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My sister and I..

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It started on a holiday in 1977
I was away in a chalet with my family being 12 at the time and the lack of beds I had to share with my mum.
And things got even tighter when my 15 year old sister who had been to France on a school trip came to join us in the same bed.
The weather was glorious and we spent a lot of time down the beach, it was then I noticed how hot my sister had become.. It was like she had transformed to a sexy lady while she was away.
My mum often had a few drinks before we all retired to bed and slept like a log..
So I found myself next to my very hot sister who was dressed in pyjamas and
I had just a tshirt and my underwear on..
She was tight against me.. And soon fell asleep I could feel her breasts against my arm. As she wiggled in her sleep her top bunched up and I could see the bottom of her tits.. I slowly pushed the top the rest of the way and exposed her nipples.. My hand explored her wonderful full tits my cock was on full alert.. I wanted to go further and see the rest of her,
I lifted her waist band and slid my hand in feeling the downy Bush above her pussy.. I couldn’t get any further because her legs where tight together..
She woke up suddenly and just looked at me.. I moved my hand away quickly and she pulled her top down.. Said nothing just gave me the sister look.
I turned over scared out of my wits.. But she said nothing. Then she turned over with her back to me and went back to sleep..
Next day I expected her to say something but she didn’t. Just kept looking at me in a weird way.
That night our mum got drunk and went to bed early.
My sister complained it was really hot and that night came to bed in baggy shorts and a cropped tshirt i was just in my under wear.
As I was trying to fall asleep I felt her turn into me and spooned against me.. I could feel her hard naked nipples on my back..and her pussy against my ass, My cock was in over drive and I so wanted to reach down and play with it but I dare not move.
She threw her arm over me and her hand brushed my pants.. Then settled on my throbbing cock, just sat there occasionally squeezing it…her hot breathe was on the back of my neck
As she slipped her hand inside my pants and wrapped her hands around my cock wow your a lot bigger than our older brother..
Did I cause this… Do you fancy me my little pervert brother..
Our older brother you’ve seen his cock..
I’ve sucked his cock.. And fucked him.. He started when I was 13.. And I fuck him every time he comes home on leave..
If you want the same you need to learn how to please me.. Do you want to me give you lessons in how do to do..
With her fingers she was tugging on my cock and her tongue was by my ear.. My cock jerked and felt her speed up..
Do you want me to teach you..?? Do you want to learn how to please a girl..
Are you ready to learn how to lick my cunt..
As she was saying these things with my cock in her hand I would of agreed to walk over broken glass.. Yes yes.. Please yes I whispered..
Her hand got faster and… And my cock got harder… I was pushing my hips meeting her rhythm…my cock spurt out covering her hand…
Oh I’m going to have fun with you.. My perverted little bro..
She made sure my cock was empty.. Then brought her hand to my face.. Lick it clean.. Taste your cum.. If you ever want me to suck your cock… You need to do as your told… I cleaned her hand with my tongue tasting the salty tangy taste..
Yes sister.. I will learn..
With that she took my hand and pressed in between her naked legs….

To be continued?

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  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Oh yes, carry on

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

    So I’ll finish up and let you go my sister just moved over to the top of the bed and spread her legs open wide

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

    The first time I actually saw my older sister naked she was wearing panties and laying on her bed and when I opened her door a little bit she didn’t even know and when I looked at her panties she took them off and slid her legs down and open I could see her lips and ass I was only wearing underwear and my cock started to get excited I always knew I had a big cock growing up and when even when like one of my friends would see it when changing hey would look away I had the door open a little bit and when I opened it up more I could see she was sleeping