking pre-cum. “Such a nice little slut.” He said grunting. I couldn’t keep up anymore, his balls were slapping against my balls and saliva was dripping from my hole as he pulled out and back in. After 1 minute it felt better and pain turned to ecstasy. I began breathing heavily and my legs began to give out so he had me lay on my stomach. He grabbed my waist and slid in my hole like it was nothing. He pushed in nice and slowly and started thrusting hard but slower. Every thrust was an amazing feeling to my prostate, it was heaven. And grabbed my arms and pulled them back. My chest lifted up and I was in a weird position. He pushed all the way inside and started sliding in and out at such quick speeds that my prostate couldn’t take it anymore and I started dripping cum. A stream of semen flowed out my cock with each thrust he gave. He went faster and faster. I was screaming from the feeling in my penis. He grunted, “I’m gonna breed your nasty little hole… I’m cumming!!” He pushed as far as he could inside and I felt the hot cum fill my insides inch by inch until it flowed out. He pulled out and my ass was leaking hot slimy cum. He left me like that with my ass up and my heart racing. I was sweating and tired. He later cleaned me up and changed the sheets to clean ones.

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  • Reply Jeff ID:cor6j2pql

    Loved it. Great story.

  • Reply Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

    click my name to see all parts.

  • Reply I'llfuckanyone ID:ghfylvt0j

    Wheres part 2?

    • Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

      It should be posted soon, upload speed is kinda slow.

  • Reply SonnyD ID:58fyn09m3

    Yes part two please! 😀

    • Cockkr ID:2yvndr4m9a

      Np expect part two in a few hours!